When the obviously looming threat of nuclear war — cannot get the American public's attention — you recognize how unworthy of Darwinian survival we are (17 June 2024)



US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin belittled Putin — and called for more war in Ukraine (15 June 2024)



SWAT training emphasizes not killing innocents — Zionist Israel emphasizes the reverse (14 June 2024)



Just after remembering D-Day — the United States contradictorily lifted its ban on sending weapons to Ukraine's Nazi-inspired Azov Battalion (11 June 2024)



Putin's endlessly chatty dithering — just invites the West's madly escalating provocations (09 June 2024)



Germany continues to be led by nitwits — who cannot detect who the real enemy is (08 June 2024)



Neocon-led United States is — suicidally — destroying Europe (07 June 2024)



D-Day anniversary 2024 —  we are now living American neocons' reversal of what the United States' 1944 troops died to stop (06 June 2024)



Do insouciant human sheep learn only through pain? (03 June 2024)



Brain dead United States threatens China for allegedly selling weapons to Russia —while the US simultaneously calls for US missiles to attack the Russian homeland (31 May 2024)



China must be laughing — Zionism-sponsoring US spectacularly co-genocides Palestinians — and then builds an 'aid' propaganda ocean pier — that washes away in mild waves (30 May 2024)



Nazi-spirited United States glows bright — with Nikki Haley's 'finish them' signature on Israeli artillery shells intended to kill Palestinian women and children (30 May 2024)



Act of God washes United States' humanitarian pretense away — at the Gaza pier (26 May 2024)



On behalf of the United States' maniacally warmongering loons — let us welcome the nuclear fire that is eventually to come (25 May 2024)



Senator Ted Cruz thinks Americans are so evil — that they would not oppose Israel's genocide in Gaza, unless prompted by foreign money (18 May 2024)



Russia left Zelensky alive — because he is such a good reminder of the United States' Ukro-Nazi turd soup (17 May 2024)



Biden administration denies Israel's Gaza quasi-genocide — and Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham implicitly calls for nuclear annihilation of Palestinians (14 May 2024)



European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen — pushed for more war with her word 'existential' — her kind of crazy won't be satisfied, until we're all dead (07 May 2024)



Russia's Maria Zakharova dismissed America's representative village idiot — Karine Jean-Pierre — with a simple observation about reality (01 May 2024)



Secretary Blinken tacitly volunteered that the United States started the Ukraine War to pillage and plunder (30 April 2024)



Biden and Congress suicided the United States dollar dominance — by authorizing the seizure of Russian financial assets — Russia wasted no time in knotting our self-made dangle-strangle rope (29 April 2024)



American diplomacy at its most characteristic — just before his scheduled trip to threaten China, Blinken pisses them off (23 April 2024)



Purported loon who turned good —and the one who did not — Mike Whitney contrasted Marjorie Taylor Greene with Donald Trump (22 April 2024)



American neocons are planning to get more of our 'adviser' troops killed — in Nazi-led Ukraine (21 April 2024)



Puppeted Norwegian yellow belly Stoltenberg — called on Ukraine to provide more corpses for the NATO war machine (18 April 2024)



Whinily narcissistic Israel — wants to internationally sanction Iran's missile program — so as to make it easier for Zionists to exterminate all things Muslim (16 April 2024)



Did a partially castrated American hegemon stumble into view?  — if so, Russia and Iran held the scalpels (15 April 2024)



US logic is an aggressive imbecile's logic — Iran (12 April 2024)



Pepe Escobar eloquently summarized the belligerently whiny — axe-murder-prone — neocon United States (12 April 2024)



You are not seeing what you are seeing — said SecDef Lloyd Austin — of Israel's slaughtering carnage in Gaza (10 Apr 2024)



Secretary of State Blinken tacitly promises us World War 3 — on Ukraine's Nazi-embracing behalf (08 April 2024)



Does even a cynic sense that — the Judeo-Christian-predicted apocalypse might be soon arriving? (03 April 2024)



Western neocons' unrelenting dumbassery — was exquisitely highlighted in an exchange with Russia's Maria Zakharova (31 March 2024)



Zionist puppet — Stephen Soukup — wails about allegedly rising antisemitism (19 March 2024)



Houthi 'terrorists' did it — the United States' perennially forked tongue (18 March 2024)



Ukraine War and its metaphors — mud, rats and Western idiocy (11 March 2024)



White House weasel John Kirby — is emblematic of neocons' Satanic practices (05 March 2024)



More US nonsense — expensively air dropping only 38,000 meals into Gaza — when it could end the entirety of the slaughter — with just one phone call (03 March 2024)



Lunatic Germany is apparently aching to have Russia chew its Nazi loving self to pieces — again (02 March 2024)



NATO head Jens Stoltenberg promised that Ukraine will join NATO — and implicitly — that an overt World War 3 will begin (27 February 2024)



Brutal satire — What happens to active-duty US military dead, who were in Ukraine via surreptitious assignment? (19 February 2024)



Look this way and not that, sheep! — says the Biden Gang — regarding Navalny, ignoring Lira, and hyping a mythical Russian space weapon (17 February 2024)



US media suppressed the content of Tucker Carlson's Putin interview — or alternatively — intentionally twisted it into unrecognizability (10 February 2024)



Biden Gang — in typifying fashion — presents a laughably unachievable Hezbollah-containment plan (06 February 2024)



For a few moments, it was — 'Syrian regime-backed mercenaries' —until 'Iran-backed militias' returned to the American propaganda line (05 February 2024)



Example of US and Ukraine's murdering lunacy — they shot down a Russian plane carrying Ukrainian POWs destined for a prisoner exchange (01 February 2024)



Weeks long bombing — in the absence of declarations of war — is the American way (01 February 2024)



Nancy Pelosi blamed anti-genocide protests on Vladimir Putin — string that logic together (30 January 2024)



US uses its troops as bait — where they don't belong — and then claims that the anti-colonialists who kill and harm them are fully controlled by Iran (30 January 2024)



Eleven genocide-approving Western nations — suspended funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (29 January 2024)



Demonic US and Israel — captured in two videos (25 January 2024)



US foments the war with Iran that it wants — by warning that American troops (illegally) in Iraq and Syria are under threat (24 January 2024)



UK rams its own ships, during Operation Prosperity Guardian — and more or less simultaneously advertises for a Navy outsider to lead its nuclear submarine force (20 January 2024)



Accurate portrait of the United States — its Senate votes in favor of continuing the Palestinian genocide without constraint — and the Biden Murder Gang calls anti-genocide Yemenis, terrorists (18 January 2024)



Oh my word, Simplicius, you did good — the rotting United States vignetted in just a few telling words (15 January 2024)



US policy — If it is poor, brownish and displays courageous honor — kill it (14 January 2024)



Neocon-destroyed United States — anti-human, anti-Christian — a morass of demon-spawning filth — Gonzalo Lira's murder (13 January 2024)



Antony Blinken — fully representative of The Great Satan (12 January 2024)



Laughable tumult — Secretary of Defense Austin vanished into Walter Reed Hospital, without telling Dementia Joe Biden's handlers (08 January 2024)



John Kirby — spewing the United States' hypocrisy-formed fecal drool (07 January 2024)



US has already participated in 2 Middle East genocides — apparently, it is gearing up to initiate a third (30 December 2023)



Ansar Allah is showing the planet how — impoverished people can successfully fight — Satan's neocon herd of blood-sucking devils (27 December 2023)



Germany apparently learned nothing from — the Red Army's annihilation of the Wehrmacht (26 December 2023)



Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin advanced a revoltingly hypocritical indictment — of Yemen's missile and drone-firing Houthis (24 December 2023)



Why does anyone take Ukraine's Zelensky seriously? — the contemptible guy is so tiresomely deluded (20 December 2023)



Zionist Israel appears to combine doing evil with incompetence so abysmal — that it recklessly slaughters its own people (18 December 2023)



Why is Zelensky still alive? — a comment about military duty (16 December 2023)



Demonstrating again the incorrigible stupidity of American leaders — still more (soon to boomerang) anti-Russian sanctions (12 December 2023)



Chancellor Olaf Scholz — a suitably idiotic leader for suicidally inclined Germany (10 December 2023)



White House propagandist, John Kirby, says that — 'We're doing everything we can, to help alleviate suffering' — in Gaza (09 December 2023)



US Senate approves America's blatant violations of international law in Syria — our grandfathers' aim for peace, dismembered (08 December 2023)



Rise to arms — ye Manicheans!? (06 December 2023)



Perfectly aimed — Abby Zimet's anti-tribute to the Devil's man — Henry Kissinger (04 December 2023)



'Chicken' Blinken — Russian foreign minister Lavrov stuck a reality pike up Neocon America's decomposing hind end (03 December 2023)



Hamas — being the vicious dumbasses that they are — idiotically decided to reverse the support-losing trend of Zionist Israel's terror campaign in Gaza (01 December 2023)



Zionist Israel, addicted to evil? — accumulated evidence indicates so (01 December 2023)



US deep state wants to allow genociding Israel to use whatever weapons it wants from the US stockpile there (30 November 2023)



Bookmarked for posterity — Richard Medhurst's dismemberment of the West's victim-pretending genociders in Gaza (29 November 2023)



Two causative perspectives and a mechanistic summary description — regarding the slaughter in Gaza (25 November 2023)



Them other devils did it — Netanyahu blames the United Nations for not helping Gazans (24 November 2023)



Al Jazeera's understated burial vignette — figuratively applies to both of the United States' recently instigated slaughter-horrors (23 November 2023)



Provoking more wars — with our brainless head up our neocon-sculpted ass (22 November 2023)



Israeli Zionism is so deranged — that it is having its rabid dog, AIPAC — spend $100 million to remove anti-genocide members of Congress (21 November 2023)



Zionists continue coopting the Holocaust to justify the mass slaughter of innocents — and now they're whining about a pretended rise of anti-Jewish hate (19 November 2023)



Hamas 07 October 2023 — was it a cold-hearted ruse of immense geopolitical change — or was it a hot-headed maneuver of strategically dumbass proportion? (17 November 2023)



Fred Reed's essay — about international do-nothing-ism regarding the slaughter in Gaza (15 November 2023)



Washington Post served up an expanded edition of a previously concocted story — about who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline (13 November 2023)



Russia, China and Iran continue acting passively — in the face of the Anglo-Zionist axis's unadulterated evil (11 November 2023)



Has Israel's viciousness in retaliation — turned the Hamas 07 October attack into a historically meaningful turn of destiny? (10 November 2023)



Israel's killing of babies and children— with our money and weapons — is good for the United States, the US Pentagon implies (08 November 2023)



Dr Mengele's offspring live in Israel? (06 November 2023)



Eloquent fury from Richard Medhurst — regarding Arab nations' non-action — during Israel's Gaza slaughter (04 November 2023)



In a hostile reply to Bolivia's withdrawal of its ambassador — Israel essentially maintained that slaughtering civilians is a worthy response to Hamas terrorism (02 November 2023)



Israel's UN representatives dishonor the Holocaust's victims — with their ludicrously undeserved parading of Nazi Germany's tragic yellow stars (01 November 2023)



Israel's documented idea to sweep Gaza Palestinians into impoverished Egypt — and leave them there (31 October 2023)



Israel locks Palestinians up in its Gaza-located concentration camp — indiscriminately slaughters them — and virtually no one influential in the West objects (30 October 2023)



US says that it is using its Middle East deployments to protect Israel and self-defense American troops — the latter of which are actually conducting illegal partial occupations in Iraq and Syria — and stealing oil (28 October 2023)



Janet Yellen's stupid statement about the United States being able to afford two wars — shows how maniacally deluded American leadership is (26 October 2023)



More "axis of evil talk" from the United States — home of the world's most Satanic leadership demons (24 October 2023)



Ukraine's half million dead troops left the news — when the American Military Industrial Propaganda Complex — turned to the Israel versus Hamas cash cow (23 October 2023)



Is Armageddon taking shape? — Russia announces its move to counter American naval escalation in the Middle East (20 October 2023)



On the one hand, Israel and Hamas — mindless, impulsive and programmed cruelty — on the other, Leonard Cohen's lyrics (19 October 2023)



Hamas might be hiding under your bed — propaganda stories for mind-enslaved American sheep (17 October 2023)



As the US strategically loses — its self-initiated Proxy Slaughter Program in Ukraine — we enthusiastically compensate by escalating our long-standing anti-Palestinian bloodlust (16 October 2023)



China knows the neocon American devil — an editorial in the Global Times (12 October 2023)



Al Jazeera published a synopsis of the history underlying  the conflict that the West — and incipient Israel — started with Palestinians (10 October 2023)



Hamas provokes yet another futile combat — probably with Mossad's happy assistance (09 October 2023)



If true, just one military corruption fact — demonstrates how deserving of elimination Ukraine is (06 October 2023)



Belligerently pissant-mighty Britain — has run out of weapons to give Nazi Ukraine — and farsightedly now asks other nations to similarly bankrupt themselves (05 October 2023)



Psychotic warmonger, anti-logician and super liar — Senator Lindsey Graham — creatively said that renewed funding of (Nazi) Ukraine will save Taiwan (from something) (03 October 2023)



Andrei Martyanov's searing reply to Canada's Nazi worship — exactly right and fairly bestowed (30 September 2023)



Now that the United States has proxied about 450 000 Ukrainian troops to death — we are going to make up an excuse to leave Ukraine unassisted (27 September 2023)



Weasel-Boy Trudeau blamed Russia for Canadian Parliament's lovefest with a Nazi Waffen SS officer (26 September 2023)



Aggressive Western imbecility met Putin's complacent feebleness — Was the Ukrainian carnage for nothing? (25 September 2023)



Should we start World War 3 with an idiot class of US generals like these? (23 September 2023)



Sergey Lavrov slapped the Nazi-loving West up-side the head — at the United Nation's 20 September 2023 Security Council meeting (22 September 2023)



Secretary of State Antony Blinken — hypocritically dimwitted, moronically cliche-spewing and strategically overreaching — US warmonger (21 September 2023)



King of Hypocrites strikes again — Barack Obama wants you to help Libyan flood victims with donations to his foundation (16 September 2023)



Blinken essentially said that the United States will not be happy — until it starts World War 3 (13 September 2023)



European Union — that neoliberal throne of alleged human rights — goes full commie-nazi — seizes Russian tourists' cars, phones, personal items (12 September 2023)



Jens Stoltenberg — says NATO's acquisition of mighty Finland and Sweden — will show Bubba Putin who's boss (11 September 2023)



So belligerently Nazi-stupid, that they keep asking to be exterminated (07 September 2023)



US happily sucks Satan's metaphorical teat — while sending depleted uranium tank rounds to Ukraine (03 September 2023)



Exquisitely targeted rants from a far side of the planet — Caitlin Johnstone (31 August 2023)



West's penchant for nihilistic self-destruction — example Germany (30 August 2023)



Nazi-led Ukraine and the United States — prove again that they won't keep their word, ever (22 August 2023)



Neocon cowards are criticizing Ukraine for being risk-averse (20 August 2023)



Is the United States the global capital for avarice and indiscriminate death-dealing abroad? (19 August 2023)



Finland to patsy itself — in aid of US military expansion along Russia's border (14 August 2023)



Short-sighted sabotage of China appears to be the American way — but what happens when Chinese technology recovers and surpasses our own? (12 August 2023)



No cure for the collective West's dumbassery? — Edward Luttwak's self-contradicting Ukraine-to-victory essay (10 August 2023)



Secretary of State Blinken psycho-projected the United States' own record of destruction onto Russia's Wagner military group (09 August 2023)



Japan pretends that Russia is 2023's nuclear threat to peace — on the anniversary of 1945's US atomic bombing of Hiroshima (07 August 2023)



Gutless Australia — doing its best to sink beneath respect of any kind (02 August 2023)



US citizen Gonzalo Lira's situation in Ukraine demonstrates — the terror — of being netted by America's Nazi-coddling empire (01 August 2023)



Secretary of State Blinken again demonstrated his psychotic foolishness (31 July 2023)



In the United States — political power is based on having been chaos-promotingly wrong about absolutely everything (28 July 2023)



US is asking to be obliterated — Russia and China may eventually oblige (27 July 2023)



United States maximizes its lack of credibility at every opportunity — always the Big Lie (26 July 2023)



Why do something intelligent, when we can nuclear warmonger — to no purpose other than self-annihilation? — F-16s and rabid Whitehouse nitwits (23 July 2023)



It is difficult to respect Russian military procrastination — and that's likely to become a problem for Russia and rest of us (18 July 2023)



Common sense from Robert F Kennedy Jr and Donald Trump — regarding dead-brain Biden's constant nuclear warmongering (15 July 2023)



Child-murdering scumbags and US leaders are impossible to tell apart — Norman Solomon's observations (14 July 2023)



Exercise in moral putridity — Western leaders want Ukro-Nazis to be grateful to them (13 July 2023)



US Vilnius NATO delegation was reportedly 'furious' — when nazi-boy Zelensky tacitly called them cowards (12 July 2023)



Cluster munitions to Ukraine — the Big Picture — and the United States' psychotic lunacy (09 July 2023)



Devil's 'cluster bomb' peacemaker? (08 July 2023)



US tacitly admits that the infamous 'Chinese spy balloon' was not spying (30 June 2023)



US lapdogs, France and Germany — are weasel-working to vassalize the rest of Europe (28 June 2023)



Yevgeny Prigozhin — a good example of what, exactly? (26 June 2023)



China tells the toddler-tantrum-prone United States to shape up — or else (21 June 2023)



Moon of Alabama blog correct? — has the US tacitly acknowledged the combined idiocies of its attacks on Russia and China? (20 June 2023)



Inadvertently proving what an integrity-lacking, professionally incompetent parasite he is — the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs uttered a Nuremberg-equivalent indictment of himself (17 June 2023)



US Coast Guard will guard China's coast — against China's government — in China's claimed territorial waters — says the constantly warmongering United States (15 June 2023)



Demented West dodders around — with Nazi-drunk Ukraine— claiming that Russia blew up its own Kakhovka dam (08 June 2023)



Do you feel safer with Milley and Kirby types in charge? (07 June 2023)



Sweet hypocrisy — US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin — accused China of bullying — immediately after the US Navy had provoked the People's Republic just off Taiwan's coast (05 June 2023)



Secretary of State Antony Blinken claims that Russia has lost the Ukraine War — what will History say? (04 June 2023)



Ukraine War — did arch-neocon US Senator Lindsey Graham— the Devil's fondest warmongering disciple — tell Ukraine's struttingly corrupt parasite, Zelensky — to get on with Ukraine's long-ballyhooed offensive? (01 June 2023)



Ukraine wants NATO and UN to demilitarize Russia — evidently so that neo-Nazi Ukraine can continue killing Russian heritage folk in the Donbas without interference (31 May 2023)



Biden's State Department is evidently doing nothing to get — US citizen Gonzalo Lira — out of Ukro-Nazi prison (30 May 2023)



Memorial Day — it would be societally wise to remember what really happened — not what US neocons want us to think took place (29 May 2023)



Ukro-Nazi, US neocon logic — demonstrates why the sane world is fleeing the West (26 May 2023)



Reportedly coke-snorting Nazi weasel, Zelensky — will participate at the G7 conference — demonstrating again just how lunatic the West has become (20 May 2023)



Let's piss off yet another nation, this time South Africa — American neocons at their US-destroying 'best' (12 May 2023)



Ukraine's West-accorded press freedom score rose — despite Ukraine's press being even more totalitarian-controlled than before (11 May 2023)



Putin's accurate geopolitical clarity — versus— the Biden administration's lunatic lying and warmongering (09 May 2023)



Ukraine flies its neo-Nazi colors — with its arrest of truth-blogging US citizen — Gonzalo Lira (07 May 2023)



Chris Hedges pointed to the United States' slaughter minded stratocracy — if we woke up to that, Wokeism might make sense (03 May 2023)



US reportedly leaves its citizens unassisted in Sudan's civil war — while other nations rush to get their own people out (29 April 2023)



Transitioning from the absurdity of the supposed Chinese 'spy' balloon — now we're dealing with a US-concocted Chinese 'police station' in New York City (26 April 2023)



Christoforou and Mercouris expressed the nihilistic enormity of American neocons' constant lies (22 April 2023)



Logic has fled the United States— and its absence says that we must kill American troops — so as to keep China from attacking itself (20 April 2023)



Collective West's emblematic graft — Canada does its best to fit in with NATO's other thieves (18 April 2023)



Does viciousness, impenetrable stupidity and avarice — make US neocons even more dangerous — than muscular idiots usually are? (09 April 2023)



Lunatic America shreds its own allies — sinking Germany, it appears, was not enough (08 April 2023)



Biden administration worked against US national interests, at every turn — catastrophic results now loom (05 April 2023)



We are are a propaganda rag — tacitly confesses the New York Times (04 April 2023)



This is going to be fun — let's blow each other up? (31 March 2023)



Nuclear doom line sprints closer — American provocations continue (28 March 2023)



If you live in a pig stye, you probably don't realize it is one — four recent online posts (25 March 2023)



Strutting neocons — example John Kirby — and History's now looming West-gobbling dumpster (24 March 2023)



Russian security council deputy chairman — Dmitry Medvedev — refreshingly called German justice minister, Marco Buschmann — a half-wit (23 March 2023)



NATO head Stoltenberg yapped up another of Arrogant Hypocrisy's regal balloons (21 March 2023)



They know us so well — China's take on the United States' attack on TikTok (19 March 2023)



Austin-Milley team suddenly realized that — the really-really bad things they helped instigate, may be about to happen (16 March 2023)



Mentally ill Australia? (15 March 2023)



US has forced China — as it did Russia — into concluding that war with the United States is existentially necessary (13 March 2023)



US trotted out preposterous coverups — for its Nord Stream sabotage (09 March 2023)



Spineless chancellor Olaf Scholz — reliably embarrasses Germany at every juncture (08 March 2023)



American murder monkeys' epitaph — eloquence from James Howard Kunstler (07 March 2023)



US ambassador to China — another belligerent American dumbass — stirring up trouble for its own sake (04 March 2023)



Bill Burns, CIA director — stated the obvious for malignant purposes (28 February 2023)



Neocon America's provocative ridiculousness — 200 US troops to Taiwan (24 February 2023)



Painful perspective — North Korea's missiles and the United States (19 February 2023)



US government — always absurd, always criminal? — balloons and literal-metaphorical train wrecks (18 February 2023)



With people like General Mark Milley in command — the US will lose the strategically mistaken confrontations that it instigates (16 February 2023)



Warmongering US continues its ridiculously absurd anti-China weather balloon propaganda-provocation (11 February 2023)



Consider the implications — the United States stole billions from a Russian oligarch — who allegedly violated our self-generated anti-Russia sanctions — and is now giving that seized money to Nazi Ukraine (10 February 2023)



Biden challenged us to name one world leader — who would want to change places with Xi Jinping — hmm (08 February 2023)



When DEFCON Absurd is not enough — the US leaps to Idiot Ridiculous — more on the infamously Chinese balloon (05 February 2023)



Blinken pretends that 'The Chinese Balloon' is good cause for not speaking to China (04 February 2023)



More nonsense from the nitwits running the American Deep State — an alleged Chinese reconnaissance balloon over Montana (03 February 2023)



10 days a year — Volgograd reverts to its former Stalingrad name — history is important to Russians (02 February 2023)



"Moral cowards" — and so, the American ship sinks — but maybe not before it blows up the world (31 January 2023)



World War 3 is closer to bursting from 2's ashes — because Germany tossed away its moral compass at American bidding (27 January 2023)



Continual lying tends to trap us into believing nonsense — that 'ain't good for nobody' (24 January 2023)



According to the characteristically propagandizing New York Times — "US officials say" — based on no evidence — that the Russians sent letter bombs to Spain (23 January 2023)



Collective West assumes that its perfidious behavior is a happy thing — Hollande joins Merkel in flying turditude's banner (01 January 2023)



Will History's payback — after decades of US neocons' avaricious incompetence — be as bad as some think? (31 December 2022)



Violent pipsqueak Senator Lindsey Graham calls for Putin's assassination — an apt metaphor for neocons' addiction to creating useless chaos (26 December 2022)



Looks as if proxy-bent NATO jackals — are going to be out-escalated — by an irritated Russia (22 December 2022)



The corrupt people who govern us — are still sending taxpayer money to Nazi-controlled Ukraine — where it will disappear into Davos-type, Deep State pockets (21 December 2022)



Russian strategy, during the Ukraine War (19 December 2022)



Mike Whitey's summation of the United States' use-nukes-first policy — is correct (17 December 2022)



Evidently, Biden's slavering neocons do not care about the lives of our own troops (15 December 2022)



Biden's neocon-inspired embrace of preemptive nuclear strikes — looks to be forcing Russia into doing the same (13 December 2022)



With an airy wave of its evidence-denying wand — the Anti-Defamation League declares that Azov Battalion Nazis are not Nazis (12 December 2022)



Merkel's confessed Minsk scumbaggery — accentuates the West's perfidy — thereby making a World War more likely (08 December 2022)



Chinese-made drones, flying over DC, allegedly threaten hysterical America's security (23 November 2022)



Is anything lower than the United States' neocon kill-weasels? (21 November 2022)



Poland, being just as dopily provocative as it always is — bans Lavrov from December's OSCE meeting in Lodz (20 November 2022)



United States' nonexistent big-boy manufacturing capacity — forces it to buy artillery rounds from South Korea (15 November 2022)



Deadly US stupidity is mordantly funny? (11 November 2022)



Nordic loons — agree that provocation-instigated suicide — is a good idea (03 November 2022)



EU's anti-Russia sanctions — are forcing chemical manufacturer BASF — to relocate a major part of its German operation to China (27 October 2022)



EU and UK sanction Iran for selling drones to Russia — while they simultaneously ignore American terrorism — which even blew up part of Germany's former energy supply (21 October 2022)



Estonia — poster child for vacuously belligerent pispsqueak-ism (18 October 2022)



Adam Henrys at the American helm — and not a peep from the sheep (18 October 2022)



Josep Borrell — spoke of Europe's garden — and the rest of the planet's jungle (17 October 2022)



Succinctly accurate statement about the Ukrainian War — and a moron's equally concise rebuttal (14 October 2022)



Happily brainwashed and unwilling to think — with a foundation like that, what is the United States' future? (11 October 2022)



More warmongering nonsense — from the United States' head prancing idiot — Joe Biden — about something that Russia's Putin never said or threatened (07 October 2022)



Putin's call — to do civilizational battle against the American Deep State (07 October 2022)



With Deep State-run American media generally refusing to ask why OPEC cut oil production — China entered with the obvious answer — Biden's lunatic neocons caused it (06 October 2022)



EU about to impose a (certain not to work) price cap on Russian oil (05 October 2022)



Having foreseeably deindustrialized itself by placidly leaving Oligarchy's 'reset' ideologues in charge — Europe has back-watered itself (05 October 2022)



Secretary of State Blinken — essentially confirmed that the US blew up the Nord Stream pipelines — so as to create 'opportunity' (02 October 2022)



Putin's historic speech — made regarding Russia's incorporation of Russian-heritage Ukraine (02 October 2022)



John Brennan — nitwitted CIA stooge and perennial liar — imbecilically spouts off again (30 September 2022)



With Western Europe suicidally deindustrializing — EU's Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, proudly announced an anti-Russia toilet paper ban (29 September 2022)



Y'all warmongering Neocon sissies gonna take it and like it — says Russia's Dimitry Medvedev (28 September 2022)



Did the American Deep State punch holes in both Nord Stream pipelines? (27 September 2022)



EU leaders, who are arming and financing Nazis in Ukraine — are the same people who are self-righteously threatening an allegedly 'right wing' Italian government (26 September 2022)



In the face of self-created energy shortages — goosestepping Germans are beginning to ship their manufacturing to the United States (24 September 2022)



After the nuclear annihilation that US neocons instigated — survivors will recall Putin's speech — commemorating the 1160th anniversary of Russian statehood (23 September 2022)



What Putin really said about nukes (22 September 2022)



This is what happens, when we let Dementia Joe — and our equally bright Deep State warmongers — loose (19 September 2022)



Mother Nan can't stop stirring the Death Pot — visiting Armenia (16 September 2022)



Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin — passes the Moron Qualification Test — with flying colors! (15 September 2022)



Great Satan is appointing a 3 star — to provoke a nuclear war in support of Nazi-led Ukraine (13 September 2022)



European Union is making a worldwide spectacle of its unbelievable stupidity (10 September 2022)



Misplaced attention typifies the braindead West (08 September 2022)



Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — claims that Russia is weaponizing energy (07 September 2022)



You will commit suicide under my orders — suggests Germany's Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock (03 September 2022)



Oh goody — more billions (of dollars) for the Merchants of Death (31 August 2022)



Liz 'Crazy Bitch' Truss says that — shes okay with nuclear war with Russia — and now she wants to treat China the same way (29 August 2022)



Killing Syrians and stealing their goodies — that's us (28 August 2022)



Media still quoting arch liar Zelensky — as if the devil's words had merit (26 August 2022)



Humdinging kookoo land — the Ukro-Nazi-loving US (25 August 2022)



Russias Maria Zakharova and Konstantin Kosachev — socked it to that mealy-mouthed US weasel, Ned Price — regarding Darya Dugina's assassination (24 August 2022)



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Mother Nan's imbecilic explanation of her warmongering Taiwan trip (07 August 2022)



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Neocon US leadership is absolutely determined to put us in a losing position (29 July 2022)



Blinken gets off his ass about Brittney Griner — but not all those Ukrainians that American leadership is getting killed (28 July 2022)



United Kingdom has sanctioned Russo-Ukrainian War reporter — Graham Phillips — for telling the truth (27 July 2022)



American leadership is too psychotically lazy to keep its own lies straight (26 July 2022)



Austin and Milley are peddling swill again (22 July 2022)



Totteringly old Mother Nan — is set to visit Taiwan (20 July 2022)



We will still be shouting from our German graves — promises Olaf Scholz — while Britain wallows in equally hysterical delusion (19 July 2022)



Chancellor Scholz wants to hand Germany's autonomy to the EU — which tells us that he is the Davos Crowd's stooge (18 July 2022)



Femi Akomolafe has questions for the West — but God forbid that anyone here engage them (16 July 2022)



Amusing arrogance from the effete European Union — Kaliningrad (14 July 2022)



Russia is responsible for all the world's bad things — Secretary of State Blinken suggests (13 July 2022)



Deep State lips — US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan — is at it again (12 July 2022)



Warmongering Blinken will not meet with Lavrov at G20 summit (08 July 2022)



Bring coal back — says Europe — in its chain of stupidity-based self-destruction (07 July 2022)



Zelensky, the yapping Ukraine murderer — would a sensible Russia eliminate him from the world stage? (06 July 2022)



Uselessness of the Palestinian Authority — Shireen Abu Akleh's murder bullet goes to the wrong people for investigation (03 July 2022)



Russia takes its turn at being unbelievably dumb — Snake Island public relations fiasco (30 June 2022)



NATO's inadvertently self-describing paragraphs drip — with psychotically aimed hypocrisy (30 June 2022)



Self-destructive stupidity is the United States' proudest product? (28 June 2022)



Germany — will it be done in by its thundering herd of government imbeciles? (25 June 2022)



Virtue-signaling originates in lard-filled skulls — a foreign policy example (22 June 2022)



“We’re here to dig in our spurs" — says Lloyd Austin — as puppet Lithuania heaps fuel on the Ukrainian fire (19 June 2022)



Russian foreign minister Lavrov — tells the proxy-pussy West to — bring it (18 June 2022)



Ukraine's Nazis-controlled military keeps shelling civilian innocents — a Buddhist parable emerges in an admirable woman's words (17 June 2022)



Pentagon's Colin Kahl — yappity-yapped a poo-pile to China — is another Boomerang on the way? (16 June 2022)



NATO flaunts its warmongering cowardice (15 June 2022)



US biolabs in Ukraine were there to make lives better — says Empire of Lies (15 June 2022)



Treasury Secretary Yellen adds herself to the list of — suicidal America's power idiots (11 June 2022)



Another dose of ridiculous nonsense — from the American Deep State — via the NYT Prattle Rag (09 June 2022)



Warmongering NATO pours more gasoline on the Ukraine fire that it started — nukes for all, it says (08 June 2022)



Perennial loser leadership is still mouthing off — this time to North Korea (07 June 2022)



Let's put the United States' Nazi puppet-proxy, Ukraine — into perspective's 'holy' light — submarines (05 June 2022)



Comparative economics — Larry Johnson's observation about the Russo-Ukrainian War (04 June 2022)



Could Europe's leadership be boomeranging — its anti-Russia gas and oil sanctions — on purpose? (02 June 2022)



Can I un-Nazi myself just by taking my swastika patch off? (31 May 2022)



To proxy-warring criminality — and assets-thieving gangsterism — Biden's United States now adds piracy (28 May 2022)



Whiney America sanctions North Korea over missile tests (28 May 2022)



America's cartoonishly evil Fat Cats — continue to feed their self-instigated Ukraine proxy war — with innocents (27 May 2022)



America's war weasels are scuttling away — from their responsibility for the Ukrainian slaughter — Defense Secretary Austin's dodge (23 May 2022)



Western press — a cabal of malevolent fools — sucking our brains dry (21 May 2022)



Finland and Sweden into NATO? — Biden's arrogantly malicious twerps — forgot to ask Turkey's Erdogan first (20 May 2022)



If the Russo-Ukrainian War really is existential for Russia — and Russia is now faced with NATO's Sweden-Finland-joining machinations — is it time for Russia to mobilize for full-scale war? (19 May 2022)



Biden administration now decides to screw US holders of Russian bonds (18 May 2022)



Sergey Lavrov's historically impressive speech — at the 30th Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy (17 May 2022)



Germany's foreign minister makes an accusation so stupid — that it fully typifies Germany's brainlessly self-destructive leaders (16 May 2022)



British Ministry of Propaganda claims Russia has likely lost one third of its military force in Ukraine (15 May 2022)



Finland's brainless neocons will chain Finland to NATO — without asking the Finnish people first (14 May 2022)



US treachery toward its own Greatest Generation — Scott Ritter's summary (11 May 2022)



How is Lend Lease going to help an already economically devastated Ukraine? (10 May 2022)



Gonzalo Lira — regarding why analysts lie about easily discoverable Russo-Ukrainian War facts (08 May 2022)



EU wants to sanction the Patriarch (07 May 2022)



Pretend that you are a Russian war strategist — what would you do now? (05 May 2022)



Michael Hudson's take regarding — American scheming against Russia, China and India — predicts 30 years of war — and then some (04 May 2022)



With pusillanimous nitwits like these in charge — does western Europe have any hope of survival? (29 April 2022)



Hypocrisy's drool — General Mark Milley laughably blathered about Russian guilt (27 April 2022)



In addition to morally noxious Lloyd Austin — there's crassly lying Antony Blinken (26 April 2022)



US demonstrates its intention to murder Ukraine — Defense Secretary Austin's morally atrocious statement (26 April 2022)



Incorrigibly childish United States makes grownup behavior impossible (25 April 2022)



Nutcase Germany continues to drown itself in delusions regarding Russia (23 April 2022)



In addition to sending arms to Ukraine's neo-Nazis — the United States is going to pay their salaries (22 April 2022)



Same 'more' sanctions — same dementia-laden guy — and same signs of American self-destruction (21 April 2022)



Suicidal Germany now wants to pay for weapons to ship to Ukraine (20 April 2022)



According to Bloomberg, Biden is shipping US strategic reserves oil to Europe (20 April 2022)



Watch just three videos from Mariupol — and then tell me that . . . (18 April 2022)



United States implicitly announced that it is determined to start World War 3 (16 April 2022)



Mob Central's deputy — Jake Sullivan — says US will steal and redistribute already seized Russian oligarchs' wealth (15 April 2022)



Great Satan is sending Claymore mines — and conveniently clumped C-4 explosives — to Ukraine (14 April 2022)



US national security advisor — Jake Sullivan — essentially called for World War 3 to begin (12 April 2022)



Empire of Lies provoked the wrong opponent — History is turning (11 April 2022)



Finland will return Russian artwork — after having said that it would steal it — might there be a pertinent aphorism in that? (08 April 2022)



Russo-Ukrainian War — let's juxtapose two situational pictures — one Russian, one American (08 April 2022)



Thieving Finland steals Russian art pieces (07 April 2022)



NATO expands its mission toward world domination (06 April 2022)



United Kingdom refused Russian request for UN security council meeting — regarding Bucha killings — implications therefrom (05 March 2022)



Poland volunteers to become the sacrificial nuke-blasted lamb — while the European Union happily tries to slash its own throat (03 April 2022)



Biden neocons — who created the United States' economic peril — are now going to deplete the nation's strategic oil reserve in a pretend-fix (01 April 2022)



Self-destructing West's asinine anti-Russian vengeance (30 March 2022)



Great Satan keeps saying that — America's Deep State-controlling oligarchs are the good guys (29 March 2022)



Want some nuke in your soup? — yes, says Dementia Joe (27 March 2022)



Collective stupidity — collective guilt — don't come whining to me, when you've shot both your feet and your ass off (25 March 2022)



My thoughts exactly — Russo-Ukrainian War, the Great Satan — and Caitlin Johnstone's succinct observations (23 March 2022)



US has put a gun to its head — and is now beginning the final trigger pull (22 March 2022)



Admiral John Aquilino spoke — about beating China in its own sphere of influence (21 March 2022)



One side is intelligent — and the other is not — Biden's alleged warning to China (19 March 2022)



Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia want World War 3 to begin (18 March 2022)



Have neocons and corporatist oligarchs fooled enough people to achieve national self-destruction? (17 March 2022)



Specializing in producing world-sliming torrents of hypocrisy (16 March 2022)



NATO chief Stoltenberg yapped his tiny teeth — and four days later Russia metaphorically put a missile up his butt (14 March 2022)



Nuclear war will be bad for climate change? — The Atlantic thinks so — and other signs unicellular life in America (14 March 2022)



World's most competent foreign minister made it official — the American Imperium is crumbling (12 March 2022)



'Great Satan' apparently got caught doing embarrassing — probably dangerous — bioweapons 'things' in Ukraine (11 March 2022)



Russo-Ukrainian War — Cornel West's observations about spiritual decay and mirrors (10 March 2022)



Poland just highlighted the Biden Administration's warmongering cowardice — and they're not alone in this (09 March 2022)



US government wants to punish Americans still more — over the Ukraine situation that Biden and NATO created (08 March 2022)



International Criminal Court is investigating Putin for war crimes in Ukraine — hmm (07 March 2022)



Pure theater — US approves sending Polish jets to Ukraine's suppressed air force (06 March 2022)



Russo-Ukraine War — an illustrating example of the West's effete ridiculousness (05 March 2022)



Russia-operated Sputnik News — published something mordantly funny — about the West's absolutely characterizing hypocrisy (04 March 2022)



Can American leadership become any more idiotic than this? — Now we are threatening India with sanctions (04 March 2022)



According to America's international Gang of Moralizing Poltroons — Russians are satanically evil (03 March 2022)



Freedom of speech — Czech Republic's EU-characterizing announcement (02 March 2022)



Let us all be massively self-destructive together? — Finland's population favors joining NATO (01 March 2022)



Maybe it is not Russian military weakness in Ukraine (28 February 2022)



Did Russians overestimate their military capability in Ukraine? — and a comment about loss of face on two sides (27 February 2022)



Russian invasion of Ukraine could have been avoided — but US leadership's arrogance prevented that — implications for soft power (26 February 2022)



Did Ukrainian president Zelensky contribute — to motivating the Russian invasion of his country? (25 February 2022)



Be careful which wars you provoke — the Great Satan is looking decidedly weak (24 February 2022)



Lapdog Germany shoots its own lapdog feet — regarding Nord Stream 2 (22 February 2022)



Who concocted the Kamila Valieva doping claim? (12 February 2022)



How tiresome for Russia — when the nuke-armed West is almost literally braindead (11 February 2022)



Ever a bigger lie? — NATO is a "defensive alliance" say the Brits (07 February 2022)



China staged an artistically outstanding Winter Olympics opening — but the West is critiquing the fact that a Uyghur was chosen to light the Olympic flame (05 February 2022)



US State Department's Ned Price yesterday proved that — he has been mesmerized by Joseph Goebbels' ghost (04 February 2022)



Russian foreign minister Lavrov's persuasive response — to the United States' dismissive reply to Russia's security concerns (31 January 2022)



Would you 'do diplomacy' with a nation — like the United States — that never-ever keeps its word? (29 January 2022)



Lapdog Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg — provocatively yapped about NATO's evidently grossly expanded core principles (27 January 2022)



Tucker Carlson's clever argument — about US-warmongering in Ukraine — as compared with the Biden Administration's lack of enforcement at our Mexican border (26 January 2022)



Ukraine — US leadership is planet's most major war-manufacturer (25 January 2022)



Dementia Joe's militarily ridiculous 8,500 troops alert (24 January 2022)



Germany's navy chief was forced to resign — because he told Germans the truth about Ukraine (24 January 2022)



Sensible presentation regarding US involvement in Afghanistan, Ukraine and Syria — Aaron Maté and Col Doug Macgregor (21 January 2022)



Biden Administration is bent on provoking military conflict with Russia (19 January 2022)



Ron Paul is constantly ignored — exactly because — he has a gift for succinctly delivered intelligent communication (18 January 2022)



Chris Menahan took Autocratic Pomposity down — with a picture and just a few words (02 January 2022)



Should we smile in self-recognition, or frown in rejection? — Australian Caitlin Johnstone's pre-Christmas description of the United States (24 December 2021)



When you have not thought it out — as American leadership never does — should you really be provoking more wars? (23 December 2021)



Dismember the dissidents — imply three retired US generals (19 December 2021)



Exactly how major wars begin — NATO secretary general Stoltenberg continues to shoot off his mouth (17 December 2021)



Let's implement 'gender advisers' to lead US troops — Admiral Christopher Grady's agreeable statement to the Senate (15 December 2021)



USA's chicken-hawk coop is riled up — after drinking its own Kool-Aid — regarding 'those evil Chinese' (14 December 2021)



Humor of recklessly pointing a gun at one's own skull — and pulling its trigger — the House of Representatives passed the $778 billion National Defense Authorization Act (09 December 2021)



United States to ban American government officials — from attending Beijing's Winter Olympics — "Take that, Mr. Panda!" (06 December 2021)



Senator Bernie Sanders said the obvious about American spending insanity (19 November 2021)



Retired admiral James Stavridis, regarding Ethiopia — fully representative of the never-learn, never-think dopes — who head the American military (18 November 2021)



Former Air Force officer William Astore — stuck an insightful shiv — into our blood-suckingly bloated military, yesterday (17 November 2021)



Lying murdering war criminal sleaze — at the top of US military command? (16 November 2021)



Pentagon found itself not to blame — for having drone-murdered 10 innocents — including 7 children (05 November 2021)



Islamic State is back in Afghanistan and ready to attack us — says US propaganda machine (27 October 2021)



Bonehead Joe does it again — let's start a war with China, he implies (23 October 2021)



Moral cowardice — a requirement for achieving high-ranking American leadership — the case of Colin Powell (20 October 2021)



Philip Giraldi described a ravenous ghoul — and it's us (15 October 2021)



Robot gun dogs will be coming to your neighborhood soon — yay (14 October 2021)



American 'civilization' — you think it's here to stay? (01 October 2021)



Milley, McKenzie and Austin — blame Biden for the Afghanistan withdrawal screwup — while, at the same time, refusing to tell Senators how this happened (29 September 2021)



US Marine Corps sent their Kabul airport withdrawal critic — Lt Colonel Stuart Scheller — to the brig (28 September 2021)



US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's callous stupidity (14 September 2021)



Better than our leaders? — consider the death of Russia's Emergency Situations Minister Yevgeny Zinichev (08 September 2021)



In spite of the United States' perennial self-pitying whining — about its alleged victimizations — there are three good reasons to remember 9/11 (06 September 2021)



How did an authoritative gibberer make it to becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs? (05 September 2021)



Hard-hitting questions from Victor Hanson — about the Afghanistan War withdrawal (02 September 2021)



Hours after I wrote about — the seeming randomness of US drone murder — we explosively evaporated Afghani kids (01 September 2021)



Proving that no good lesson goes unlearned — Tony Blair, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Haass are still shrill (30 August 2021)



We hear and see only what the American Propaganda Machine wants us to — Kabul airport evacuation (28 August 2021)


American troops pay with their lives — for Pentagon's botched Afghanistan withdrawal (26 August 2021)


Watering babies we haven't killed yet — sour truth from Caitlin Johnstone (24 August 2021)



Islamic State is — we are told — threatening the US-botched evacuation of Afghanistan (21 August 2021)



Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin — said that the US cannot help left-behind Americans get to Kabul airport to escape — how's that for US military competence? (20 August 2021)



Adding to the United States' military incompetency woes — the new Secretary of the Air Force wants to "scare" China (18 August 2021)



Pussy neocons — wailing about President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal (17 August 2021)



Did US Four Stars — plan the incompetence of their Afghanistan withdrawal — to slap President Biden? (17 August 2021)



Lingering fart in the room (Toddling Donny) sounds off again — this time about Afghanistan (16 August 2021)



Respect where it's due — the Taliban — and all those other impoverished people who fought the voracious US Imperium off (16 August 2021)



What and whom our troops died (or were maimed) for in Afghanistan — Thomas Knapp's perspective (15 August 2021)



Clueless, or pretending to be? — American military leadership and Afghanistan (14 August 2021)



Bombing and missiling Afghanistan — the petty cowardice of the American War Machine (13 August 2021)



Start a war with China — say Blinken and Admiral 'Nod' (07 August 2021)



Truth can sting, but only if one is paying attention — Maitreya Bhakal, regarding the United States' internationally displayed psychosis (06 August 2021)



Disregard propaganda — identify the real enemy — serendipitous observations from Chris Hedges and Chris Martenson (27 July 2021)



Mighty Zion's expands its nuclear-equivalent war against Ben & Jerry's ice cream — as its Lapdog USA snuffles along on its leash (26 July 2021)



Nuclear-armed Israel goes to war with Ben & Jerry's ice cream — how ridiculous is that? (20 July 2021)



Ridiculousness of US propaganda has no limit — today, it's about too much Chinese poop in the South China Sea (14 July 2021)



Are "We the People" collectively responsible for the United States' misbegotten wars? — retired Army colonel and current historian, Andrew Bacevich, thinks so (07 July 2021)



Sea Breeze 2021 is just another way of starting a war with Russia (25 June 2021)



An abrasively silly United States — has forced China and Russia to link arms (pun) — and now see what's happened (19 June 2021)



Scumbag Zionism at work — one has to wonder why anybody supports these 'guys' (18 June 2021)



They're wearing us out? — Lt General David Krumm's observation (15 June 2021)



Congressional representative, Ilhan Omar — is in trouble again over tweeting something so obviously true — that no sensible person could dispute it (11 June 2021)



America's talent for elevating douchebag generals to power — reveals more than just a problematic military (08 June 2021)



Iran has two ships heading for somewhere — the world must be ending (04 June 2021)



Metaphor says it all — US uses Chinese made drones to see its way forward (02 June 2021)



"If I don't steal it, someone else is going to steal it" — Zionist Israel's immoral disgustingness (25 May 2021)



Young dummies will save us? — not likely, suggests an opinion poll (24 May 2021)



Can you think of a better symbol — of the worthlessness of US leadership — than Senator Tom Cotton? (21 May 2021)



The Great Satan — wants to sell Israel — $735 million worth of precision-guided armaments (19 May 2021)



Israel's Lebensraum logic — reincarnated Nazism under another flag (17 May 2021)



History made — Tianwen-1's landing on Mars serves as a warning to US imperialists (15 May 2021)



China's falling space junk is more dangerous than America's — says the US propaganda machine (07 May 2021)



Helping Saudis kill Yemeni babies — is a "theological" thing — says Professor David DesRoches — adding a delightful twist to the Biden Administration's justification for that butchery (04 May 2021)



Professor Marwan Bishara said — Biden is vague, inconsistent on foreign policy — Dementia Joe immediately proved his point (30 April 2021)



Blowhard Biden provocatively slapped China again — this is not going to end well (29 April 2021)



US Coast Guard is now in the Black Sea — antagonizing Russians — yay? (28 April 2021)



US Strategic Command implicitly noticed that nuclear war is increasingly possible (21 April 2021)



Ukraine's US-supported Ukro-Nazis — are trying to start World War 3 — nukes, they tell us, are the answer (17 April 2021)



Afghanistan — the US is still lying — the War Machine oozes on (15 April 2021)



Americans finally turned Russia into a self-recognized adversary — can war be far behind? (14 April 2021)



CNN reports that we should continue the Forever War in Afghanistan on women's behalf (11 April 2021)



Biden's rampaging Adam Henrys — now want to boycott the Winter Olympics in China (06 April 2021)



"Maybe I can inspire the person that can" — IED casualty and war photographer, Giles Duley's words (29 March 2021)



Arrogant posturer Biden prodigiously backhanded China, again (26 March 2021)



Are we witnessing historically monumental American insanity? (23 March 2021)



Retired colonel Lawrence Wilkerson's words — about imperialistic plutocracy's price (22 March 2021)



Smack-talking US continues to embarrass itself — now insulting China, in addition to Russia, just two days before (20 March 2021)



Joe "Dementia" Biden essentially called Vladimir Putin — "killer" — Are we on a middle school playground? (19 March 2021)


US Intelligence baselessly trots out the usual suspects — for alleged 2020 election interference (19 March 2021)



US Pentagon lied (again) about Afghanistan troop numbers — to the then Commander in Chief (17 March 2021)



There's the reasonably sane guy, Vlad the Impaler — and then — there's the hysterical Biden team — and its identity-fractionating Arm of Military Stooges (16 March 2021)



What should have come up, did not — in 60 Minutes' account of last year's Iranian missile attack on US-occupied Al Asad Airbase (01 March 2021)



General Tod Wolters added to American newspeak — "Everything we do is about generating peace" — right before he started yakking about the implicit necessity of US global domination (28 February 2021)



Scumbag Joe attacks Syria — because 'everyone' hates Iran — or something like that (26 February 2021)



Don't ask me to respect US institutions led by gutless CYAers (12 February 2021)



United States' cultural message to the world — flying bombers over the Super Bowl (08 February 2021)



Genius-souled Caitlin Johnstone — just put a foot up American leadership's hypocritical posterior (05 February 2021)



Obstreperous China and Russia may need to be nuked — implies US Admiral Charles Richard — that happy creature of the American Establishment (04 February 2021)



Ex-CIA plotter John Brennan — one of Russiagate's lying authors — now implies that swaths of Americans are domestic terrorists (30 January 2021)



Nourishment for the weak and gullible — Homeland Security's vapid "domestic terror" musings (28 January 2021)



Epitome of US-sponsored evil — killing Yemeni kids for profit (12 January 2021)






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