Politics and Leadership

Maybe Dead Brain Biden's sad mental condition has its positives — for somebody, who is not you (02 April 2024)



Bible-selling Donald Trump — has the perhaps sole virtue of being cynically entertaining (28 March 2024)



As a proxy test of the US manufacturing strength — we will see how long it takes to rebuild Baltimore's ship-flattened Key Bridge (27 March 2024)



Netanyahu chastised US Senator Schumer — and further implied that interfering in foreign elections should be left to Israel (18 March 2024)



Hypocrisy does not run deeper — Dead-Brain Biden on the Mayorkas impeachment (14 February 2024)



Should the Ukro-Nazi-supporting US Senate — be sent to fight in Ukraine? (13 February 2024)



AP calls it Congressional dysfunction — I call it a frail emergence of unexpected function (08 February 2024)



Democrats seem to lack common sense — 74 percent of House Democrats voted against being required to deport illegal migrants who commit Social Security fraud (02 February 2024)



"Nikki Haley sweeps Dixville Notch’s primary, winning all 6 votes" — headlines the absurd AP's inadvertently telling vignette (23 January 2024)



Vivek Ramaswamy is not a dope — that probably makes him unelectable (04 January 2024)



Anti-gun Biden administration — bans export of US-manufactured firearms to major markets abroad — cavalierly excepting those intended for mass slaughter-prone Ukraine and Israel (29 October 2023)



Republicans cannot even elect a Speaker of the House — How are they going to win the presidency — and then run the Executive Branch properly? (21 October 2023)



Four arguable scumbags from the Kennedy clan — join with the sheep-controlling rag, The Guardian — in slamming RFK Jr (11 October 2023)



Matt Gaetz's gumption may not have been institutionally wise — yet perhaps it constitutes an inadvertently welcome stab — into the American Uni-Party's parasitic heart (07 October 2023)



Golly gee, kids — let's just shoot our American ass selves in the head — and be done with it? (04 October 2023)



Uni-Party of Republicans and Democrats is ready to screw Americans again — by flirting with another government shutdown (29 September 2023)



Missing the main point — a Pentagon-funded study says that dementia-laden American leadership poses a national security threat (14 September 2023)



Speaking of well-aimed rants — a succulently accurate one — from the always provocative Fred Reed (01 September 2023)



Donald Trump's remarkable resilience is worthy of respect — especially so, in these Deep State scumbag-directed, tyrannical times (28 August 2023)



Once again, China sees the United States more clearly than we see ourselves (25 August 2023)



An anti-propaganda model to emulate — Roman Balmakov delivers brief cogent overviews of complicated subjects (17 August 2023)



German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock mush-headedly sounded off — and my comment about contrasting civilizations (17 July 2023)



Two news blurbs — definitively illustrate that — the United States is in the throes of terminal brain rot (17 June 2023)



Trump said something smart, against CNN pushback, about ending the war in Ukraine — I give him high points for that (12 May 2023)



E. Jean Carroll's civil court victory — highlights (again) Donald Trump's arrogance-based incompetence and lack of foresight (10 May 2023)



Ron Paul's sensible comment — about who really 'stole' the US 2020 presidential election (25 April 2023)



Fascist US regime got rid of Tucker Carlson — now, it will be uninterrupted lies in the American mainstream (24 April 2023)



Mind controlled stooge-bugs, we are — Caitlin Johnstone's observations about dystopia (18 April 2023)



US leadership's lunatic logic — if it was insane to start with, and very visibly not working — do more of it, ever more vigorously (13 April 2023)



Every day, government in the United States flaunts its corruption — evaluate Tennessee's eminent domain theft from farmers (07 April 2023)



Chris Hedges' prescription for humanity-saving action — working class strikes (06 April 2023)



United States' culture battlers throw words around — without knowing or caring what they mean — consider the phrase, 'cultural Marxism' (23 February 2023)



US federal incompetence screwed the airlines, as well as the majority of their passengers, today — now consider the bigger picture (11 January 2023)



Restoring freedom — Gary D. Barnett points to Robert Heinlein's passivity-avoidance thinking (05 January 2023)



American dictatorship is rising — apparently out of now fond US habit — in Buffalo's snow (27 December 2022)



American Government dickheadedness — refused to allow Russian diplomats, already in Anchorage, to visit Russia's World War Two graves — only 13 miles away (12 December 2022)



Insight into American culture — trading Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner (10 December 2022)



Amid a self-created food and energy shortage — Netherlands eliminates thousands of farms — for the environment's purported sake (05 December 2022)



According to the Western press — Biden, Lavrov and Putin (14 November 2022)



Do people vote for their enslavement? — Gary Barnett's accurate take (08 November 2022)



Lose all hope, ye who enter here — Larry Romanoff's brilliant essay about the United States' fake democracy (01 November 2022)



Democrats' propaganda mill goes into high gear — after Crazy Man 'Hammer Splat' attacks Mother Nan's husband (31 October 2022)



Compare Putin's competent ability — with the West's lack of it — Putin's 14 October 2022 Astana press conference (16 October 2022)



Beware moronic twits in charge (11 September 2022)



Marine Commandant should have volubly objected — regarding Biden's simulation of a Marines-guarded Dante's Inferno (05 September 2022)



Dementia Joe Biden's spokesperson says that — MAGA Republicans are an extreme threat to our democracy (01 September 2022)



We will save your impoverished, sorry self — during business hours — except on holidays — inadvertent humor from California (01 September 2022)



Was Mitch McConnell inadvertently right about Merrick Garland? (14 August 2022)



FBI is playing Democrats' political games again (09 August 2022)



Katie Hopkins' thoughtful video — regarding how the Great Reset works psychologically — is worth watching (01 August 2022)



Why do we put up with society-destroying lunatics in Big Government? (05 July 2022)



The West — enthusiastically making bad situations — worse (26 June 2022)



Missing the point on purpose — Congressional Democrats' Capitol Riot investigation (14 June 2022)



Did the Feds create and then arrest the Patriot Front — so as to increase the US Totalitarian State's control? (12 June 2022)



Texas and New York are OMG Stupid — regarding gun deaths prevention — what does this say about US brainpower? (10 June 2022)



Is American Government so appallingly bad — that its awfulness defies description? (31 May 2022)



War with China — and monkeypox — the fun to come (23 May 2022)



Easter bunny America — the symbolism fits (19 April 2022)



J B Shurk's sour lemony way of telling the truth — is worth a read (04 April 2022)



Just a coincidence, huh? — look at this string of US events (28 February)



What happens when alleged democracies vote for tyranny? (17 February 2022)



COVID Maoist Biden — and the American Lamestream — stand idle, while Trudeau literally turns Canada to tyranny (16 February 2022)



The more that Democrats ridiculously screw with former president Trump — the longer he will be around to highlight their many stupidities (10 February 2022)



In Canada, we are seeing how Tyranny exercises its power (08 February 2022)



Justin Trudeau took to his bunker — and the Lamestream continues to repress the Freedom Convoy story (02 February 2022)



Do we really want to share our country with fraidy-cat COVID totalitarians? (16 January 2022)



On anniversary of Capitol Riot — congressional Democrats slobbered kisses on war criminal Dick Cheney's feet (08 January 2022)



On roughly its first anniversary, Democratic Party pantywaists relive the Capitol Riot — just so y'all 'domestic violent extremists' don't forget what you did in Pretend Hitler's name (05 January 2022)



Nukes are more deserving of financial support than American families — the wondrous logic of the US Congress — a body mostly comprised of Fat Cat parasites (20 December 2021)



We are living in a place thematically like communist China and the old Soviet Union (13 December 2021)



Beto O'Rourke as an example of Democratic Party cluelessness in Texas (22 November 2021)



Media are always escalating something silly — into allegedly being important — can you feel your nose hook, yet? (15 November 2021)



Lamestream's supposed cosmic meaning of — Virginia's election — of a Republican governor (04 November 2021)



'Dementia' Joe keeps imbeciling along — pharmaceuticals, sending Nuland to Moscow — and (equally gracelessly) retreating from corporate taxation (22 October 2021)



US is so inept — that it cannot even unload cargo ships in a timely way (11 October 2021)



Snowflake criticism of the Border Patrol — indicates just how divorced from reality these Cancel Culturists are (24 September 2021)



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's airheaded ridiculousness was on full display at the Met Gala — a metaphor (14 September 2021)



Better than our leaders? — consider the death of Russia's Emergency Situations Minister Yevgeny Zinichev (08 September 2021)



No hope for American democracy — more US people think that Iran has nukes than Israel (27 August 2021)



FBI tacitly admits that — there is no evidence supporting Capitol Riot "insurrection" claim (23 August 2021)



Johnny Weir's excellent retort — to criticism of his Olympics-celebrating hairstyle and outfit (09 August 2021)



Glen Ford's passing (04 August 2021)



Killing people is okay, 'sorta' says Biden of Cuomo — but harassing them is not (04 August 2021)



Curious reversal of propensities of character — 'liberals' versus 'conservatives' — in COVID times (31 July 2021)



A societal prescription from a cynical, Oligarchy-supporting Democrat — and Caitlin Johnstone's fury in view of it (02 July 2021)



General Mark Milley — not stupid — but maybe obsequious and easily led by the nose? (26 June 2021)



America sent its dementia president — to explain the US Imperium's rules — to Vlad the Impaler (16 June 2021)



US propaganda substitutes itself for worthwhile action — as a matter of policy (14 June 2021)



In the United States, emoting dullards run back and forth — for pay (10 June 2021)



Cognitively turned off — most of us are unaware of the strings that control us (07 June 2021)



Planting seeds for an armed rebellion? — Border Patrol is dumping essentially illegal immigrants into small American towns (05 June 2021)



Marjorie 'Kook' Taylor Greene shouted at Alexandria 'Airhead' Ocasio-Cortez — and that (said Mother Pelosi) amounted to "verbal assault" (14 May 2021)



Like the French — retired US generals and admirals have spoken — should we roll the cannons out? (13 May 2021)



House Republicans proudly flew the flag — of their bottomless lack of worth (12 May 2021)



Absurd America — Republicans inextricably tie themselves to an empty-headed sluggard — and Democrats lick the shoes of a guy whose cognitive ability is strained by just having to read the teleprompter (12 May 2021)



We have Forever Wars about fake national defense — and Real National Security that we do nothing about — for instance, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack (11 May 2021)



Last week, the Huffington Post went after (the admittedly awful) Ted Cruz — in an unintentionally self-revealing way (03 May 2021)



An amusingly accurate description of Senator Joe Manchin — from David Cattanach — and an added observation about appropriate context from David Perez (26 April 2021)



Ideological nutsness is gobbling America to death — Rod Dreher responds (24 April 2021)



Having been a cop — I can relate to situations instantly twisted bad — the Chauvin verdict (21 April 2021)



Hunter Biden — with kids like him, who needs enemies? (04 April 2021)



Major League Baseball — doing its part for the fascist takeover of American political culture (03 April 2021)



After years of blaming Trump for callously locking migrant children up — Biden does equivalently the same — but, this time, it's the smugglers' fault (01 April 2021)



Establishment logic — "Biden's plan for reelection freezes Democratic field" (28 March 2021)



Americans' misuse of the words "left" and "leftist" — demonstrates how easily manipulated we are (28 March 2021)



Lyin' Four Stars undermined the Afghanistan peace deal — societal implications (18 March 2021)



Assailing Russia's Sputnik V vaccine — just another bit of America's avaricious, often murdering nastiness (15 March 2021)



US Army is taking another shot at former General Michael Flynn — years after everyone else found nothing substantial enough to pin on him (14 March 2021)



'I buried the police badge in my backyard' — says Capitol Riot "insurrection" attempter — in revelation of Trump Mob's massive coup plot (13 March 2021)



The more incompetent the behemoth US security state becomes — the more of it we need — says the US Establishment (03 March 2021)



Rise of the Biden Nazis — speech suppression (23 February 2021)



Isn't this great? — Texas goes down the Winter Toilet — and Texas senator Ted Cruz flees to Mexico to receive a First World experience (22 February 2021)



Don't supply power — let blackouts reign — and then charge your customers thousands of dollars? (19 February 2021)



Trump versus McConnell — a battle between two nihilistic geniuses — how better to sum the American Experience? (18 February 2021)



Texas snow parable — a mini look at competing ideas of sane governance (17 February 2021)



Evil TurtleMan had it both ways — regarding Trump Impeachment Two's conviction process (14 February 2021)



Andrew Bacevich on Reverend King's admonition — about the interplay of racism, materialism and militarism (11 February 2021)



Vitriolically lame-brained? — culturally indicative Internet comments regarding Jeep's 2021 Super Bowl commercial (09 February 2021)



Lunacy in a nutshell — Biden's regime is on a Stalinist roll (06 February 2021)



Trump against McConnell — for the Republican Party's alleged soul? (03 February 2021)



If we "denounce" everyone — whom Establishment Mind Control says that we should — we would never get anything done — that ocean is too deep (01 February 2021)



Donald Trump's "impeachment two" legal team quit — due to his incapacity for rational thought (31 January 2021)



Liberate US Government from the American Rabble's interference— sayeth acting Capitol Police Chief Pittman (29 January 2021)



Hail Biden's totalitarian state — National Guard to stay in DC "indefinitely" — for no good reason (27 January 2021)



Wannabe King Newsom runs for cover — "Logic and consistency, what are those?" (25 January 2021)



Lack of smarts of the Trump Cult — with same being true of Biden's herd of neoliberal dopes? (23 January 2021)



Toddling Donny left the White House with his dishonorable tail between his legs (21 January 2021)



Trump's political base is the new Al Qaeda? — Stanley McChrystal and the US Establishment's new propaganda (20 January 2021)



Democrats, common sense and the Constitution — Trump's second impeachment conviction fiasco? (19 January 2021)



"Energy bar" to "crowbar" — MoA's catch regarding Lamestream's deluded anti-Trump hatred (16 January 2021)



More Establishment hysteria-fueling — "Capitol rioters included trained ex-military, cops" (15 January 2021)



Neo-Nazi terror looms? — US propaganda machine bleats on (14 January 2021)



Clueless rabble? — Professor Jason Morgan's comment about the American Public and the Capitol riot (13 January 2021)



Impeaching Trump at this late date — how is that going to accomplish anything worthwhile? (11 January 2021)



The entertaining Trump Cult carried his banners — as they attacked the Capitol without a plan (07 January 2021)



Grandstanding Trump caves — but only after damage is certain — how typical (28 December 2020)



Christmas Eve's abbreviated look at how the United States really works (24 December 2020)



Ridiculous Brexit process — bad leaders pay no price (22 December 2020)



American Government is not happy, if we are not afraid — in our Grand Land of Impoverished Dreams (21 December 2020)



Moronic behavior on one side — a corrupt system on the other — where's a "real" American to go? (14 December 2020)



Attorney General Bill Barr — is oozing his way through Plutocracy's revolving door (02 December 2020)



Historically speaking, Government immorality collapses previously capable societies — where is the United States today? (29 November 2020)



California's Governor Newsom models privilege and governmental corruption — in cartoon-like fashion (22 November 2020)



Fun when pot and kettle get into it — Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "psychopathic nut" comment (20 November 2020)



Hamilton Nolan's juxtapositional metaphor — perfectly describes the United States (18 November 2020)



A perceptive back and forth — between Matt Taibbi and Paul Jay — regarding why US politics are as they are (12 November 2020)



What's the big deal with Trump's refusal to concede the election — is the world going to end? (11 November 2020)



The sky is falling! — "These are dictator moves" (11 November 2020)



We the People — faked out, again (10 November 2020)



Toddling Donny is going out — in the same abrasive and unaccomplishing way that he came in (07 November 2020)



US Democrats' inability to see themselves — explains their repeated political difficulties (05 November 2020)



Provocatively lying Trump — suicidally foolish Democrats — ain't nothin' gonna change (04 November 2020)



"The Intercept" spinelessly morphed into yet another Establishment propagandizer — and the (literally) honorable Glenn Greenwald gave it the boot (30 October 2020)



Hubris carried talented Tucker Carlson to Ludicrous Land, last night (29 October 2020)



Giving up on COVID, sneaking in a Constitution-shredder, and zeroing economic relief — the happy state of American Governance (28 October 2020)



Lazy, inept Trump — cannot even get Bill Barr to do the Attorney General's core job (23 October 2020)



Gonna miss President Trump, when he's gone — a genius for memorable phrasing (23 October 2020)



Clapper-Hayden-Brennan's dishonorable Deep State is interfering in 2020 US election again (20 October 2020)



Exercising Cancel Culture's happy fists in San Francisco (19 October 2020)



2020 election — Paul Edward's argument against choosing lesser evils (16 October 2020)



Ralph Nader may have missed stating the core diagnostic point in his — "Expected Countervailing Forces to Trumpism are Failing" (13 October 2020)



Mike Pence blathered way past debate time limits — demonstrating a disregard for women, agreements and rules (08 October 2020)



Who's the enemy? — even if we knew, would that help? (07 October 2020)



Imagine yourself as a Secret Service agent — protecting President Trump — a metaphor with legs (05 October 2020)



Pantywaist Democrats — taking down negative ads, so that Trump can recover — isn't that sweet? (03 October 2020)



Alexei Navalny's "poisoning" fable continues — Putin did it, of course (01 October 2020)



Adam Henryism is US — 2020's first presidential debate (30 September 2020)



Metaphorically drown Hypocrisy Central's leadership and be done with it? — regarding Portland, Proud Boys and The Intercept (29 September 2020)



Andy Kroll and Professor Steve Vladeck regarding Trump's indebtedness and national security risk — Democrats should run with that issue (28 September 2020)



Barbara Boland skewered Bob Woodward — the US and Israel demonstrated that they're pariah nations — and then there's Julian Assange (26 September 2020)



Whiny-baby US starts United Nations fight, blames China for COVID — respect plummets (25 September 2020)



Our gloriously inept, unethical and public-looting Pentagon — strikes again (23 September 2020)



Distraction is the means of Corporatism's power-holding — examples (21 September 2020)



Post RBG — Lamestream characteristically trots out (blabbericiously spineless) Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins (20 September 2020)



Another black eye for Democrats — Nashville's bars and restaurants — and the two-Party shroud (18 September 2020)



"Liberal" columnist Sonali Kolhatkar wrote that — "Many police are barely distinguishable from racist vigilantes" (15 September 2020)



Jeffrey Goldberg's anti-Trump "losers-suckers" hit piece revived the "swift boating" propaganda technique (09 September 2020)



Oligarchy knows best — Facebook blocks dying man's podcast (06 September 2020)



True or not, The Atlantic's Belleau Wood "suckers-losers" Trump statement — is going to make the President bleed (05 September 2020)



BLM and Antifa's "death to America" repulsiveness is drowning them both — Democrats maybe also (02 September 2020)



With Trump — Speaker Nancy Pelosi does her part to aggravate tantrum-like divisiveness (31 August 2020)



Three essays clarify 2020's lesser evil election question — Nicky Reid's hammer versus Noam Chomsky's subtlety — with Peter Van Buren's tie-breaker (29 August 2020)



Losing political strategy — Democrats want to ban assault rifles, high capacity magazines — and tax poor people (30 to 50 percent) for guns and ammunition (28 August 2020)



Perplexing times — Trump lies all the time, is sometimes right, but does not follow though — his opponents lie all the time, are usually also wrong, but do follow through — which is worse? (24 August 2020)



Democrats regularly insist on shooting themselves in both feet — consider their Convention and Platform (21 August 2020)



YouTube's abuse of power — favors the Party Line — and libertarians' inadvertent contribution to that (20 August 2020)



Robert Reich found a point in Kamala Harris's favor — I stand corrected (18 August 2020)



Kamala Harris, token "black" woman — will be boss, when plutocratic "white" Joe Biden's mind slides away — is that a Yay? (17 August 2020)



Congress — a putrid collaboration of predominantly avaricious and duty-avoiding cowards — Democrats, for instance (14 August 2020)



C J Hopkins' "new normal" mentalities — and vermin Democrats (11 August 2020)



Is Jeremy Sherman's "structure by cynicism" (my words) — the American Republic's only hope of repair? (06 August 2020)



Trump's obfuscating Axios interview — demonstrated why he is an effective conman (06 August 2020)



Will an American backlash erupt soon? (21 July 2020)



Corporatists are joining totalitarian Commies to steal our lives? (18 July 2020)



Federalism suicides itself — "Il Duce" Trump grabs more power (15 July 2020)



Some jurisdictions have returned to locking down businesses — but with no COVID-spreading evidence to blame them for (13 July 2020)



Prospect of having to "kill the bastards" is becoming more real — Chris Martenson on COVID and oligarchy (11 July 2020)



Tiresome charges of racism — miss the socioeconomic point (06 July 2020)



Stinko creeps — at the New York Times and Washington Post — were caught doing their "Rooskies did it" dance again (30 June 2020)



Caitlin Johnstone's essay about the death of US free speech — is right on the (pun) money (26 June 2020)



Meaningless COVID numbers — Ahmaud Arbery and Bubba Wallace — the propagandizing Lamestream (25 June 2020)



US ending federal support for COVID testing sites — and other ridiculousness-demonstrating tidbits (24 June 2020)



C J Hopkins' brilliant piece — about Global Capitalism's failure to trick Trump — into becoming Hitler — and thereby having an excuse to putsch him (10 June 2020)



Pelosi and Schumer of the Party of Fake Opposition — kneeled for 8:46 minutes, while wearing African Kente cloth — barfing laughter not far behind (10 June 2020)



Trump's capacity for perfectly missing the point — constitutes political genius (09 June 2020)



Attorney General Bill Barr said that — police pepper spray is not a chemical irritant — evidently, just like water boarding is not torture (08 June 2020)



What else — besides Constitutional concern — motivates military leadership's opposition to President Trump's wish to use active duty troops on American soil? (06 June 2020)



The American fascist state is blooming — undesignated troop-police in DC refused to identify themselves to the public — do Brownshirts come next? (04 June 2020)



Consider the Trump Administration's eagerness to "dominate the [domestic] battlespace" — while holding a Bible aloft (03 June 2020)



Amid George Floyd protests — Trump White House turned its lights off (01 June 2020)



Foolish Sandernistas — wandering aimlessly in a wilderness of their own making (15 May 2020)



Obscenely high stock market — massive levels unemployment — Elites stealing our lives (09 May 2020)



Toddling Donny blames China for not stopping COVID-19 — his own (and our) record is worse (08 May 2020)



Are Americans living in a South Park cartoon? (05 May 2020)



Blame the blameworthy — not just China (01 May 2020)



Together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence define imbecility — are not four years enough? (29 April 2020)



Not looking ahead is an American business and national security principle — COVID-19 (28 April 2020)



Just for fun, what's worse — a straightforward sellout — or a cowardly and grasping one? (16 April 2020)



Guess who are advising Toddling Donny regarding reopening the US economy? — the more it stays the same (15 April 2020)



Sanders goes down for second time — again endorses the quasi-criminals who did him in — so much for progressive principle, huh Bernie? (13 April 2020)



Feds are stealing medical supplies from the States — but not a peep from the Lamestream — remembering Thomas Jefferson (10 April 2020)



Propaganda-fueled stupidity dooms us — and China didn't do it (04 April 2020)



Evil Turtle Man said that impeachment got in the way of a COVID response — think about that (01 April 2020)



COVID — half US population is so unobservant — that it thinks Trump is doing a good job (29 March 2020)



Vengeance as political concept — America's plundering Federal Government (27 March 2020)



COVID-19 reality exists, even in the United States — yet, watch American plutocrats scramble to suck it dry (23 March 2020)



Pandemic — Governor Andrew Cuomo just set a historic example of plain-spoken, detailed leadership (22 March 2020)



China (sure as heck) is kicking our greedy imperialist butts — in the "good will" department (19 March 2020)



Coronavirus — political opposites Paul Craig Roberts and Margaret Kimberley have reached similar conclusions — regarding the American system (16 March 2020)



Democratic Party Establishment is even more nauseating than its Republican twin (13 March 2020)



Senator Bernie Sanders — another Democratic Party wimp (11 March 2020)



Elizabeth Warren just demonstrated — why she is too manipulatively professorial to be a decent president (06 March 2020)



Increasingly foggy Joe Biden — is likely to become 2020's Democratic presidential candidate — How cruel is that? (04 March 2020)



Love a good rant? — here's one from Jaime O'Neill — about COVID-19 (28 February 2020)



A tweeted Mike Bloomberg ad was genuinely funny — the difference between "debates" and leadership (24 February 2020)



Bloomberg is another Trump — but less entertaining — a comment about plutocratic socialism (21 February 2020)



Pete Buttigieg, NBC, NPR — and the Status Quo's penchant for — intentionally mangling language (12 February 2020)



Post-Iowa Democratic establishment favorite — Pete Buttigieg — is good for a sardonic laugh (10 February 2020)



The U.S. Democratic Party — and the art of being consistently ineffectual (06 February 2020)



Law professor Marjorie Cohn wrote that Republicans — have made a mockery of the impeachment process — But isn't nearly everything officially American a mockery? (27 January 2020)



Lack of alert class consciousness — explains why American labor self-destructs (03 January 2020)



Sinking themselves — pathetic American labor unions (02 January 2020)



Impeachment takes a poetic turn of phrase in William Astore's hands (14 December 2019)



Deep State takes advantage of President Trump's belligerent incompetence — Ukraine (05 November 2019)



Is the United States much different than Stalin's Russia or Mao's China? — Julian Assange's tribulations (28 October 2019)



In miserably run California, why bother with submissiveness? (25 October 2019)



The Wicked Witch lied about Tulsi Gabbard — demonstrating again that Trump voters had a point (21 October 2019)



Patrick Gathara's essay — regarding "crumbling" democracy — is worth reading (16 October 2019)



Impeachment train may have bitten off more than it can chew — a plausible hypothesis from Robert Bridge (02 October 2019)



The latest from the United States of Absurdity — Biden, Trump and Ukraine (27 September 2019)



Caitlin Johnstone's "psy war" — a good way to resist propaganda (12 September 2019)



NPR hired a propaganda specialist as its new CEO — demonstrating how brazen Lamestream disinformation wolves are (09 September 2019)



Evil TurtleMan — (Mitch McConnell) — is ingloriously whining about his Moscow pseudonym (04 September 2019)



According to Maggie Severns — "some lesbians don't want [gay] Pete Buttigieg to be president" — that one line sums America's identity idiocy (30 August 2019)



Trump and the Danes — does it get any more absurd? (21 August 2019)



According to Elizabeth Warren — only rich folk should have access to guns and ammunition? — Did'ja think that one through, Senator? (10 August 2019)



Dirty Pig Fat Man skillfully put his foot in it this week — and the pansy-ass Phony Opposition squealed, "Horror!" (15 July 2019)



A modern distinction between "liberals" and "leftists" — from Ted Rall (11 July 2019)



Democratic Party's 2020 presidential candidate debates — a diversionary mess of squabbling cats? (02 July 2019)



Jimmy Carter's ridiculous assertion regarding Trump's illegitimacy (29 June 2019)



In a competition between "losers for prez" — who ya gonna pick? (26 June 2019)



Toddling Donny says China tariffs will pay US farm subsidies — just like Mexico didn't pay for the wall that doesn't exist (25 May 2019)



The fortune teller's tea leaves are shouting — but Silly Nancy's still in the bathroom primping (22 May 2019)



Regarding the Democratic Party's offensively idiotic assault on Attorney General Barr (04 May 2019)



In stumbles 76 year old Joe Biden — for the Phony Opposition Party — Does it get any more revealingly oligarchic than this? (25 April 2019)



In today's United States — are true "conservatives" the only people left — who have functioning, societally conscious brains? (12 April 2019)



Will the Deep State's creature — Robert Mueller — ever slither his ethically slimy carcass out of human sight? (04 April 2019)



After Mueller's report — still no glimmers of worthy smarts — in the American landscape (25 March 2019)



Corporate media fawn over vacuous Beto O'Rourke — to the detriment of candidates with arguable substance (18 March 2019)



No impeachment, Nancy — your "Trump is Putin's bitch" ploy failed? (15 March 2019)



Prim anti-Trumpists wail about being "terrified" — evidently forgetting that Trump's predecessors were (less crassly) similar (01 March 2019)



Speaking of Adam Henrys in power (26 February 2019)



Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg treated UK Parliament with the "contempt" it deserved? (18 February 2019)



Is it antisemitism or basic morality? — Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar takes on the American-Zionist establishment (13 February 2019)



Virginia governor Northam pivoted from blackface and "indentured servants" — to teaching us morals (11 February 2019)



How does searingly nasty behavior like Ralph Northam's in 1984 — not get discovered until now? (02 February 2019)



Contrary to "liberal" Professor Juan Cole, there are many levels to Hell — and the United States does not inhabit anywhere close to its bottom rung (30 January 2019)



Colorado's Senator Michael Bennet — squished the stink-grease out of — Texas Senator Ted Cruz (26 January 2019)



Wilbur Ross — such a perfect example of the Republican Party of the Anti-Christ (24 January 2019)



The United States entertainingly crumbles — into corporate-sponsored narcissism (22 Jan 2019)



Will Nancy Pelosi corral mighty Fat Man Little Dick? (17 January 2019)



Duplicitous Deep State on one side — bloviating dictator on the other — USA in a nutshell (15 January 2019)



Propagandized silliness — Russians and the National Rifle Association (14 January 2019)



Recognize how destructively ridiculous — elected American leadership has become (11 January 2019)




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