Laughable tumult — Secretary of Defense Austin vanished into Walter Reed Hospital, without telling Dementia Joe Biden's handlers

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08 January 2024



OMG, the scandal!


The United States' warmongering Neocon Crew was temporarily weakened, but no one was informed.


From Politico — regarding Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin:



At a White House meeting last week, Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, noticed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was absent. A top Pentagon official, Sasha Baker, was there in his place.


[N]either Sullivan nor Baker knew at that moment was that Austin was already hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, with complications from an undisclosed surgical procedure.


Austin’s secret hospitalization has spiraled into a drama engulfing the upper echelons of the Biden administration.


Senior White House officials are struggling to answer questions about who knew what, and when, about the former general’s medical emergency.


Criticism is pouring in from Congress and the media.


And since the Pentagon went public with the situation Friday night, new reports are coming in, including POLITICO’s disclosure on Saturday evening that the Pentagon had not informed President Joe Biden or the National Security Council for days that Austin was indisposed.


© 2024 Alexander Ward, Lara Seligman and Jonathan Lemire, The Lloyd Austin fallout is growing: ‘Someone’s head has to roll’, Politico (07 January 2024)



How dare . . .


. . . the SecDef so casually vanish from the mighty US battle to exterminate Ukrainians and Palestinians?



Surely, someone should be punished


The American perpetual war endeavor must be maintained, at all costs.


Especially so, with regard to its happily diversity-manifesting 'black man' Defense Secretary.


What would the Tableau of American Warmongers look like, without his stoutly dark presence?



The moral? — Where would neocons' mass murdering happiness be . . .


. . . without simultaneously enforcing proper Notifications Protocol among themselves?


Oh, the shame.