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Rather than Do It Right, Let’s Do It Cheap and Stupid — Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne Suggests Arming One Civilian Employee per School — with the Caveat that the Weapon Be Kept in a Locked Place — in Short, another Bird Brain Representing My Covey of Fellow Gun-Owners (28 December 2012)


Another Litigator-Worthy Retort to Wayne LaPierre and the NRA — this Time from Psychologist Michael Bader (27 December 2012)


Carhartt Sandstone Traditional Coat with Optional Snap-On Hood — Review (26 December 2012)


An Insight Contained in a Paragraph Written about the Economic Collapse of Japanese Electronics Companies May also Apply to the Republican Party’s Future in the United States — the Price of Narrowness (24 December 2012)


President Obama’s Fulsome Ego Occasionally Surfaces in Telling Fashion — His Gracelessly Self-Centered Eulogy for Senator Daniel Inouye — Conceit May Explain Why the Obama Presidency Has Been almost Exclusively about Him and Not about Finding Solutions to Real Problems (23 December 2012)


From a Litigator’s Perspective — a Devastating Argument against NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre’s Call for Police in All Schools — from MSNBC’s often Brilliant Political Liberal, Lawrence O’Donnell (22 December 2012)


How to Get Rid of Web Page Meta Data that You Originally Entered Using Dreamweaver CS4 via Its Insert HTML Head Tags Command (20 December 2012)


Steven Strauss Sees 8 Substantive Parallels between Today’s United States and the Demise of the Roman Republic —  a Heads Up for People Who Refuse to Be Easily Distracted Dunderheads (19 December 2012)


A Bit of Pessimism — Regarding a Man Who Has Never Displayed Much Grit for a Principled and Uphill Fight — President Obama’s Penchant for Hiding behind Speeches, this Time on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings (18 December 2012)



Another NRA Extremist Joins Wayne LaPierre in Advocating for Still More Gun Toting — this Time in Elementary Schools — Republican Representative Louie Gohmert and His Impractical Idea about How the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy Could Have Been Prevented (17 December 2012)


A Little too Convenient, Maybe? — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Aims to Evade Congressional Investigation of the Benghazi Consulate Murders by Implicitly Claiming that Concussion Has Recently Addled Her Wits (16 December 2012)


President Obama’s Weakness as an Alpha Person Was on Display in the Ambassador Susan Rice Fiasco — and an Equally Revealing Ding in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Reputation (14 December 2012)


Christian Author Diana Butler Bass Chided Fox News for Emphasizing the Wrong Things about Christmas — Her Essay about the Meaning of Advent — and Fox’s Obtuseness in Disregarding It (12 December 2012)


What a Sad Sight — a Stream of Political Cowards Passed Wheelchair-Bound Senator Bob Dole — on their Way to Vote Down Passage of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that He and War-Scarred Senator John McCain Had Supported (10 December 2012)


A Quotation from Dr. Mary-Claire King — President of the American Society of Human Genetics — Advocates for Scientists’ Duty to Speak Up in a Culture Drowning in Lies and Ignorance — but Her Words Illustrate the Chasm between Thoughtful Evidence-Seekers and the Majority of the Population (and Its Often Intentionally Misleading Leaders) (08 December 2012)


The Jovan Belcher, Kasandra Perkins Murder-Suicide Sadness — Unhelpful (but Representative) Idiocy from Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the National Rifle Association (07 December 2012)


A Little Covered Story that Deserves Attention — Cadet Blake Page’s Third Year Resignation from West Point — due to the Authority-Bound, Unconstitutional Christian Proselytizing that Is Taking over America’s Military Officer Corps (05 December 2012)


The Global Carbon Budget 2012 Report Shows How Pollution-Shifting from Developed Nations to Poorer Nations Makes China Look Bad — and Why American “Holier than Thou” Carbon Emissions Non-Policy Is Hypocritical (03 December 2012)


How to Ad Lib a Speech from Notes, Eloquently — Vice President Biden’s Quietly Insightful Eulogy of Senator Warren Rudman (30 November 2012)


The More It Stays the Same — regarding U.S. Backing of Humanity-Crushing Dictators — Al JazeeraExamines American Complicity in Prolonging the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Civil War (29 November 2012)


Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham — Prominent and Prolific Indicators of the Sheer Stupidity that Characterizes American National Politics (28 November 2012)


Escaping the Herd Mentality — Climate Progress Points Out that Accurate Climate Change Reporting Would Blend the Existing Scientific Consensus with More Extreme Modeling Predictions — Rather than Erroneously Tempering Science with Anti-Scientific Denial — and My Related Comment about the Inertia of Ignorance and Its Grip on Science Journalism and the Public (27 November 2012)


Ken Burns’ The Dust Bowl — a Reminder about Why Governance Is Necessary and, When Properly Done, Valuable (26 November 2012)


An Increasingly Asinine Nation — Has Essentially Eliminated Thanksgiving in Order to Begin Black Friday Consumerism a Few Hours Earlier — Jesus, Yaweh, Mohammed and Buddha Would Ask Us What We Think We’re Doing (24 November 2012)


A Philosophical Question — When American Politicians Evade Giving a Straight Answer about Proven Scientific Facts, Are They Contributing to the Glut of Willful Stupidity that Threatens to Drown Us? — And a Parallel with Abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens’ 1865 Moral Dilemma, as Depicted in Steven Spielberg’s movie, Lincoln (21 November 2012)


DxO ViewPoint — a Mini Review (19 November 2012)


DxO Optics Pro 8 and Its New Smart Lighting Feature— an Abbreviated Mini Review (15 November 2012)


A Handful of Words from Writer Alison Buckholtz Puts Coverage of the Petraeus-Broadwell-Allen-Kelley Matter into Perspective — a Comment regarding Ethical Complacence and War (14 November 2012)


Business Insider’s CEO, Henry Blodget, Summed the Petraeus-Broadwell-Allen-Kelley Matter in a Humorous Way — which Illuminates the Unlikely “Booby” Traps that Life Sometimes “Lays” Us (13 November 2012)


Regarding the History Channel’s Documentary of the Allies’ Discovery of the Holocaust — a Reminder of How Evil Builds on Selfish Unconcern — Does America’s Drone Murder Program Hint at the Same Kind of Cultural Immorality? (12 November 2012)


Veterans Day, Peterson AFB — Evocative Shape of an F-4 in Snow — 11 November 2012 (11 November 2012)


Republican Party “Missing the Point” Rationalizations for Losing the 2012 American Presidential Race Seem to Have Begun — the Party’s Characteristic Magical Thinking Continues (10 November 2012)


PricewaterhouseCoopers Brings a Dose of Global Warming Reality to Practically Minded Business People — Paraphrased, “It’s Happening Rapidly, We Aren’t Doing Anything, So Prepare Your Infrastructures for a 6 Degree Celsius Warming by 2100” (05 November 2012)


How Is It that, with Years of Warning, Two Major New York City Hospitals Could Not Keep their Emergency Generators Running during Hurricane Sandy? — Denial Explains Complacence in regard to Sea Level Rises and an Increasingly Dynamic Atmosphere (01 November 2012)


Uncertainty in Science — Mistaken Assumptions Regarding Genetic Mutation Rates May Have Significantly Overestimated the Rate of Evolutionary Change — and Four General Points about Public Confusion regarding the Scientific Process (30 October 2012)


Even Intelligent People Are Acting Irrationally Partisan — Take, for Example, the Usually Admirable Kathleen Parker’s Column Denigrating President Obama — and Eugene Robinson’s Insight regarding What Is Actually Going on (27 October 2012)


Would You Jump to Policy Conclusions in regard to Reducing Coastal Air Pollution — Based on a Study of Only 2 Ships? (25 October 2012)


The Vacuity of American Politics again on Display in the Third 2012 Presidential Campaign Debate — Avoidance regarding Afghanistan and the Bland Acceptance of Indiscriminate Drone Killing — and Joe Klein’s Related Justification for Killing 4-Year Olds in the Name of National Security (23 October 2012)


ObamaCare’s Details Look as If They Might Work against Some of the Law’s Intent — an IRS Interpretive Notice Implies that the Program Will Probably Have Negative Employment Impacts on Struggling Workers — Columnist Robert Samuelson’s Example of How Political Rhetoric, Poorly Written Statutes, and Reality often Do Not Harmonize as Intended (22 October 2012)


Sony NEX-3 — and presumably NEX-c3, NEX-f3, NEX-5 and NEX-5n — Not So Good in Even Slightly Challenging Photographic Conditions — a Review (21 October 2012)


Mount Bierstadt (14,060 feet) — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies — and an Anecdote about How to Not Be Dangerously Stupid on a Fourteener (28 October 2012)


Governor Mitt Romney’s Unwillingness to Follow the Rules of the Second Presidential Debate Says Something Disquieting about His Character — a President Cannot Govern Like a CEO (17 October 2012)


Jonathan Bernstein Calls It “Lazy Mendacity” on Republicans’ Part — but Isn’t the Refusal to Use Our Brains Characteristic of American Politics, Generally? — We Have De-Evolved into Reptile-Brained Emotional States (15 October 2012)


The Marketing Power of Enthusiasm — Two Representative Product Videos — Olympus OM-D and Sony NEX-6 Cameras (14 October 2012)


The 2012 Campaign’s Vice Presidential Debate — Cruel and Unusual Punishment for the Participants and the Nation — Vice President Joe Biden versus Congressman Paul Ryan (12 October 2012)


A World of Lies — Evidence about Lance Armstrong’s Multi-Year Tour de France Doping Operation Is Saddening — Not So Much because of the Cheating, but because of His Apparent Witness Intimidations(11 October 2012)


Non-Stop Chatter from a Bottomless Supply of Dishonest Fools — Makes It Difficult to Keep Caring about America’s Dribbling Away Future — and the Moral Contrast Presented by Felix Baumgartner’s Attempt to Plunge Earthward from the Edge of Space (09 October 2012)


Liberal Columnist Bob Herbert Summed the Best Argument against Reelecting President Obama — Tactlessly Paraphrased, “He’s a Slacker” — and a Comment about Hard Work’s Foundation in Humility(05 October 2012)


Governor Romney’s First Presidential Debate Performance Exposed President Obama’s Tendency to Coast — which Explains Afghanistan’s Purposeless Bleeding and the Fact that All the Elements that Led to the Recession Are Still in Place (04 October 2012)


Scientific Fraud and Misconduct Appear to Be Escalating — They Now Account for 67 Percent of Retracted Science and Medical Research Articles — Worse, Sophisticated Fraud Has Not Yet Been Uncovered (02 October 2012)


Not So Common Sense about Interchangeable Lens, Digital Camera Buying — a Handful of Things that No One Tells Beginners, but Should (01 October 2012)


Joe Scarborough’s Outspoken Essay Justifiably Bashed both American Political Parties — a Comment on Leadership (28 September 2012)


A Lesson in Ethics from German Soccer Playing Great, Miroslav Klose — What a Contrast with How Our Political and Economic Leaders Act (27 September 2012)


Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammed Morsi, Un-Helpfully Threw Fuel on the International Fire Yesterday — Illustrating that, Even if We Successfully Remove Hidden Elements of American Christian Proselytizing in Implementing U.S. Foreign Policy, Islamic Leaders Like President Morsi Will Continue to Prove the “Clash of Cultures” Paradigm (27 September 2012)



Has American Foreign Policy become Quasi-Religious Crusading under another Name? — It’s Not Just Islamic Fanatics Playing a Deadly Game (26 September 2012)


Perspective on America’s State of Political Affairs — Writing so Good from Richard Cohen and Dana Milbank that I Have to Quote a Few Words (25 September 2012)


More Evidence of Inexplicable Laxness in American Security Abroad — CNN, not the State Department or U.S. Military, Found Ambassador’s Stevens’ “Journal” in the Benghazi Consulate Where He and Three Others Were Murdered (24 September 2012)


Mount Yale (14,196 feet) — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (23 September 2012)


Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s Politically Incompetent Campaign Should Not Cause Us to Overlook President Obama’s Transgressions against Sensible Policy — for Example, the Deaths of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and His Colleagues (21 September 2012)


Ignoring Afghanistan — Murder by Not Caring — the Death of Lance Corporal Greg Buckley Junior (USMC) Symbolizes What Happens when a Volunteer Military Exclusively Bears the Brunt of Stupid American Foreign and Military Policy (20 September 2012)


Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Apparently Thinks that He Can Concede 47 Points of a 100 Point Game to President Obama and Still Win — This Kind of Arithmetic Irrationality May Be the Best Reason to Conclude that He Is Not Competent to become Commander in Chief (18 September 2012)


The Center for Public Integrity Recently Exposed the Practice of Submitting Incorrect Medicare Procedure Codings that Cost Taxpayers Billions in Unjustified Physician and Hospital Payments — a Comment on Congress’ Corruption-Based Lunacy in Giving the American Medical Association Control over Medical Procedure Codes — and an Added Example of Similarly Special Interest-Favoring Complexity in the U.S. Tax Code (17 September 2012)


Regarding Newt Gingrich — Who Appears Unable Even to Define the Word “War” in Meaningful Geopolitical Terms — My Comment regarding the Former Speaker’s Editorial on Politico Yesterday (14 September 2012)


Tavis Smiley’s Grandma Said Something Worth Acting on — “Get in the Way!” — and My Comment on the Unspoken Luggage Required to Make Meaningful Use of Even Wisely Chosen Aphorisms  (13 September 2012)


On the Serendipity of Aggressive Imbecility — the Chain of Causation that Led to the Sad Deaths of American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and Colleagues in Libya (12-13 September 2012)


Each Anniversary’s Replay of Video of the 11 September (2001) Terrorist Attack Is Psychologically and Spiritually Damaging — The President and First Lady’s Televised Moment of Silence Is a More Healing Way to Commemorate the Losses (11 September 2012)


Mount Sherman (14,036 feet) — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (10 September 2012)



Opinion and Stupidity so often Equate These Days — an Example from the Democratic National Convention and Its Pundits (07 September 2012)


Observations about the Commonalities between China and Germany — from The Globalist’s editor, Stephan Richter — and My Statement about Why We Should Pay Attention (05 September 2012)


Now that We Joined Alice in Falling Down the Political Rabbit Hole  — Willing Self-Delusion Seems to Be Guiding American Behavior — and a Comment about How President Obama’s Competitiveness Gets the Best of Him and Undercuts the Probability of Achieving a Successful American Future (04 September 2012)


Camera Pans of the Republican Convention Crowd Showed almost Exclusively White People — as if to Indicate that History Is Soon Going to Shovel the GOP Out of Diverse America’s Way (31 August 2012)


Mount Elbert (14,431 feet) — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (30 August 2012)


Adam Hanft’s Interesting Take on Why Apple Beat Samsung in an American Court — and My Comment about Our Irrational and Anti-Competitive Patent System (27 August 2012)


Mount Democrat (14,148 feet), Mount Cameron (14,238 feet), and Mount Lincoln (14,286 feet) — A Review for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (26 August 2012)


Two Skillful Paragraphs about Meanness and Blind Self-Justification in Politics — from Writer-Philosopher Cheryl Mendelson — and My Comment about the Utility of Self-Awareness, Attention and Reason (25 August 2012)


Bradyarrythmia (Bradycardia) — Meaning Pathologically Slow Heart Rate, including in this Instance, a Noticeably Irregular Pulse — the Apparent Result of My Newly Developed Hypersensitivity (Allergy) to Ibuprofen (Advil®) for Osteoarthritis — an Example of Lay Medical Analysis, Performed while Hiking a Colorado “Fourteener” (24 August 2012)


Way Better than a Zoo — Female Big Horn Sheep on Mount Shavano, Colorado (21 August 2012)


Much More than a Ripple at Peterson Air Force Base — and Almost Nothing at all Nationally — U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Kevin Griffin Comes Home for Burial — on the Continuing Chasm between those Who Serve and Those Who Don’t (19 August 2012)


The Questionably Positive Side of Negative Presidential Campaigning — Dana Milbank’s Common Sense Assessment of What Is Happening Seems Valid (16 August 2012)


A Characteristically Missed Leadership Opportunity — President Obama’s Failure to Excite the Nation about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — after NASA’s Extraordinary Demonstration of Genius in All Four with its Mars Curiosity Landing (15 August 2012)


I Could Not Have Said It Better — Journalist Chris Hedges’ Single Paragraph about Evaporated American Freedom — in an Article about the Un-Constitutionality of Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (14 August 2012)


Bill McKibben’s Rolling Stone Article about Global Warming Is an Outstanding Summary of One Perspective — but It (Understandably) Blames the Wrong People for the Crux of the Problem (13 August 2012)


Can One Use Too-Small — 700x18-23c and 700x18-25c Road Tubes in Larger 700x26c and 700x28c Clincher Bike Tires — Mounted on 29er Mountain Bike Multi-Purpose Wheel Rims? — Yes, but Maybe Not Safely (12 August 2012)


Is Everyone Acting Like an Ethically Challenged Rat? — Fareed Zakaria’s Time Magazine and CNN Suspensions for Too-Closely Copying another Person’s Paragraphs (10 August 2012)


Western Whining about the Alleged Harshness of China’s Olympics Training — Misses the Point (10 August 2012)


Parade of Homes as an Introduction to Cultural Oddities — Ridiculously Tall Ceilings, Blatantly Wasted Space and Charging Rhinoceros Materialism — and a Comment on the Invitation to Filth Posed by Wall-to-Wall Carpeting (09 August 2012)


Reoperation Is Necessary in 20 Percent of Breast Conserving Cancer Surgeries in England — the American Rate May Be Similar — on Talking to Patients about Medical Uncertainty (08 August 2012)


America’s Bad Behavior Spawning Machine Took it on the Chin this Week — though I Doubt that Anyone Noticed — and That’s the Spiritual and Social Point (07 August 2012)


Triumph! — The Gargantuan Olympics of Mind and Motivation — NASA’s Curiosity Lands on Mars (05 August 2012)


If NASA Pulls Curiosity’s Mars Landing Off — We Will Have a National Technological Tour de Force to be Proud of — for the First Time in a Very Long While (05 August 2012)


A Predictably Sad Plan in Afghanistan — Leaving the Afghan Army without the Equipment, Skills and Infrastructure that It Would Need to Actually Carry Out the Obama Administration’s Hand-Over Scheme — and a Comment on Brain-Clowns and the Institutionalized Lack of Realism that Got Us into this Hopeless Situation (03 August 2012)


To Boycott or Not? — Chick-fil-A and the Salvation Army — on Prejudice and Getting Along, even When It Hurts a Bit (02 August 2012)


Perhaps the Most Appropriate Tribute to Gore Vidal Was Restricted to Quoting Him — See The Telegraph (01 August 2012)


The Spiritual Importance of Mountains — Ben Horne and Gil Weiss Died Climbing Palcaraju Oeste  — Had We Had Asked Them Beforehand, They Might Well Have Said that Such an End Would Be Okay (30 July 2012)


Republican Joe Scarborough Complimented Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Leadership Qualities — which Demonstrates that Effective Leadership Has Little to Do with Narrow Ideology or Party Affiliation (27 July 2012)


Governor Romney Is so Spineless — that he Pretended Not to Know the Name of the Olympic Event that His Wife’s Horse Is in (26 July 2012)


Right Wing Denial and Too-Frequent Liberal Silliness Prevent Clear Talk — about Reducing Gun Violence within the Confines of the Second Amendment (24 July 2012)


Team Sky and this Year’s Tour de France — Presented an Uplifting Contrast to the Behavior that Characterizes the World’s Political and Financial Elite (22 July 2012)


Howard Fineman’s Essay, Partly Contrasting Romney Father and Son, Hints about Unfavorably Changing Times, as Well (20 July 2012)


President Obama and Columnist Rich Lowry Inadvertently Proved the Merit of Op Ed Writer Kathleen Parker’s Observation that — “Dumbness permeates every aspect of our lives” (18 July 2012)


Charles Ferguson’s Short Essay about Criminality in Multinational Banking Makes the Point about Government-Aided Systemic Rot — His Article Is Shorter and Has More Impact than Most (17 July 2012)



When Congress Is So Very Bad — and Sensible People Cannot Get anything Done — Well-Spoken Insults Bring Wry Smiles to Our Lips — and Give Us Excuses Not to Look in the Mirror (16 July 2012)


Has Lost (though Often Bigoted) Leadership Morality Put Us in the Toilet? — New York Times Columnist David Brooks and Salon Editor Andrew Leonard Vehemently Butt Heads on the Answer — They Are Both Right, which Makes My Larger Point (13 July 2012)


Banks Were Picking Our Pockets — Former Under Secretary of Commerce, Robert J. Shapiro’s Article Explaining How Financial Institutions Manipulated the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (LIBOR) under Self-Regulation (13 July 2012)


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Is Much Underdiagnosed in Primary Care, according to a Recent Study — Comments on the Difficulties Posed by Complexity in Medicine (12 July 2012)


A Plague of Political Gnats — Tiny-Teapot Pettiness across the Spectrum of American Leadership (11 July 2012)


Lance Armstrong’s Dishonorable Court Tactic Decreased His Credibility in My Eyes — Perhaps We Are Now Seeing the Man for Who He Really Is (10 July 2012)


Don “Nick” Clifford and Carolyn Clifford, Mount Rushmore Q&A (Revised, 2012) — Book Review (09 July 2012)


Does the Impression that the Condition of Highways and Rest Areas Leaves on Out-of-State Travelers Matter? — A Short Comment on Crumbling Transportation Infrastructures (07 July 2012)


Perspective on the Fourth of July — the War in Afghanistan Continues — while American Television Covers Trivially Unreflective Ways to Celebrate what these Troops and their Predecessors Routinely Sacrificed their Lives for (04 July 2012)


The Power of Sculpture — an Example from Comerica Park, Home of the Detroit Tigers — Statue Depicting Charlie Gehringer — by  Julie Amrany, Omni Amrany, and Gary Tillery (03 July 2012)



An Apparently Fair-Minded Chief Justice  — an Exercise of Jurisprudential Integrity against Run-Amok Partisanship — Perhaps only a Thoughtful Attorney Can Fully Appreciate the Interpretive Grace Contained in Justice Roberts’ Majority Opinion (29 June 2012)


Waldo Canyon Fire Sky — Sunset, 27 June 2012 (28 June 2012)


Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado Springs  — Evening, 26 June 2012 — a Wind-Aided Inferno Sprinted into the City — and the Simultaneous Demonstration of the Value of Competent Government (27 June 2012)


Waldo Canyon Fire, as Seen from Peterson Air Force Base — Sunset, 25 June 2012 — Given the Cyclical Long-Term Return of Southwestern U.S. Drought, Will this Burned Forest Ecology Regenerate? (26 June 2012)


The Affirmative Action Nobel Prize Winner versus the Actually Worthy One — the Latter’s Principled Warning about Doing Evil in America’s Name (25 June 2012)


Governor Mitt Romney’s Uninterrupted Lying Brings an Even More Toxic Lowness to American Political Culture (22 June 2012)


Walter Hickey’s Comparison of Russia’s Interests in Syria — with the United States’ in Israel — Is the Kind of Educational Geopolitical Analysis that almost Never Happens in the Ignorant American Media (22 June 2012)


Pikes Peak from the Crags Hike — a Review for the No Longer Young (20 June 2012)


Robert Kuttner’s Common Sense in regard to the Financial Sector Mirrors My Own View — Why Let Hysterical, Profit-Seeking Crazies Run the World? (18 June 2012)


Regarding Revived Doping Allegations against Lance Armstrong — Given the Administrative Format, There May Be More Damaging Substance Here than One Might Suspect — which Takes this Go-Round Out of the Context of Poorly Founded Malicious Gossip (16 June 2012)


The Perversity of American Political Thinking — a Relevant Paragraph from Andrew Leonard (Writing in Salon) (14 June 2012)


Regarding Mark Stein’s Psychoanalytic Analysis of the Underlying Reasons for the 2008 Recession — Even if His Psychology Is Mistaken, His Factual Overview of the Context and Timing of the Economic Downturn Is the Best that I Have Seen (13 June 2012)


High Human Population Numbers Guarantee Problems with the Biosphere — Obvious Concept, yet the Overwhelming Majority of People and Policy-Makers Ignore It — an Illustrative Example Provided by Dying Cape Cod Salt Marshes (12 June 2012)


Chris Hedges’ Essay about Radical Jesuit Priest, Daniel Berrigan — Encourages Us to Take to the Streets in Accord with Spiritual Teachings — even before We Attain the Personal Equanimity that Some Think Should Be a Higher Priority (11 June 2012)


Baby Lock BL9 — You Can Do Upholstery with an Ordinary Home Sewing Machine — Review (09 June 2012)


Hail Storms as Meditative Practice — Time’s Inevitable Blast of Change(08 June 2012)


Creative Thinking from Toyota — Temporarily Powering Your Home’s Electrical Needs from Your Electric or Hybrid Car (06 June 2012)


Professor-Colonel Andrew Bacevich Warns Us about Perpetual War under its Newly Evolved Special Operations Guise — and My Comment about the Commander in Chief’s Perhaps Self-Unquestioned Arrogance (05 June 2012)


American Politics, where Sound Thinking Kills itself Out of Frustration with Constantly Gab-Babbling Fools — We Are Not Just Riding a Sinking Ship, We’re Actively Putting Holes in Its Hull (04 June 2012)


Our Butt-Sitting Couch Rot Is Reflected in Our Choice of Heroes — Lauded Consumerist Steve Jobs versus the Mostly Ignored Frontier-Advancer, Elon Musk (01 June 2012)



Look at the Administration’s Poorly Thought Out Drone Policy from an Adversary’s Perspective — then Consider What an Unbiased International Court Might Legitimately Say about Us Years Down the Road (30 May 2012)


Carmax, Colorado Springs — Preliminary Review (29 May 2012)


Memorial Day — Peterson Air Force Base — 2012 (28 May 2012)


Life’s Small Perversities Remind Us that We Are Not in Charge — Mariachis, Acoustic Guitar, and Sticky Fingers (26 May 2012)


Doctors Carrying Grief — Interviews with 20 Oncologists — Dealing with a Continual Stream of Death Is Tough (24 May 2012)


Absolutely First Class Photo Journalism from Robert Johnson — regarding Alberta’s Tar Sands Oil Extraction — this Business Insider Article Should Be an Award Winner (23 May 2012)


Freedom versus Public Health — an Easily Avoidable Measles Epidemic in Europe Has Weakened the World Effort to Rid the Planet of this too Often (Third World) Fatal Disease — Should There Be Limits on Ignorant People’s Perceived Right to Threaten Other People’s Health? (22 May 2012)


How to Make a “Good Enough” Digital Photo Panoramic — Colorado Sky Sox Game at Security Service Field, Colorado Springs (21 May 2012)


Rolair JC10 Air Compressor — Made in USA — Review (17 May 2012)


An Outrageous Idea, or Not? — Stephan Richter’s Thought that Europe’s Monetary Union Should Have Been Restricted to Cultures that Split from Catholicism during the 16th Century’s Protestant Reformation (16 May 2012)


Air Pro Air Hose — Made in the USA by Factory Direct Hose — Review (15 May 2012)


Ambassador Henry Crumpton Contrasted CIA and FBI Mentalities in a Useful Way — His Analysis Indirectly Explains How Agency Rivalries are Aggravated by Differing Mission Perspectives — with the Nation’s Counter-Terrorism Effort Probably the Loser (14 May 2012)


Cynicism Succinctly Captures Aspects of the Human Condition — James Carville’s Comment on the Continuing Freshness of Some Ancient Roman Political Advice (11 May 2012)


Fasco Model F1B 7C-16 Pneumatic Stapler — Review (10 May 2012)


A Little Common Sense Is Not Out of Place, Even in Climatology — Why MIT’s Global Warming Contrarian, Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, Is Probably Wrong (09 May 2012)


The Inevitability of Moral Error, Aging’s Subsequent Chance at Redemption, and Established Religion’s Complacence in Drawing on the Power of the Latter — Chris Hedge’s Account of Bishop George Packard’s Second Civil Disobedience Arrest (07 May 2012)


Did President Obama Really Set Politics Aside in Making the Decision to Go after Osama bin Laden in Abbotabad? — Not Exactly, if I Have His Mind Figured Correctly (05 May 2012)


Rex W. Huppke’s Creatively Clever Chicago Tribune Obituary for “Facts” — His Essay Encapsulates American Culture’s Descent into Reality-Irrelevant Vacuity (04 May 2012)


“Americans Elect” 2012 — Did these Guys Think at All before They Floated their Deflated Balloon? — Or Were their Motives Less Pure than Portrayed? (03 May 2012)


In Afghanistan through 2024? — The United States Seems to Revel in Persistently Self-Destructive Imbecility (02 May 2012)


Global Warming Made Visible — Some Broods of Mountain Pine Beetles Are Now Breeding Twice a Year, with a Presumably Much Worsened Effect on Western U.S. Forests (01 May 2012)


Colorado Mountain Club, The Best Front Range Hikes (2010) — Book Review (30 April 2012)


Another Bit of Stupidity from Congress Surfacing Now — Moving Student Loan Servicing from the Competent Department of Education to Incompetent and Greedy “Not for Profits” (27 April 2012)


A Sign of Our Greedy and Plutocratic Times, Obliterating the American Commons — Congress’ Attack on the U.S. Post Office (26 April 2012)


Frontline’s 4-Part Money, Power, and Wall Street — So Far, the Best Documentary on the 2008 Financial Crisis (25 April 2012)


Israel, Like the United States, Can’t Seem to Let Well Enough Alone — Provocatively Thumbing Its Nose at Palestinians and Presumably Iran (24 April 2012)


Australian Journalist, Mungo Maccallum, Sums the American Experience in Afghanistan Rather Well (23 April 2012)


For Older Folk — on the Mental Health Wisdom of Avoiding or Suppressing Regret — a Small Study Published in Science (20 April 2012)



Short and to the Point — Forbes Essay by Two Former Marine Corps Commandants, Bob Lutz (GM), and Frederick Smith (FedEx) on the Need for a National Energy Plan (18 April 2012)


Stirrings of Alarm at Greed’s Rising Distortion of the Scientific Process — (a) The Institute of Medicine’s Warning about Unsubstantiated Medical “Omics” Tests and (b) Academic Psychology’s Courageous Recognition that Some of Its Studies Require Reproducibility Confirmation (16 April 2012)


Clever Anti-Science Yahoos in Tennessee — Making Monkeys Out of the Smarter Portion of the State’s Citizenry (15 April 2012)


Remember the Pepper Spraying of Peaceful Students at California-Davis in November 2011? — The Investigative Task Force’s Report Has Been Released and it Lambasts University Authorities (12 April 2012)


A New Way to Think about Teaching 1st through 12th Grade Science — 8+1 Fundamental Science Concepts from the PROM/SE Project (10 April 2012)


Three Tips on Hiking with Severe Osteoarthritis (09 April 2012)


When Political Liberals Are Correct — Two Well-Communicated Essays Worthy of Becoming a Fiery Lawyer’s Closing Arguments — Comments on the Communicative Value of Reason-Able, but “Conclusory” Arguments(06 April 2012)


Could this Possibly Get any More Boring? — On the Meaningless Coming Presidential Election and the Go-Nowhere Blather that Surrounds It (05 April 2012)


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What Should Be Common Sense regarding the Evil of War Seems Not to Be Accepted by Many Americans — on a Comment from Professor/Colonel Andrew Bacevich (25 March 2012)



Owen Flanagan, The Bodhisattva’s Brain: Buddhism Naturalized (2011) — Book Review (23 March 2012)


Chuck Sambuchino, 2012 Guide to Literary Agents (Writers Digest Books, 2011) — Book Review (22 March 2012)


Two Quotable Sentences from Paul Rosenberg — and an Insight from Qais Azimy — about Misbegotten Wars and Denial’s Devilish Trumpet (21 March 2012)


Waking Ourselves Up with Stephan Richter’s Timely Essay, Just Who Fears Democracy? On the Need to Update the American Republic (20 March 2012)


Elon Musk and SpaceX — 60 Minutes’ Interview with an Inspiring Man — and the Contrast Musk’s Example Presents in regard to the Rest of America’s Pipsqueak Political and Economic Leadership (19 March 2012)


Outstanding Science Writing about Gravity and Climate from Germany — This Is the Way Science Communications Ought to Be Done in the United States (17 March 2012)


Courageous Sacrifice in Afghanistan — Two Simple Stories that Highlight the Cynically Calculated Cowardice Displayed by America’s Political Leadership (16 March 2012)


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Gordon Livingston, How to Love (2009) — Book Review (14 March 2012)



Columnist Roger Simon Noticed the Stark Contrast between the Emotional Disengagement of the American Imperium and Ordinary People’s Living and Dying — President Obama’s Unwitting Support for Islamic Insurgents’ Most Persuasive Argument against Western Domination (13 March 2012)


J. Krishnamurti, Krishnamurti to Himself: His Last Journal — Book Review (12 March 2012)


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Bush Piloting 70-Year-Old DC-3s in and out of the Amazon Jungle — Al Jazeera’s Video Shows the Risks that Poverty and Primitive Conditions Bring with Them (07 March 2012)


President Obama Is Now Leading the Charge for War with Iran — Have Our Geopolitically Foolish and Amoral Leaders Learned Nothing from American Strategic Failures in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan? (06 March 2012)


Sofa Mart, Colorado Springs, Colorado — Atrocious and Dishonest Customer Service — Review (05 March 2012)



Former Representative Joe Scarborough (of Morning Joe) Summed America’s Political Situation Well — “A Political Race to the Bottom” (02 March 2012)


A First Amendment, Religion versus Health Care Battle under Circumstances Where More Sensible Institutions Would Have Created No Conflict at All — Our Baboon-Like Inability to See Things as They Actually Are and Fix Them (02 March 2012)


Rampaging Afghanis as an Example of the Folly of Trying to Nation-Build in a Region that History’s Social Evolution Left Behind — the Strategic Argument for Avoiding Wars that Cannot Be Won — and a Defense of Our Troops’ Occasional “Diplomatic” Mistakes in Waging Them (29 February 2012)


New Evidence for Antibiotic-Treated Livestock as a Breeding Ground for Drug-Resistant Bacteria that Spread to Humans (27 February 2012)


Mistakenly Burned Korans? — Two U.S. Soldiers Are Dead, Probably because of this Stupidity — the Heretofore Concealed Dangers Posed by an Actively Proselytizing Christian U.S. Military (24 February 2012)


Faster than Light Neutrinos? — Probably Not — Faulty Wiring Connection Appears to Explain the Discrepancy between Accepted Theory and OPERA’s Calculations Late Last Year (22 February 2012)


Political Sarcasm Well Done — Public Relations Strategist Cliff Schecter on the Republican Party’s Death Wish with Women Voters (20 February 2012)


Two Dissimilar Washington Post Articles Show Us the Fantasy World that We Are Living in — Columnist E. J. Dionne Jr. on Unrealistic Politics and Dr. Craig Bowron on Delusional Expectations about Dying — Where Has the Strength of American Realism Gone? (20 February 2012)


One Obvious Indicator of Why the United States Trails other Developed Nations in Science Education — the American Mentality that Opposes Adoption of the International System of Units — and Our Continuing National Stupidity in Not Fixing this Mistake (18 February 2012)


Columnist Leonard Pitts’ Wise Perspective on a Marine Corps Scout Sniper Team’s Display of the Nazi “SS” Symbol — and My Own Comment regarding Warrior Symbols and Unfair Criticism of Expressions of the Warrior Mentality (17 February 2012)


Zen Points to the Reality-Defying Prison that Conceptual Thinking often Traps Us in — an Illustration of this Spiritual Perspective via Debra Ollivier’s Outstanding Essay, “The French Philosophy On Love And Sex(15 February 2012)


The Devolution of the Republican Party into Being Butt-Heads — Just to Be Butt-Heads — Symbolizes Most of What’s Wrong with the American Political Process — the Absurd Hold Up of Uncontroversial Judge Adalberto Jose Jordan’s Appointment to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals(15 February 2012)


An Underappreciated Aspect of Joint Surgery Is the Likelihood that Post-Surgery Performance Will Be Permanently Decreased (Compared to Pre-Injury Levels) in a Significant Proportion of Athletes — an Essay on the Utility of Avoiding Injury and the Psychological Helpfulness of Gratitude in Coping with Reduced Function Afterwards (14 February 2012)


Do Significant Numbers of Physicians Lie or Conceal Information from Patients? — Apparently Yes, Says a Survey from Health Affairs — and an Outrageous Example of Data Manipulation from a Science-Fraud-Committing Cancer Researcher (Anil Potti) (13 February 2012)


A Canada-Related Headline Illustrates the Difficulty of Focusing Attention where Alertness Is Most Required — Would Most People Pay Attention to a News Piece Entitled, “Tories Put Pipeline Ahead of Phytoplankton”? — Probably Not, and that’s the Point (10 February 2012)


Good Science Writing Compared to Bad — an Excellent National Science Foundation Press Release Compared to the Opaque Abstract that it Is Based on — regarding an Ellesmere Island Study of the Permian-Triassic Boundary Extinction (09 February 2012)


Criticism of the Chrysler-Eastwood 2012 Super Bowl Commercial Illustrates How Rabid Partisanship Spits on America’s Future — Can We Possibly become any More Self-Destructively Blind than This? — On the Value of “Made-in-USA” (08 February 2012)


Professor Diane Ravitch’s Smart Questions about American Education — a “Must Read” for People Who Care (07 February 2012)


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s Pointing Finger — on the Difficulty of Sorting Prejudice from Legitimate Criticism in Regard to President Obama — and How Bigotry Creates Talented Social Survivors but Simultaneously Forces their Boat-Rocking Strength into Hiding (16 February 2012)


Newscasters Frequently Twist Truth in a Democracy-Damaging Way — an Example regarding Governor Mitt Romney’s Alleged “Gaffe” about Poor People (03 February 2012)


Increasingly Hard-Line, Anti-Iran, Lunacy from U.S. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta — Experience Appears Not to Affect American Policy (01 February 2012)


2010 Subaru Outback Limited — Review (31 January 2012)


An Effective Animation of Global Temperature Change over the Last Century from the Goddard Institute of Space Studies — and Comments on the Art of Graphic and Animated Science Data Presentation in an Anti-Scientific Culture (28 January 2012)


Pie in the Sky Thinking Diverts Us from Confronting the Nation’s Economic Problems Effectively — Influential New York Times Columnist Thomas Friedman’s Idea that “Average Is Over” Is Wrong in Principle and Implied Plan (27 January 2012)


Even as Fervent a Military Supporter as I Am Should Be Concerned about the Unquestioning Militarism that the United States Engages In — Penetrating Thoughts from History Professor Mark LeVine on President Obama’s Mistakenly Framed State of the Union Speech (26 January 2012)


The Constitutional Problem with Putting Theocrats like Rick Santorum into the Presidency? — Their Moral Certitudes Refuse to Admit the Ethical Ambiguities that More Thoughtful People See at First Glance — Example: His Political Position that a Rapist’s Child Is God’s “Gift” to the Rapee (25 January 2012)



The Supreme Court’s Reasoning in Yesterday’s United States v. JonesDecision (about the Fourth Amendment) Illustrates the Kind of “Devil in the Details” Analysis that Is a Necessary Requirement for Meaningful Politics (24 January 2012)


Are You Patient Enough to Actually Think? — Law Professor Jedediah Purdy’s Fine Essay about Capitalism, Freedom, and Ignored Questions(23 January 2012)


Statins Use in Post-Menopausal Women Increases the Risk for Diabetes by as Much as 71 Percent (Compared to Women Who Did Not Take Statins) and 48 Percent (when Data Are Adjusted for Multiple Confounding Variables) — Findings from the Women’s Health Initiative and a Lay Overview by Dr. Mark Hyman (22 January 2012)


Do You Wonder Why Perennially Successful Kodak Eventually Swirled Itself into Bankruptcy’s Toilet? — Ineradicably Entrenched Bureaucratic Stupidity — These Two Brilliantly Insightful Anecdotes from Mike Johnston and Hugh Crawford Imply a Larger Parable about the United States (20 January 2012)


Keystone XL Oil Sands Pipeline — Al Jazeera’s Impartial Interview of Three Experts with Different Perspectives — and President Obama’s Game-Playing Hypocrisy (20 January 2012)


One-Percenter Mitt Romney’s Obvious Lack of Empathetic Insight — His “Not Very Much” Is Your Idea of a Rigged System’s Unachievable Wealth — the Coming “So Sad” Choice in November 2012 (18 January 2012)


Is a Moderate and Civil Temperament the Kiss of Death in American Politics? — Conservative Jon Huntsman withdraws from the Republican Party’s 2012 Presidential Nominating Process — a Spiritual Twist that Will Go Unnoticed, even on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (16 January 2012)


Outsourcing American Manufacturing Hurts Our Innovative Capacity, as Well as Our National Security — but Our Leaders Ignore both Issues, apparently Profiting from Off-Shoring in the Short Term (13 January 2012)


How to Recreate Dreamweaver CS4 Files on a New Computer after Your Old Computer Dies — by Downloading Your Website Files from the Host Server (11 January 2012)


Does Genuine Spirituality Require Private Intimacy? — Pastor Skye Jethani Thinks So and Makes a Strong Argument against Too-Public Displays of Religiosity as Being Hypocritical almost by Definition — His Subtle Argument Merits Consideration because Authentic Soulfulness Is a Nuanced Condition (10 January 2012)


With Age, We Have to Say Goodbye to Friends We Never Met — Reflection on the Roots of Wide-Ranging Embrace (09 January 2012)


Benefit of Annual Prostate Cancer Screening in Low and Average Risk Men Is Still Uncertain — Due to Flaws, the Latest American Study Adds Nothing Especially Helpful to Our Thinking — Regarding the 13-Year Follow-Up to the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial (07 January 2012)


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Reporter, John Fauber, Uncovered the Appearance of Blatant Corruption at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health — another Instance of the Medical-Industrial Complex’s Distortion of Objectively Delivered Medicine (06 January 2012)


An Example of Poorly Phrased Communication in Atmospheric Science and Oceanography — Empathy for Those Who Distrust “Experts” (05 January 2012)


CBS News’ Lesley Stahl’s Questions Probed Majority Leader Eric Cantor Skillfully Enough to Expose Him for the Self-Seeking Political Con Man that He Apparently Is (03 January 2012)


An Inspiring Way to Begin 2012 — Levi Lavalle and Robbie Maddison Set Motorized Jump Records in Red Bull’s No Limits Event during 2011’s Last Hours (01 January 2012)





Even Formerly Respected Police Departments Assist in Weaving Morally Corrupt Falsity — Refusing to Take Crime Reports to Keep Crime Rates Lower than They Actually Are — another Example of Government-Employed Supervisors Intentionally Working against the Public Interest (31 December 2011)


Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker — Review (30 December 2011)


Sneaking Out the Back Door with Its Cowardly Tail between Its Legs — the Food and Drug Administration Declines to Regulate Antibiotic Use in Agriculture, despite Increases in Antimicrobial Drug Resistance that Harms Human Health (29 December 2011)


Scientific Honor and Elegance in Physics — when Avarice and Self-Glorification Take a Vacation and Neutrinos Come Out to Play — Some People Who Still Do It the Way It’s “Spozed” to Be Done (28 December 2011)


A Spiritual Season Topic — the Moral Disease of Not Giving a Darn — the American Public’s Unconcern with Death and Wounding in Afghanistan — We Can’t Blame It All on the Media (27 December 2011)


Nuclear Regulatory Commission Approves Modular Generation III+ Westinghouse AP1000 Reactor — but the Problem of Waste Storage Remains a Critical Societal Obstacle to Its Widespread Use — a Problem that Our Failing Political System Is Unlikely to Overcome (24 December 2011)


What’s Secrete “Here” Is Not Secret “There” — How America’s Due Process-Lacking Anti-Terrorist Drone War Is Probably Going to Result in the Reverse of What Was Intended (20 December 2011)


Olympus E-PL1 versus Sony NEX3 — Micro-Four-Thirds and APS-C — Review (19 December 2011)


People So Irrationally and Determinedly Stupid, It Makes You Want to “Pray” for Them — Mary Elizabeth Williams’ Appropriately Acid Rebuke to the Know-It-All Religionists who Blazened, “I Told You So,” across the Heavens at News of Atheist Christopher Hitchens’ Death (17 December 2011)


An Obvious Phenomenon that Most of Us Don’t Recognize Often Enough — the Structural Funneling of Knowledge, including Science and Medicine, through Somebody Else’s Self-Interest and Often Uninformed Opinion Means that “Truth” Is Only Rarely Found (16 December 2011)


The Problem with Unregulated Capitalism Is that It Explicitly Dumps the Moral Premises that Arguably Underlie Just Societal Behavior (15 December 2011)


Four Psychological Reasons for Why We Defend and Contribute to a Clearly Self-Destructive Political System — Explaining Why the Worse Things Get, the Harder It Seems to Change Them(14 December 2011)


Iraq Demonstrates the Unyielding Grasp that the Big Oil/Military-Industrial Complex Has on the World — Most of Us Are Oblivious, even When Our Sons and Daughters Die in Service to Its Grasping (13 December 2011)


Bashing the Democratic Party with Cause — Economist Ian Fletcher’s Thoughtful Take on Why the American “Left” Is Ineffectual, when it Comes to Making Sensible Economic Policy (12 December 2011)


A Strikingly Accurate Comment and an Implied Question from Dr. Boyce Watkins — Who Are We Now? — Using Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich to Symbolize Mistaken Spiritual Directions (09 December 2011)


Do You Wonder Why the United States Is Struggling Economically? — Take this “Evaporating Brain Infrastructure” Tidbit (08 December 2011)


Regarding Columnist Richard Cohen’s Question — In a Nation of 313 Million, How Is it Statistically Possible that Almost All of Our 2012 Presidential Candidates Would Be Such Bad Choices — America’s Flirtation with Self-Destruction (06 December 2011)


MediaChance Dynamic Auto-Painter x64 Pro — Review (05 December 2011)


“Success Chasing” and “Spurious Beliefs” on the Part of Doctors, and Presumably Other Decision-Makers, Usually Lead to Worse Outcomes — the Value of Paying Attention to Failures in Order to Improve Performance — a Not so “Duh” Insight from a Brain Study (02 December 2011)


Pretty Much What I Think — Business Consultant James Moore on Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman — and Reflections on How Moron-i-Tude Has Destroyed Abraham Lincoln’s Party (30 November 2011)


Breathless Reporting about “Bad” Things (Like Fukushima Daiichi’s Escaped Radiation) Is Often Sensationalized due to Ignorance  — Illustrating the Information Problem Posed by Living among “Science Barbarians” (29 November 2011)


How to Save Money and Still Have a Good and Artful Time with Digital Photography (26 November 2011)


Pepper Spray at UC-Davis Goes Deeper than Just “Police Pigs” Doing Bad Things (24 November 2011)


Going Down Exactly the Wrong Road — Provoking China Militarily in the Pacific, while Simultaneously Doing Nothing to Challenge China’s Theft of the American Economy — a Policy that Only a Geopolitical Fool (and a Multi-National Corporate Plutocrat) Would Like (21 November 2011)


The Rats Are Back at Play — Representative Charlie Rangel Partied with Democratic Party Leaders at an (as much as) $5,000 per Plate Dinner — Columnist Dana Milbank’s Insightful Take on the Corruption that Is Congress (19 November 2011)


President Obama Is Good at Postponing anything that Is Not in His Immediate Political Interest — Conservative Charles Krauthammer Harpoons the President’s Lack of Leadership Courage and Liberal Dylan Ratigan Laments the President’s Lack of Robert Bly’s “Zeus Energy” (18 November 2011)


A Sharp Eye for Irony — Journalist Robert Scheer Castigates Billionaire New York Mayor Bloomberg’s Ruse to Cleanse Society of the Occupy Movement — a Lesson in How the American Plutocracy Uses Our Laws against Us (17 November 2011)


Vandana Shiva’s Thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street” Capture the Movement’s Meaning — an Overdue Gandhian Perspective on More Equitable Living (16 November 2011)


President Obama’s Perennially Cynical Hypocrisy Is Bad for the Nation — Perhaps One of the Republicans’ “Panel of Fools” Would Be a Better Choice in 2012 (15 November 2011)


Is Saying Incredibly Dumb Things, in Order to Get Elected, Good for the United States? — the Failure of Representative Government, as the Founders Had Probably Envisioned It (14 November 2011)


Veterans Day (11 November 2011)


Missing Body Parts at Dover Air Force Base — Displaced Emotion Misdirects Us from Focusing on the Senseless Wars We Start (and Linger in) to What Happens after Our Inexcusable Foolishness Dismembers Our Most Valued People (10 November 2011)


Another Good Example of “Worse than Useless” American Government — Inadequate Safety Testing of Imported Seafood and the Failure to Document Contaminant Results in a Scientifically Meaningful Way (09 November 2011)


Serial Murder in America’s Name — the Immoral Use of Drone Attacks against the Collaterally Innocent — What Happens when U.S. Leadership Goes Paranoidly Mad (07 November 2011)


Federal Social Experiments with Human Behavior Don’t Always Work as Intended — Moving Previously Authorized Single-Occupant Hybrid Cars Out of Car Pool Lanes in the San Francisco Bay Area Slowed All Lanes of Traffic — and A Related Observation about Silliness in Government (05 November 2011)


U.S. Bigoted Foolishness on Global Display — American Statutes Forced the Administration to Halt UNESCO’s American Funding because the U.N. Agency Admitted Palestine as a Member — the Obama Administration Worsened this Ethically Unattractive Mess by Pretending It’s All the Palestinians’ Fault (02 November 2011)


Complexities in Evaluating the Pace of Climate Change — How Will Drying Peatlands Affect the Carbon Cycle? (03 November 2011)


Olympus E-PL1 Camera in Subdued Indoor Light — Review (21 October 2011)


Facts in the Congressional Budget Office’s Study of Incomes (1979 to 2007) Destroy Plutocratic Justifications for “Trickle Down” — Do Ordinary Americans Really Exist Just to Serve their Increasingly Greedy Plutocrat Masters? (28 October 2011)


Well Spoken — an Occupy Wall Streeter Synopsizes the Core Message that Slipped by the Economic Elite, Self-Interested Politicians, and Our Witless Mainstream Media (27 October 2011)


BP’s Coming Back and Going Deeper in the Gulf of Mexico — even before It’s Paid Trivial Fines for Its 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster (26 October 2011)


Paul Rosenberg’s Interesting Application of the Psychological Concepts of Denial, Displacement, and Projection to the Politics of Recession — Do You Think His Analysis Makes Sense? (26 October 2011)


The Intensely Hypocritical Obama Administration Is Now Calling for an Investigation into Libyan Dictator Qaddafi’s Death — after Doing Everything They Could to Make Exactly that Happen (24 October 2011)


Astonishing Short-Sightedness — the Problem of Focusing on a Tree, rather than the Forest in American Foreign Affairs — too-Early Pronouncements of Success in Post-Qaddafi Libya (21 October 2011)


A Small Chinese Study Demonstrates a Remarkable Elevation in the Risk for Neural Tube Defects, due to Environmental Pollutants’ Effects on Fetal Development — a Reminder of the General Case to Be Made for Government Regulation (20 October 2011)


Misperceiving the Quality of One’s Performance (Compared to that of Others) Can Lead to Feelings of Dejection — a Finding that Casts Doubt on the Wisdom of America’s Self-Esteem Movement (19 October 2011)


Why Originalism Is an Intellectually Questionable Constitutional Philosophy — and Why Conservatives Are Disingenuous when They Depend on It to Achieve Reactionary Political Positions (17 October 2011)


“You’re gonna slam Mormons, when the only two demonstrably intelligent and reasonable candidates in the Republican presidential pack are both Mormons?” — Give Common Sense a Break (13 October 2011)


Conflicts of Financial Interest Have Arguably Captured Medicine’s Clinical Practice Guidelines Panels — According to a New Study (12 October 2011)


It Is Not that Wealth Is Undesirable — It’s that Our Economic System Is Rigged to Steal Wealth from Many of the People Who Create and Sustain It — a Definitional Difference that Parasitic Plutocrats Don’t Want Us to See (10 October 2011)


An Excellent Piece of Analytical Journalism — Scott Wilson’s Essay about “Obama, the Loner President” (08 October 2011)


Genetically Altered Canola Is Now Interbreeding with Non-Modified Types in the Environment at Large — the U.S. Department of Agriculture Once Pretended this Would Not Happen (07 October 2011)


Predictably Late — Why Tell Someone How Great They Are only after They’re Dead? (06 October 2011)


Do Self-Regulated Quality Monitoring Systems in Health Care Work? — One Survey Suggests, “Not Very Well” (05 October 2011)


Illustrating One Aspect of Big Pharma’s Grip on Medical Practice — Physicians Writing Prescriptions for Brand Name Statins, Instead of Generic Statins — This Reportedly Costs America $5.8 Billion per Year (03 October 2011)


Prostate Biopsies — Rate of Serious Infections Has Risen — Another Example of the Need to Be Aware of Medical Risks (30 September 2011)


Terrorist Access to Libyan Shoulder-Fired Missiles — a Predictable Consequence of President Obama’s Foolish Intervention — Bad for the Public and the American Deficit, but Really Good for the Military-Industrial Complex (28 September 2011)


Why a Diligent Press Matters — Solyndra’s Loan-Guaranteed Bankruptcy as an Example of Journalism’s Power to Discredit Politicians’ Harmful Untruths (27 September 2011)


The Inertia of Indifference — Look No Further to Find Evil (23 September 2011)


So Much for Elitists Being Out of Touch — Massachusetts Senatorial Candidate Professor Elizabeth Warren Gutted Republican Arguments (which Solely Favor Plutocrats) in Two Simple and Logically Irrefutable Populist Paragraphs — at Last, Someone Who Actually Thinks (22 September 2011)


Relentlessly Evolving Microbial Drug Resistance May Take Us Back to Pre-Antibiotic Days — Other People’s Sexual Liasons Now Affect Everyone’s Vulnerability to Non-Sexually Transmitted Bacterial Diseases (20 September 2011)


Misquoting Martin Luther King, Jr. on His Own Memorial — Lies Have apparently become America’s Only Currency (19 September 2011)


Future of Nuclear Power Looks Dead — Siemens Quits the Business (19 September 2011)


Things Are Often Not What They Seem — an Allegory from Science (Applicable to Politics) about Jumping to Conclusions Based on Too Little Information (16 September 2011)


Governor Rick Perry’s Thoughtlessness Is Well Illustrated by His Unthinking Defense of Texas’ Death Penalty Executions (16 September 2011)


An Extraordinary Juxtaposition of Concisely-Delivered Brain with Rambling Stupidity — Dr. Zbigniew Brezinski’s Strategic Vision Compared to the Air-Headedness of both Political Parties’ Presidential Candidates (15 September 2011)


Could There Be an Opening for Intellect on the Political Right? — After an Earful from Double-Dummies Governor Perry and Representative Bachmann, Neo-Conservative Columnist Jennifer Rubin Wants Smarter Candidates (14 September 2011)


Arkel Small Handlebar Bag — Review (14 September 2011)


Unsustainable Deep Sea Fisheries Are a Good Example of What We Know Being Overwhelmed by the Tragedy of the Commons (12 September 2011)


Walking as Soon as Possible Appears to Shorten Hospital Stays among People 70 and Older (09 September 2011)


Medical Authorship Guidelines (Provided by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors) Actually Facilitate Deceptively Presented Medical Research — says Industry Expert, Alastair Matheson (08 September 2011)


Radical Prostatectomy May often Defeat Men’s Unrealistic Hopes for Evading Surgical Side-Effects — Says a Small University of Michigan Study (07 September 2011)


Michael Brenner Sees America’s Flight from Truth as a Benefit to Quasi-Narcissists like President Obama — Do You Agree? (06 September 2011)


General Electric GE Wall Oven Model JTP30 — Review (06 September 2011)


Just When We Thought American Politics Could Not Get Worse, President Obama Incomprehensibly Displays Hypocrisy, Indefensible Partisanship, and a Limp Backbone — All in One Trivial, but Telling, Incident (01 September 2011)


Doug Bandow’s Intelligently Detailed Criticism of President Obama’s War in Libya — As Good as It Gets (31 August 2011)


Another Lesson for the United States from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Radiation Release — Know and Do Nothing National Government Is Not the Way to Go (31 August 2011)


What It’s Really Like in Many of America’s Schools — Ex-Teacher John Owens’ Entertaining Essay about Bureaucratic Smothering and the Flight of Discipline and Common Sense (30 August 2011)


General Electric GE Side by Side Refrigerator GSH25 —  Review (29 August 2011)


New Study Highlights Misleading Pharmaceutical Research — the High Prevalence of Scientifically Meaningless Endpoints and Deliberately Confusing Risk Analysis (26 August 2011)


A Good Example of Medical and Environmental Mystery — Disappearing Malaria Mosquitoes and the Paradoxical Concern for Children’s Future Health (25 August 211)


More Foolishness from the Media and the Politicians that Play to It — Too Early Pronouncements that President Obama Was Right to Start a War in Libya (24 August 2011)


Increasingly Dilapidated San Francisco Represents a Microcosm of American Decline — Stephan Richter’s Non-Partisan Essay Is Worth Reading for the Causative Themes it Weaves (23 August 2011)


General Electric GE Dishwasher Model GLD4560 N10SS — Review (22 August 2011)


General Electric GE Cooktop Model JP346 (JP340, JP356, JP655) — Review (22 August 2011)


How a Responsible Political Grown-Up Talks — Former Treasury Official Bruce Bartlett Speaks about the Economy and the Federal Reserve Board, after Texas Governor Rick Perry Demagogically Spouts Off about the Fed Chairman’s Alleged Treason (19 August 2011)


A Radiation Exposure Health Disaster Is Apparently beginning to Play Out in Japan — a Lesson for the United States about Integrity in Government (18 August 2011)


“Some Things Ya Ain’t Gonna Find Out” — Investigative Reporter Russ Baker’s Analysis regarding Unreliable Reporting about Osama bin Laden’s Execution — and the Role of Truth-Discovering Media in a Free Society (17 August 2011)


An Example of Peruvian Peasant Democracy that Apparently Shames Our Own — Rodrigo Vazquez’ Short Documentary Captures the Early 21st Century’s Most Important Themes — Poverty, Habitat Destruction, and Partial Solutions in the Form of Democracy and the Empowerment of Women (17 August 2011)


A Genetically Engineered Vaccine against Chikungunya Fever Shows Promise in Laboratory Mice — the Research Illustrates apparently Sound Scientific Reasoning and Methods — but It Serves Equally Well as a Warning regarding the Potentially Distorting Effect of Financial Self-Interest in Medicine (16 August 2011)


A Good Analogy Can Explain Someone’s Point of View in a Persuasive Way — a Clever Metaphor about the Debt Crisis from Robert Reich (08 August 2011)


Eating Processed Red Meat Every Day Apparently Increases the Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes by 51 Percent — according to a Large Study by the Harvard School of Public Health(12 August 2011)


Jamie Doran’s Short Documentary, Africa Rising, Examines an Apparently Successful Ethiopian Self-Help Project that May Have Implications for Other Places, including the United States (11 August 2011)


Another Example of Medicine Getting It Wrong with Deadly Effects — Contrary to Previously Accepted Medical Practice, Young African-American Patients Do Significantly Worse than Whites on Kidney Dialysis — the Power of Asking the Right Questions (10 August 2011)


People Saying One Thing, then Doing the Opposite — an Accepted Cultural Pattern of Lying that’s Going to Sink Us (10 August 2011)


Where We Are Now, a Striking Contrast — on the One Hand, an Exploding Helicopter Filled with Duty, Honor, Courage, Integrity, Teamwork, and the Sad Misfortune of War — on the Other, a Congress and President Characterized by Avoidance, Dishonor, Cowardice, Lie-Telling, Self-Dealing, and Outrageously Inequitable Personal Comfort  (09 August 2011)


Don’t Count on the Wealthy to Be Generous or Helpful, says a University of California Study — if True, the Findings Have Profound Political and Economic Implications (09 August 2011)


We Really Should Be Wondering about Our Society’s Sanity — Giving Standard & Poor’s, a Private Entity with Self-Interested Economic and Political Aims, an Unopposed Platform from which to Rate the United States’ Credit Worthiness (08 August 2011)


Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s Washington Post Report about the 1950s “Little America/Lashkar Gah” Project in Afghanistan Captures the Futility of Attempting to Change a Culture that Doesn’t Want to Change (06 August 2011)


A Year after BP’s Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill, the American Media Mostly No Longer Bothers to Report the Aftermath — but Al Jazeera Does, and Its News Is Not Good (05 August 2011)


Blodgett Peak (Colorado Springs) — A Cautionary Advisory for Hikers with Joint Disease, Joint Replacements, or Neuromuscular Deficiencies (03 August 2011)


Blodgett Peak (Colorado Springs) Route Guide Links (03 August 2011)


The Republican Party Has become so Destructively Extreme, and the President so Strategically Inept, that One Wonders If Anyone in America Is Going to Wake Up Enough to Grip Reality —  the Irony of the Tea Party’s Partial Correctness (29 July 2011)


By the Language of Fools Shall Ye Know Them (27 July 2011)


Taking Responsibility Is Characteristic of Genuine Leaders — Last Night, President Obama and Speaker Boehner Tried to Avoid Responsibility by Blaming “Washington” for the Nation’s Woes(26 July 2011)


When None of Our Political Leaders Say Reliably True Things, How Is the Public Supposed to Have Reasonable Opinions about What to Do? — Raising the Debt Ceiling and Attacking the Deficit (25 July 2011)


In Wrong-Headed Wars, When Do a Nation’s Broken Promises become Its Citizens’ Personal Shame? — Abandoning the Foreign Locals Who Helped Us in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam(21 July 2011)


Does a Gilt-Edged Education (and Newly Attained Privileges) Make It More Likely that a Politician Will Ultimately Prove to Be a Wimpy Sell-Out? — There May Be a Valid Gut Reason Why So Many Working Americans Detest Elitists (20 July 2011)


The Price of Habitual Political Lying Is that People Eventually Won’t Believe Anything You Say, even When You Resort to Telling the Truth — the President’s Lack of Credibility with Many Americans Has Hampered His Effort to Raise the Debt Ceiling (19 July 2011)


Inventing Bogus Mental Illnesses and Drugs for Profit — the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Self-Interested Physicians Who Help It Lie (18 July 2011)


Columnist Dana Milbank Praises Republican Senator Rob Portman (Ohio), a Man Trying to Walk in Senator Robert Taft’s Admirable Shoes — a Story Illustrating that Who We Pick as Heroes Reflects Who We Are and (Sometimes) Who We Will Become (15 July 2011)


Small Picture National Security Concerns Sometimes Go too Far, Damaging Larger American Interests — the CIA’s Alleged Bogus Vaccination Program in Pakistan (14 July 2011)


California’s New Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge Is Being Manufactured in China — How’s that for a Sign of Depressing American Times? (11 July 2011)


Courteous Competence and Genuine Helpfulness Can Become Successful Small Business Models in an Age of Deliberate Deception and Intentional Sub-Mediocrity (08 July 2011)


An Eloquently Brief Statement regarding the National Condition from Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund — This Fourth of July, Nothing Need Be Added (02 July 2011)


I Do Not Think that President Kennedy Would Have Approved of Taking NASA Out with the Trash — the United States’ Lost Sense of Purpose Cuts Us Deeply (02 July 2011)


The United States Government Exhibits an Increasingly Casual Disregard for Examining the Morality of War — Being Top Dog Seems to Have Come at the Price of Weakening Our Ethical Integrity (01 July 2011)



An Absolute “Must Read” — Phil Angelides’ Exposé of America’s Ruling Class’s Attempt to Lie about Its Causation of the Financial Disaster that Impoverished Ordinary Americans — Brilliantly Done (29 June 2011)


Fat Cats Successfully Fighting Big Daddy Banks for Compensation after the Mortgages They Bought for Investment Purposes Went Bad — but Still No Justice for People whose Homes Were Taken Away — Now Ain’t that Just Like the New American Plutocratic Way? (29 June 2011)


Maureen Dowd So Accurately Portrays our President’s Reluctance to become More than a Cowardly Conniver — Why Does President Obama Consider Himself Immune from Moving the Burden of Life Responsibly Forward? (27 June 2011)


Former State Department Officer Matt Sherman Accurately Stated that Afghanistan’s Population Is Not at the Desperation Point that Motivated Iraq’s (at Least Temporary) Turn Around — but He Avoids Drawing the Necessary Conclusion (27 June 2011)


Senator John McCain — America’s Voice for Demented Militarism (23 June 2011)


Poor Communication Weakens a New Study’s Public Safety Message about Drinking and Driving — Are There No Scientifically-Minded Editors Anywhere? (21 June 2011)


A Clever Allegorical Essay from Henry Allen Regarding Our Society’s Unwillingness to Cope with the Facts that Underlie Our Decline — F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Perspective on Culture Revived (18 June 2011)


Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster Worse than Advertised? — Al Jazeera Thinks So (17 June 2011)


Living in America’s Never-Never Land — the Optimistic Nonsense that Americans Are Asked to Swallow about Traumatic Brain Injury (16 June 2011)


Al Jazeera’s Excellent Journalism — A Short Documentary about Trucking across Pakistan’s Hair-Raising Lowari Pass Road (16 June 2011)


Hope for Meaningful Leadership Was Dashed in New Hampshire’s Republican Presidential “Debate” (15 June 2011)


One Person’s Kindly Demeanor Can Positively Flavor a Day — Valuing Government Employees(13 June 2011)


Brainlessness as a Media-Supported American Lifestyle — Columnist Kathleen Parker’s Accurate Perspective on the Utility of Actually Thinking (12 June 2011)


Does the Shortage of Generic Cancer Drugs Suggest an Argument for Government Subsidies, Reworked Tax Policy, or Sponsored Manufacturing? (11 June 2011)


Half-Mast — Reminders of War in a Time of National Forgetfulness (10 June 2011)


Haier 2.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator — Product Review (09 June 2011)


Haan Slim & Light Model SL-35 Floor Sanitizing Steam Mop— Product Review (08 June 2011)


Edsal E-Rack Bulk Storage Shelving — Product Review (07 June 2011)


Ian Fletcher’s Perspective on the Need for Government-Funded Innovation — and Two Simple Principles He Suggests as Justification (31 May 2011)


Escaping Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) — What the Industry and the USDA Disingenuously Deny (29 May 2011)


A Tenth Memorial Day — and the Inexcusable Wasting of American Lives Continues in Afghanistan (28 May 2011)


Regarding Product Reviews — Digital Camera Review Sites Almost Always Miss Critically Important Characteristics, so Look for What the Pros Have to Say (27 May 2011)


How Delayed Justice Is Not Justice at All — the Arrest of War Crimes Criminal, Ratko Mladic, and the Still Fresh Memories Awakened in Former U.N. Spokesperson, Kelly Moore, Who Was in Bosnia During the Slaughter (27 May 2011)


On Perceptions of Moral Conscience, a Tendency to Blame the Messenger for Giving Notice that We Have Gone Badly Astray — the Abuse Heaped on Professor Cornell West for Eloquently Illuminating President Obama’s Broken Promises and the Resulting Moral Failures of His Administration (25 May 2011)


When the Judiciary Has to Force the Other Two Branches of Government to Act Ethically, Are We Seeing Warning Signs of a Morally Failing Society? — The U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Brown v. Plata and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Opinion in Veterans for Common Sense v. Shinseki (24 May 2011)


An Example of How Worse-than-Stupid, Double-Dealing Hypocrisy Reigns in American Political Affairs — Texas, Its Wild Fires, and Demagogic Air-Head Governor Rick Perry (23 May 2011)


A Quiet American Greatness and the Power of Its Good Example — New York Police Arrested International Monetary Fund Director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, on his Alleged Rape Victim’s Story Alone — Women’s Human Rights Attorney Cheryl Thomas Draws Our Attention to What’s Right with the United States (19 May 2011)


Religion, when Practiced in Name Only as Osama bin Laden did, Is an Evil that also Consumes Western Religious Culture — Rabbi Boteach’s Moral Teaching (18 May 2011)


Plutocracy Is Back at Work in the U.S. Supreme Court — When Little Guys Agree to a “Take-It or Leave-It” Contract Arbitration Clause that Prohibits Class Actions, They Cannot Class Arbitrate to Recover Small Fees that Corporations Have Stolen from Them — even when State Contract Law Permits  (16 May 2011)


Sheer Class, Jim Lehrer’s Tenure and Exit from What Is Now the PBS NewsHour — the Professional Values that, if Emulated, Would Restore Journalism into the Democracy-Preserving Institution that It Once Was (14 May 2011)


Spiritually Necessary Humility — Perspective from Archaeology (14 May 2011)


The Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rapped the Veterans Administration for Unconsionable Delays in (a) Caring for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or Suicidal Thoughts and (b) Responding to Veterans’ Death and Disability Claims  — Our Self-Indulgent Civilian Culture Treats the Military Like an Admirable but Disposable Class of Indentured Servants (12 May 2011)


A Study in Pennsylvania and New York Found that Methane Concentrations Were 17 Times Higher (and Potentially Dangerous) in Water Wells Near Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing Sites than Concentrations in Wells More than 1 Kilometer Away — Another Demonstration of the Public’s Forced Subservience to Self-Interested Corporations and Lax Government (10 May 2011)


Avarice as a Deadly Sin — Brief Reflections on Corporate Corruption’s Grip on Us (09 May 2011)


Lawful Morality in Regard to Arresting Terrorists — Glenn Greenwald Asks Us to Assess the Legal Legitimacy of the Execution of Osama bin Laden — My Answer Is that Realism and Nuance Often Trumps Principles In Balancing Survival Risks (07 May 2011)


A Necessary Argument — Disputing John Feffer’s Criticism of the United States’ Allegedly Counterproductive Martyrdom of Osama bin Laden (03 May 2011)


A Contrast in Levels of Strategic Competence — Getting Bin Laden Special Forces-Style versus Invading Two Countries at Unproductively High Cost (02 May 2011)


Another Cost of War — Not Knowing How Many Civilians Have Died and Not Knowing How Many More of Our Own Troops Are Being Killed under Rules of Engagement Meant to Prevent Collateral Civilian Deaths (25 April 2011)


The First Volume of the Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill Investigation Shows that Corner-Cutting and Lack of Adequate Regulatory Supervision Led to the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Disaster (25 April 2011)


Grenades, Mortars, and Libya’s Sand — Al Jazeera’s Evan Hill Describes the Chaos that Killed Photojournalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros (22 April 2011)


It Says Nothing Flattering about American Consciousness that President Obama Started a Third War (in Libya) and Most Americans Have already Forgotten about It (21 April 2011)


Racism and Cupidity Still at Work — a Second African-American Mother Arrested for Trying to Advance Her Child’s Education (19 April 2011)


A Talented Synopsis Provides a Framework for Sound Political Thinking — Philosophical Counselor Andrew Taggart Summarized Columnist David Brooks’ View of Society in a Concise Fashion that Simultaneously Provides an Analytical Benchmark for Comparative Political Philosophy (12 April 2011)


Disparities in Law Enforcement Based on Race and Plutocracy’s Priorities — Going after Barry Bonds for Not Much of Anything and Giving the Financial Sector’s Numerous (Billions-of-Dollars-Stealing) Crooks a Pat on the Back (14 April 2011)


President Obama May Finally Have Learned How to Communicate Meaningfully — the Art of the Loaded Synopsis (14 April 2011)


Fifty Years Ago, Yuri Gagarin Was the First Person in Space — and the United States Quickly Developed a More Purposeful Energy than It Has Displayed Since (11 April 2011)


Pliocene Epoch Arctic Air Temperatures Probably Were 11 to 16 Degrees Celsius Higher than Today — A View of Our Not too Distant Weather Future? (11 April 2011)


President Obama’s Casually Displayed Disregard for the Worth of His Words Makes Former President George W. Bush Look Good (05 April 2011)


Dealing with Multi-National Corporations’ Tax Avoidance — Robert Samuelson Has an Idea that Might Help (04 April 2011)


High Expectations for the Progress of Genomic Medicine Did Not Pan Out — Is It Time to Reallocate Research Funding? (02 April 2011)


Until We Fix Ourselves, the Hope of Fixing Others Is a Delusion — the War-Making Impulse (30 March 2011)


A Good Question about the Failed Evolution of Political Culture — Katrina vanden Heuvel Asks Why Previously Disgraced Leaders Still Have their Opinions Prominently Aired by the Media during Challenging Times, when One Would Think Proven Capability Would Be at a Premium(30 March 2011)


Dragged Down by the Voluntarily Ignorant — Does the Mediocrity Suck-Down Phenomenon Act More Aggressively among African-American and Hispanic Students? (28 March 2011)


Climate Change and Positive Feedback Mechanisms — Russia’s Northern Forest Composition Is Changing to More Warmth-Tolerant, Needle-Retaining Species, thereby Increasing Ground Heat Retention (27 March 2011)


President Obama’s Cynical Abdication of Leadership in Libya (25 March 2011)


A Cochrane Collaboration Review Confirms that People Overestimate the Benefits of Medical Interventions, When those Are Expressed Solely in Relative Terms — Using Absolute Numbers Enhances Understanding among Patients and Doctors (22 March 2011)


If Ya Don’t Know Nuthin’, How Smart Ya Gonna Be? — The American Public’s Ignorance-Based Approach to almost Everything, Including the Libyan War (22 March 2011)


American Strategic Stupidity on Display Again — Short-Sighted U.S. Diplomacy in the United Nations Probably Commits Americans to another Probably Counterproductive Intervention — this Time in Libya (18 March 2011)


An Infectious Disease with an Initial 30 Percent Mortality Rate Identified in China — an Impressive Piece of Epidemiology (17 March 2011)


Ezra Klein Exposed Former Senator Evan Bayh as an Example of Congress’ Never-Ending Supply of Nation-Damaging Hypocrisy (17 March 2011)


Cultural Strengths and Weaknesses on Display in Japan — Fukushima Daiichi’s Radiation Leaks(17 March 2011)


Equus Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter — Mini-Review (16 March 2011)


Would a National Character Trait that Combined Immodesty with a Disregard for Facts Generate Dangerous Domestic and Foreign Policy? (15 March 2011)


Defense Secretary Gates’ Unenviable Position — Chewing Our NATO Allies Out under Circumstances in which their Afghanistan-Slighting Behavior Is Probably the Right Thing to Do(11 March 2011)


Senator John Kerry’s Washington Post Opinion Column, Calling for a No-Fly Zone in Libya, Does Not Address U.S. National Interests or the Reasons to Worry about a Subsequent Geopolitical Backlash (11 March 2011)


“Climate Change” Versus “Global Warming” — Opinion Study Says the American Partisan Divide Can Be Camouflaged by Using the Less Descriptive Phrase (10 March 2011)


U.S. Department of Agriculture Decided against Regulating the Planting of Genetically Modified Alfalfa — Possibly a Very Big Deal (09 March 2011)


Automated Blood Pressure Measurement of Systolic Hypertension Is More Accurate than Manual Measurement and Helps to Overcome White Coat Hypertension in Primary Care Physicians’ Offices — a Finding with Potentially Significant Impact on Medical Practice (07 March 2011)


Improving Education as It Now Exists Will Not Advance the Economic Interests of Middle and Low-Middle Income People— Plutocrats and Politicians Are Lying to Us (07 March 2011)


Dosing Instructions Confuse Older Patients on Multiple Drugs — Would Standardized Names for Periods of the Day Help? (04 March 2011)


Pew Research Center Opinion Poll Regarding Demographics of Pro and Anti-Gun Control Is Detailed Enough to Be Illuminating (03 March 2011)


Coming Trend — Pharmaceutical Companies as Research Parasites (02 March 2011)


Dyson “Animal” Vacuum Cleaner — Review (01 March 2011)


Bissell QuickSteamer® Model 1770 Multi-Surface Upright Cleaner — Review (28 February 2011)


Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Velocity of Change Is Not a Good Indicator for Biopsy in the Absence of Other Risk Factors Says New Research (26 February 2011)


How to Make Microsoft Outlook 2010 Automatically Check for New Email Messages Every Few Minutes (26 February 2011)


Surprising Details Expose Governor Walker’s Plutocratic Cronyism in Wisconsin — Economist Paul Krugman Found this Gem Hidden in the Legislative Bill that the Governor Proposed (25 February 2011)


A Psycho-Spiritual Three-Second Rule? (25 February 2011)


An Updated Very Long Baseline Array (of Linked Radio Telescopes) Is Back in the News — Farthest Distance Yet Calculated with Reportedly Only a 9 Percent Error (24 February 2011)


Possible Changes in Patient Priority for Kidney Transplants — Highlights the Inescapable Rationing Element in Medicine (24 February 2011)


RoVer® Rust Remover — Review (24 February 2011)


Behr Biodegradable Concrete & Masonry Cleaner Degreaser No. 990 — Review (23 February 2011)


An Interesting Natural Experiment in Disease Resistance Is Underway — Will Hibernating Bats Evolve the Ability to Resist White-Nose Syndrome? (23 February 2011)


Turning Cowardly Political Foolishness into Spineful Seriousness — Where Does One Start? (19 February 2011)


From Bahrain, a Two Sentence Description of Authoritarian Evil — In Memoriam, Mahmoud Abutaki and the Other Fallen (17 February 2011)


A Little Bit of Real Money in the “Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” Category — Says the Government Accountability Office (16 February 2011)


“Scumbag John” — Speaker of the House Boehner as the Face of American Government (14 February 2011)


Politically Liberal Over-Representation in the Social Sciences Is So Extreme that One Wonders How Many of the Field’s Findings Are Accurate (12 February 2011)


Momentous Egypt — Hope for Humankind from a Place that Once Seemed Unlikely to Offer It(11 February 2011)


USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter — A Good Example of Apparently Influential Nonsense (09 February 2011)


China’s Inevitable Rise to Eminence Means that the United States Needs to Prepare for the Challenge (06 February 2011)


Gale Scott’s Outstanding Piece of Lay Science and Medical Writing: “Scientists Discover Mechanism Involved in Breast Cancer’s Spread to Bone” — a Model of How It Should Be Done(04 February 2011)


Democracy Is Not a Panacea, but It Is a Start — Fear of Unrest and the Unknown in Egypt (03 February 2011)


If You Are Black and Poor, You Get Thrown in Jail — If You’re White or an Asian Tiger Mom, You Skate — The Case for Jury Nullification (01 February 2011)


Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Model HEM-790IT — Review (30 January 2011)


Does Working Compassion’s Ground Create a Different Morality than Hierarchical Church Action Based on Abstracted Scripture? — A Catholic Hospital versus the Church (28 January 2011)


Short-Term Thinking Is Killing the United States — Are None of Our Leaders Brave Enough to Slap Some Sense into Us? (27 January 2011)


Rebuilding Haiti with Stronger Concrete — an Intermediate-Technology Solution Offered by an American Company, Cart-Away Concrete Systems’ Concrete MD (26 January 2011)


The Challenge of Drilling into a Previously Untapped Sub-Antarctic Lake, without Contaminating It — Caution, Recklessness, and Philosophical Balance in Science (24 January 2011)


While We Americans Lounge around the Illusory Free Market Pool, China Is Taking Authoritarian, Predatory Capitalism to High Strategic Ground (24 January 2011)


Is Missing the Crucial Point Characteristic of Newly Minted American Leaders? — An Important Observation from the Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee’s Heather Wilson (23 January 2011)


Small Study Finds that Decision-Makers Take 40 Percent Longer to Discontinue Life Support in the Absence of Previous Health Care Discussions with Affected Patients — the Importance of Advance Health Care Directives and Agents (21 January 2011)


The Terror Industrial Complex, as “Frontline” Calls It, Is a Metastatic Cancer — Unproductive, Egregiously Costly, and a Threat to American Civil Liberties (20 January 2011)


Medical Science — the Difficulty of Knowing Anything for Sure (19 January 2011)


California’s Governance Troubles Provide a Mirror for the Rest of Us — If We Are Willing to Recognize Systemic Dysfunction (17 January 2011)


Aerosolized Prions Efficiently Transmit Scrapie (and Presumably other Spongiform Encephalopathies Like Mad Cow Disease) in Mice — a New Finding and Possible Warning for Researchers and Slaughterhouse Workers (14 January 2011)


Henry Kissinger’s Cold-War Avoiding Analysis of Conflicting American and Chinese Mindsets Is Well Done — His Prescription for Conflict’s Resolution Is Unlikely to Happen (14 January 2011)


Pursuing Military Energy Efficiency (with Sprayed Building Insulation) Would Reduce the Financial Costs and Troop Deaths Associated with Fuel Convoys — Says Retired Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson (14 January 2011)


An Afghanistan Reminder from Vietnam — 41 Years Afterward, Remains of Colonel  James E. Dennany (Weapons System Officer) and Major Robert L. Tucci (Pilot) Identified from Crash Site in Laos and Returned Home (13 January 2011)


The February 2011 Issue of Technology Review Shows Most Everyone Else How to Write Good Lay Medical Science — the Human Genome, Cancer, and the Revolution in Genomic Mechanics(11 January 2011)


Kathleen Parker on Professor Alan Gribben — Is She Sanity’s Voice against “Illiterates” Who Would Alter Mark Twain’s Words? (08 January 2011)


Reviving Leadership’s Standard — Peggy Noonan on Modernity and “The King’s Speech” (09 January 2011)


Distinguishing Crazy from Sane in Science Is Often Difficult — Dr. Luc Montagnier and DNA “Water Memory” (08 January 2011)


Fighting over Imaginary Budget Numbers — the Anticipated Battle over ObamaCare Repeal — How Silliness Characterizes American Political Debate (07 January 2011)


Rhetorical Abstraction Is an Enemy of Sound Government (06 January 2011)


Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard and M705 Wireless Marathon Mouse — Review (05 January 2010)


Afghanistan, the Volunteer Military, and the United States’ Lost Integrity (04 January 2011)


Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson Was a Welcome Change from Wimpy Liberals (03 January 2011)





Ain’t Gonna Do What We Should, ‘til the Economic Finality Axe Chops Our Silly Heads — Why an Increased Gasoline Tax Would Boost National Security (30 December 2010)


RNA Viruses Responsible for European Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Found in other Hymenoptera, with Pollen as the Medium for Inter-Species Transmission

(29 December 2010)


Global Crop Diversity Trust to Find and Preserve Wild Relatives of Food Crops in Preparation for Climate Change (28 December 2010)


Alcohol, Impulsivity, and a Finnish Gene — Implications for Freedom of Will and Genetic Manipulation (27 December 2010)


Holiday Perspective — Mindful of Airmen, Seamen, Soldiers, and Marines in a Time of War (25 December 2010)


Fate and Probability’s Tipping Hand — Mallory and Irvine on Everest in 1924 — an 18 Millibar Drop in Barometric Pressure (23 December 2010)


A Case of “Maybe-Science” — Questions regarding a Computed “Fossil Genome” (22 December 2010)


Honeywell 5·2 Day Programmable House Thermostat Model Number RTH-6350D — Review (21 December 2010)


A Hypocrite’s Tears — Speaker Boehner’s False Allegiance to Children’s Needs (20 December 2010)


Bigamy with the Two Political Extremes — David Brooks’ Idea on How to Deal with Stalemated Polarization (17 December 2010)


Simultaneously Too Little and Too Much Regulation — a Suggested Fix from Former Virginia Governor, Now Senator Mark R. Warner

(16 December 2010)


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and the Applicability of His Ideas in the United States (14 December 2010)


Beijing’s Smile and the Demise of U.S. Competitiveness — An Economic Parable in the Making(13 December 2010)


Professor William Easterly’s Attack on Bono using John Lennon’s Halo as a Club (12 December 2010)


The Obama Tax Cut Extension Compromise as an Indication of Cultural Short-Sightedness (10 December 2010)


Piracy, Dumping the Problem on Kenya — an Example of the Developed World’s Greed

(09 December 2010)


The President’s Predecessors Must Marvel at His Political Incompetence — the Tax Cut Extension Fiasco (08 December 2010)


Boreal Biomass Burning — an Escalating Contribution to Climate Change? (07 December 2010)


Columnist Thomas Friedman’s Two-Item Graphic of What Is Wrong with the American Situation Is Something a Leadership-Oriented President Would Be Spouting at Every Opportunity (06 December 2010)


Deficit Reduction — Culturally Characteristic Fuzzy Thinking from Critics of the Bowles-Simpson Plan (06 December 2010)


I’m Supposed to Care about Charlie Rangel’s Censure, as if It Were Some Sort of Paradigmatic American Sorrow, when People Are Dying in Combat in Afghanistan? (05 December 2010)


President Wimp (03 December 2010)


From Banks Too Big To Fail to Bigger Still — another Failure of American Government (02 December 2010)


How to Recreate Dreamweaver CS4 Files on a New Computer after Your Old Computer Dies (22 November 2010)


What Will Our Children’s Kids Aspire to When They Look Up at the Night Sky? (24 November 2010)


Columnist David Brooks, an Insightful Observer, Says Deficit Reduction Is Hopeless for at Least the Medium Term — and a Comment on Spiritual Hubris (23 November 2010)


Sarah Palin Is a Political Force to Be Reckoned with — and Opposed for the Good of the Nation(23 November 2010)


Veterans Day (11 November 2010)


Pest-Resistant Genetically Modified Corn, Combined with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Regulatory Attempt to Keep it Effective, Has Worked

(10 November 2010)


Fotodiox m42 Screwmount to Sony Alpha Mount Camera Lens Adapter  Home Grinding and Drilling to Make it Function Properly (09 November 2010)


How a Society Treats Women and Girls May Be the Best Off-the-Cuff Indicator of its Ethical Worth  a Minor Rumination on the Morality of Accepting Culture or Forcing Change (08 November 2010)


Respect Where Due  Nancy Pelosi, the Competent Grown-Up Most Everyone Loves to (Pretend) to Hate (05 November 2010)


Perspective against Apathy  The Washington Post’s “Faces of the Fallen” (04 November 2010)


Agriculture’s Regional Effect on Climate  a Short and Interesting Study by Paul C. West and Colleagues

(03 November 2010)


The New Afghanistan Plan, Negotiating with the Taliban  Just How Successful Will that Be?

(02 November 2010)


Atomic Optical Clocks Demonstrate Slowing and Speeding of Time per Relative Speed or Proximity to Mass (01 November 2010)


The First Bookless, Fully Electronic Library

(30 October 2010)


Danno and Pontiac, Both Gone  Reminders of an Era that Was Sometimes (for Some People) More Fun than this One (29 October 2010)


Racially Motivated Unlawful Detention (Stop-and-Frisk) Allegedly Continue in New York City Law Enforcement (26 October 2010)


United States Drops Out of the Top 20 Least Corrupt Places to Live and Work (26 October 2010)


Becoming Artisans, Is that a Way to National Economic Hopefulness?  Probably Not (24 October 2010)


Pharmaceutical Testing and Its Placebos  Even the Most Basic Utilitarian and Scientific Principles Are Often Ignored (23 October 2010)


In Memoriam for All Who Have Fallen  Army Ranger Sgt. First Class Lance Vogeler  Killed on His Twelfth Deployment (23 October 2010)


Behind the Shouting Decay that Marks American Politics, Science Still Has its Hope-Inspiring Triumphs  the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe

(21 October 2010)


Financial Institutions Stole Americans’ Money, Created the Foreclosure Crisis, and Clouded Title to Real Estate  How’s that for Plutocracy in Action?

(22 October 2010)


Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) Are Still Not Adequately Protecting Patients (21 October 2010)


Political Anger for Its Own Sake Does Not Solve Anything  It Shuts Down the Mind, Making Constructive Change Difficult (21 October 2010)


Even Former Ambassadors Can Think in Surprisingly Flawed Terms  Former Bush Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad Wants to Invade Pakistan to Improve the Situation in Afghanistan (19 October 2010)


Gandhi’s Crew, A Morality Play for Our Times  the Great Person Theory of Leadership Ignores the Other Critically Important People Who Made It Work

(19 October 2010)


President Obama’s Introverted Equilibrium Probably Tripped Him Up, when He Failed to Recognize the Importance of Job Creation for Mid-Term Election Success (19 October 2010)


As the United States Continues Its Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, China’s Government Monopolized the Rare Earths Production Necessary to American Economic and Military Survival(18 October 2010)


Oral Bisphosphonates Used Long-Term Increase Risk of Esophageal Cancer, but Absolute Risk Remains Small  an Illustration of the Need to Evaluate Absolute as Well as Relative Risk

(16 October 2010)


Switzerland Versus the United States, an Interesting Difference in Perspectives regarding Democracy and Investment in Transportation Infrastructure

(15 October 2010)


War Breeds War Crimes by its Nature  but High-Ranking Rogue Leadership and a Non-Functioning Chain of Supervisory Command Should Not Contribute to Them (14 October 2010)


A Hopeful Education and Cultural Experiment in Oman Is Not Transferable to Afghanistan  A Conservative View (14 October 2010)


Inertia in Medicine Sometimes Defies Common Sense  Unnecessary Cancer Screenings in Advanced Cancer Patients (13 October 2010)


Turning the Military’s Dead into Political Ploys at Arlington National Cemetery  Can We Get any More Morally Revolting? (12 October 2010)


Climate Science Complexities Overwhelm Our Current Ability to Accurately Predict the Consequences of Global Warming  that Means We Have to Think More Realistically about a Package of Solutions

(12 October 2010)


Ryan Lizza’s New Yorker Article Reveals Details about the Death of the Energy Bill in the Senate  an Exercise in Dysfunctional Government and Failed Presidential Leadership (11 October 2010)


A Step Forward in Identifying the Causes of Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder  and a Statement regarding Why Science Is Important (10 October 2010)


Senator Susan Collins Wrote a Moderate Essay that Mostly Misses the Point, but Includes a Comment from George Washington that Hits It between the Eyes

(10 October 2010)


Another Step in the New American Way to Self-Destruction  New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Cancelled the Much Needed Hudson River Tunnel

(08 October 2010)


Green Energy Substitution Is Not a Realistic Solution to Carbon Emissions in the Short and Medium Terms  Our Planning Needs to More Realistic

(07 October 2010)


It Is Hard to Stay Credible if One’s Behavior Is Not Credible  The Obama Administration Continued to Shoot Itself in the Foot during BP’s Gulf of Mexico Oil Gusher (06 October 2010)


If Americans Could Vote for Underfunded, Centrist, Anti-Plutocratic Third Party Candidates Would They? (06 October 2010)


House Minority Leader John Boehner  A Shining Example of Plutocracy Running Government

(05 October 2010)


Nuclear Waste Disposal Continues to Plague the United States  Does No One Have Persuasive Common Sense? (01 October 2010)


Charles Krauthammer’s Conservative Political Criticism of the Commander in Chief Parallels My Centrist One  The President Has Put Himself in an Untenable Strategic Position at the Expense of Other People’s Lives (01 October 2010)


The American Political and Economic Situations Are Bad  Even Columnist Thomas Friedman Is No Longer Temperate about Them (29 September 2010)


Congress’ Inability to Govern Is Illustrated by Stephen Colbert’s Invited House of Representatives Appearance regarding Migrant Farm Workers

(29 September 2010)


Challenging China’s Back-Door Protectionism May Be Necessary as the Lesser of Evils

(27 September 2010)


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