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How does this work? — protect the borders, but don't pay the Coast Guard? (27 December 2018)


So much for adoring the Baby in the Manger — an observation about fake Christianity (26 December 2018)


President Trump poked the Deep State — and OMG the world is ending (so they say) (22 December 2018)


Conflicts of financial interest — skated (again) past several medical journals (20 December 2018)


Government by innuendo in the United States (18 December 2018)


A quote from Congressman Collin Peterson — well expresses the United States' characteristic lack of knowledge and conscience (14 December 2018)


The Zionist conspiracy in Congress (13 December 2018)


Gosh, that was revealing — yesterday's Trump, Pelosi and Schumer — puppet-people show (12 December 2018)


D Watkins — about the Washington Redskins and Colin Kaepernick (10 December 2018)


Let's start a war with China? — Canada, under American direction — provocatively arrested Huawei's Meng Wanzhou for no good reason (07 December 2018)


President 41 passes — and the propaganda machine hits high gear again (05 December 2018)


There are people who matter to us personally — even though we never meet — Paul Sherwen was one (04 December 2018)


Is the monster you spawn — a whole lot worse than mine? (30 November 2018)


Climate hysteria and President Trump's irritation with General Motors — indicative of the "bin"(28 November 2018)


The stock market goes up — when American workers lose (27 November 2018)


Even when the President is factually correct — the Establishment's Lamestream will not credit him — consider Trump's obviously true comments about the Ninth Circuit (23 November 2018)


Fat Cats rushed to speaker-to-be Pelosi's rescue — demonstrating, again, who owns the Fake Opposition (22 November 2018)


Democracy does not work — consider Dancing with the Stars' latest winner (20 November 2018)


Air-headed capitalism — eagerly feeds President Trump's genius for attention getting — what could be happier? (19 November 2018)


Yeah, that Nancy Pelosi — the anti-progressive Fat Cat (17 November 2018)


Stripping the United States' rosy glasses — Professor Hamid Dabashi made a strong case against the alleged niceness of the "American soul" (16 November 2018)


The Republican Party of the Anti-Christ — enjoys gnawing on the bloody guts — of slaughtered Yemeni children (14 November 2018)


Who cares, when it ain't us? — Americans and climate warming (13 November 2018)


We will stop, but we won't? — US hypocrisy in Yemen continues (12 November 2018)


After gaining control of the US House of Representatives — expect another tide of Democratic Party nonsense (08 November 2018)


The vacuity of American culture was on display — during our 2018 mid-term elections (07 November 2018)


Darting through congestion — outside a Texas polling place — a game of masks? (05 November 2018)


The American Netanyahu in Chief — thinks that rocks are guns (02 November 2018)


Is a 911 street address — a fair-minded measure of voting legitimacy? (31 October 2018)


Is this what Star-Spangled Banner was about? — stopping an "immigrant caravan"?(30 October 2018)


Professor Verlan Lewis recently injected definitional sense — into American politics (29 October 2018)


Regarding the coming 2018 US midterm election — two dueling essays — for and against lesser evil voting (26 October 2018)


Stephen Hawking, Brief Answers to the Big Questions (2018) — a book review (24 October 2018)


Let's have a nuclear war — wouldn't that be great? (22 October 2018)


Zionist Israel's happy puppet (19 October 2018)


Ridiculous theater — the American response to the Saudis' presumed murder of Jamal Khashoggi (18 October 2018)


Diversionary American identity politics — "White Pocahontas" Warren — the Emperor of Orange — and the Cherokee Nation (16 October 2018)


American morality is exclusively defined by money — indicates President Trump (11 October 2018)


Global warming — when the low bar showed no chance at all of being achieved —the UN enthusiastically raised it (09 October 2018)


All three branches of American Government are now in Plutocracy's hands (08 October 2018)


The FBI — cringing handmaiden to the American Emperor? (05 October 2018)


Bruce Levine, Resisting Illegitimate Authority (2018) — a book review (03 October 2018)


A reasonable question from Paul Craig Roberts — about American values and Yemen (01 October 2018)


A coincidental contrast between parasitism and honorably borne duty — the US Senate "versus" Anthonius Gunawan Agung (30 September 2018)


In your nasty face — a parable from the Ford-Kavanaugh Senate bout (29 September 2018)


Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard deserved better than he got — deadly American stone-headedness continues in Afghanistan (27 September 2018)


America First-ism looks like it is backfiring — consider two manifestations of our anti-China tariffs (26 September 2018)


The latest in expressions of Zionist philosophy (25 September 2018)


Google is (reportedly) planning to assist China with censorship — so scientist Jack Poulson quit — few other employees had the spine (21 September 2018)


Death of a powder blue gourami fish — and theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder's essay — on feeling "done here" (19 September 2018)


Andrei Martyanov, Losing Military Supremacy (2018) — a book review (18 September 2018)


CaribSea aragonite special grade reef sand — aquarium substrate — a review (17 September 2018)


AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - automatic (aquarium) water top off system — an interim review(16 September 2018

Senator Feinstein's BS attack on Judge Kavanaugh (15 September 2018)


Smearing the victim — that's just ordinary American police procedure — ain't it? (14 September 2018)


Why would it make sense to talk to reporter Bob Woodward? (13 September 2018)


Guy Mettan, Creating Russophobia (2017) — a book review (12 September 2018)


The United States' plague of murder-prone police — an example from the "wrong" Dallas apartment (11 September 2018)


Lies about employment gains — if good news is missing — we just make it up (09 September 2018)


Was the anonymous New York Times anti-Trump piece a fraud? (08 September 2018)


Was my profiling of suspected "Adam Henry" Judge Kavanaugh correct? — you bet'cha (07 September 2018)


Weasels in the Trump Administration are openly sabotaging his administration — blabbing to the press about it — and evidently considering their self-serving behavior courageous (06 September 2018)


Do Judge Brett Kavanaugh's appearance and behavior — signal a core-nasty person? (05 September 2018)


AquaticLife dual lamp T5 HO Marquis — freshwater aquarium light fixture — a review (04 September 2018)


Senator McCain is lying in state at the US capitol — what a statement that makes (01 September 2018)


The sanctification of Senator John McCain — an exercise in American propaganda (31 August 2018)


The Empire of Hypocrisy (the United States) — dropped its pants in Cuba (30 August 2018)


A rare instance in which — authors' credentials may significantly matter — a book about humanity's supposedly declining intelligence (29 August 2018)


Why "leftists" get no respect — no political self-discipline — for example, Justin Raimondo attacked Caitlin Johnstone over BS (28 August 2018)


Capitalism, greed — and Google's return to China (27 August 2018)


Svetlana Alexievich, Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets (2016) — an abbreviated book review (24 August 2018)


Confirmation bias — as historian Lawrence Davidson explained it (regarding journalism) — I see as a major source of Western democracies' suicide (23 August 2018)


Trump lawyer — Rudy Giuliani's showily manipulative intellect — demonstrates how integrity's absence is rewarded in the United States (21 August 2018)


Should the Catholic church be banned — as an organization that churns out sex criminals? — Am I serious? (20 August 2018)


A metaphor for happy self-destruction — this time from the great State of Louisiana (18 August 2018)


Brennan gets Trump's security axe — and almost nobody — is asking the two most fundamental questions (16 August 2018)


Chris Wright said something important — about the bullshit(ization) of American jobs (14 August 2018)


America is warmongering again — this time over the United Kingdom's Skripal poisonings (11 August 2018)


A sardonically presented video metaphor — demonstrating why humanity is incapable — of slowing its contribution to the Anthropocene's global warming (09 August 2018)


Exploiting America's warrior class — and a question about responsibility (08 August 2018)


Department of Defense thought control — keeping military minds vacuous (07 August 2018)


Ian Angus, Facing the Anthropocene: Fossil Capitalism and the Crisis of the Earth System(2016) — a book review (06 August 2018)


Demonstrating that US Democrats have not learned a thing — former President Obama endorsed 81 midterm candidates (04 August 2018)


Now the Mainstream is lamely quoting Omarosa — regarding President Trump's allegedly "gibberish" intellect (03 August 2018)


Don't bite the Oligarch who feeds you? — a cynical comment about the American future (02 August 2018)


Nazi America — drugging immigrant kids (01 Aug 2018)


Joys of insightful sarcasm — Michael McCaffrey, writing for RT (31 July 2018)


Does doom camouflage itself with Deep State illusions? (28 Jul 2018)


Trump Derangement Syndrome one day — and truth the next — regarding Stephan Richter (27 July 2018)


The value of verbal rabies? (26 July 2018)


Should it take umpteen paragraphs — to get to a usually poorly stated point? — a blurb about increasing "stupidness" (25 July 2018)


Some people reveal their douchebag-ness — in subtle ways — Senator Bernie Sanders, for instance (23 July 2018)


The maliciously partisan Deep State actor — James Clapper — laughably played his "private citizen" card (21 July 2018)


The rampaging uselessness of American government — no justice for cop-slaughtered Eric Garner — after 4 years of pretended investigation (20 July 2018)


Does today's United States mildly parallel 1930s Germany? (19 July 2018)


Trump Derangement Syndrome may be real — take Stephan Richter's suggestion — that the American President is a Russian "sleeper agent" (18 July 2018)


The mindless extent of the United States' jingoistic tribalism — shows itself in pronouncements that President Trump is "traitorous" (17 July 2018)


More BS from "special counsel" Robert Mueller — and his Deep State handlers — timed to sabotage President Trump's Putin meeting (16 July 2018)


Might toddling Donnie's — NATO poop-throwing — be of unappreciated value? (13 July 2018)


The Talented-Ass-Kiss-Model for success — US Supreme Court and military (11 July 2018)


Milkless American dicks threatened Ecuador — over breast-feeding — until "manly" Russia stepped in (10 July 2018)


Had EPA head Pruitt remained a "presentable" fascist — he could have stayed in authority (05 July 2018)


Inspiration on the Fourth of July? (04 July 2018)


America's looters — want the rest of us to act civilly (02 July 2018)


Justice Kennedy's retirement timing — an example of our "conservative" judiciary's too-characteristic dishonor (30 June 2018)


The violently thrashing, headless chicken — that is the United States — is symbolized by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's anticipated "pot bill" (28 June 2018)


Remember Trump's de facto intelligence test? — he failed the international trade part of it, as well (25 June 2018)


Trump's Space Force order — characterizes the United States' bankrupting lunacy (22 June 2018)


Ron Unz's conspiracy-suspecting conclusion about JFK's assassination is persuasive — perhaps because American government and Lamestream are today so visibly malignant (18 June 2018)


One has to abandon hope — to wake up to now — a comment regarding Professor Hamid Dabashi's insight about the United States (16 June 2018)


The American autocracy now cites the Bible to support its oppressions — the Divine Right of Kings and all that (15 June 2018)


If President Trump weren't here — wouldn't we miss him? — a comment about the cycle of destruction and creation (12 June 2018)


Forever war — Andrew Bacevich blames politicians, not generals — but I point to the System that produces both (07 June 2018)


Remembering Bobby Kennedy is irrelevant to our changed conditions — except for one thing(06 June 2018)


Is the American public broken in spirit — as clinical psychologist Bruce Levine suggests? (05 June 2018)


Scandalous Bob Menendez reportedly is up to election bat again — perfectly demonstrating the moral and intellectual vacuity of the U.S. Democratic Party (04 June 2018)


The repressive Protect and Serve Act of 2018 (03 Jun 2018)


Elizabeth Keyes on the combination of evil and American empire — parallels Svetlana Alexievich's message in her Soviet era book, Zinky Boys (31 May 2018)


Svetlana Alexievich, Zinky Boys: Soviet Voices from the Afghanistan War (1990, 1992)— a book review — in their own words (29 May 2018)


Does it take brain cancer to encourage a confession — that the Iraq War was a mistake? — a comment about redemption (28 May 2018)


Ronan Farrow, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence(2018) — a book review (24 May 2018)


The White Plutocratic Conspiracy — silences its protesting NFL slaves (23 May 2018)


US Secretary of State — Mike Pompeo — is doing his best to start a war with Iran (21 May 2018)


Second Amendment requires that kids burn up in school fires? (19 May 2018)


Gina the Torturer wins Senate confirmation to become Central Intelligence head — 54-45 — Jesus would be so proud! (18 May 2018)


Zionist Israel — and its murdering ironies (17 May 2018)


Jon Meacham, The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels (2018) — a book review(15 March 2018)


Virtually no one is defending Julian Assange's right to speak — US-sponsored thought control wins again (13 May 2018)


Looks like Gina the Torturer is going to make it through confirmation — what do you think that says about 'Murica? (10 May 2018)


President Trump just took an IQ test — of sorts (09 May 2018)


Toddler Donald stirs the "poop pot" again (08 May 2018)


In these lamentable times — we need to find humor somewhere — how about in the subject of Trotskyites? (07 May 2018)


Reporter Philip Shennon took a potshot at Cooley Law School — and missed every sensible point (05 May 2018)


Agreeing with — sometimes insufferably paleo-conservative — Pat Buchanan (04 May 2018)


Can I empathize with our embattled Toddler President — and still be considered reasonable?(03 May 2018)


Glenn Greenwald's assessment — of American journalism — and an added observation (30 April 2018)


This bicycle tire bead rolled outwards — from its proper vertical position — a note regarding unrepairability (27 April 2018)


President Trump's lack of objectivity — can be demonstrated in one deliciously layered example(26 April 2018)


When people quote Marxist Antonio Gramsci's most famous sentence — have they considered its relevance? — what sounds wise is not (25 April 2018)


Market tyranny limits choices — consider pickup trucks (24 April 2018)


Have you noticed the increasing uselessness of Google — and search engines — generally? (20 April 2018)


Peter Maass insightfully hammered — "slimeball" James Comey — with Comey's own words (18 April 2018)


Like Imperial Rome — USA versus Syria — missile strike (16 April 2018)


Is bounced-around human life like this Betta fish's? — a musing on selective randomness (14 April 2018)


Cultural oddities — consider the absence of lightweight, folding utility trailers in the United States (13 April 2018)


What a superbly concise analysis — of the American state — by Paul Edwards (12 April 2018)


Neuroscientist Bobby Azarian — pseudo-scientifically attacked the quality of Trump supporters' brains — and implicitly missed the definition of a Gaussian distribution (11 April 2018)


An institutionally questionable development — the Department of Justice goes after President Trump's attorney (10 April 2018)


Have you noticed how cheap stuff — that you once planned to replace — is still with you? (09 April 2018)


Media culture completely misses the point — regarding Mark Zuckerberg (04 April 2018)


Ecuador becomes just another US stooge — shuts off Julian Asange's Internet — If that does not scare you, it should (03 April 2018)


Dark humor — and the whimsically falling Chinese space station (02 April 2018)


Sergei Skripal spy-murder concoction — flying nukes would not be all that bad, would they?(30 March 2018)


Into the United States's pornish voyeurism — Reason magazine's Nick Gillespie injects some sense (28 March 2018)


Complacent ignorance will do us in — as surely as an executioner's bullet (27 March 2018)


Is Stormy Daniels' anti-non-disclosure strategy — more interesting than the alleged skin tingle that Donnie Little Boy Trump seeks to hide? (26 March 2018)


Have you noticed how the least governmentally competent — most soul-deficient people — rise to power in the United States? (24 March 2018)


Theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder elegantly chewed up — erroneously Hawking-attributed multiverse nonsense (23 March 2018)


Matt Taibbi's dissection of US culture — is worth a read (22 March 2018)


Another win for the butchers of children — Senate tables a resolution to end US assistance to maniacal Saudia Arabia's Yemen war (21 March 2018)


Topaz Labs Studio — and its "pro adjustments" — a short review (20 March 2018)


The angry toddler strikes again — Donnie Little Boy gnaws Andy McCabe's head off (17 March 2018)


Which comes first — flushing our lunacy-prone selves — or destroying much of the world before that last swirl? (15 March 2018)


Violence-promoting Mike Pompeo rises to head the Department of State (13 March 2018)


A nation of fascistic law? (09 March 2018)


Epson WorkForce WF-2520 — wireless all-in-one inkjet printer — a review (07 March 2018)


Representative of testosterone-cavorting American militarism — is Senator Lindsey Graham (06 March 2018)


President Trump's conflict of interest — regarding his organization's management dispute with a Panamanian hotel owner (05 March 2018)


President Putin just sent the belligerence-crazed United States a warning — will American leadership pay sensible attention? (01 March 2018)


Sera Marin Silicate Clear — a review (28 February 2018)


The Orange Mental Case and other Idiot Republican stories — Kali Holloway strikes back with common sense about the un-wisdom of arming school teachers (27 February 2018)


When things were becoming slightly less threatening for the divided Koreas — the United States intentionally worsened the situation (26 February 2018)


Militarism is a lying thing — conclusions drawn by U.S. Army Major — Danny Sjursen (23 February 2018)


Eheim Professionel 4+ — model 250 — aquarium canister filter — a review (22 February 2018)


Innovative Marine MiniMax —all-in-one "nano" aquarium reactor — medium size — a review(21 February 2018)


Murdering children — and seeing ourselves sanely (16 February 2018)


USA in a nutshell — White House Chief of Staff (John Kelly) is reportedly to go — for displaying insufficient anti-sexist outrage — while our Pussy Grabber in Chief continues to ring the dong-gong (10 February 2018)


Congress, FISA and the Nunes-Schiff memos — Constitution-defying cabals at work (08 February 2018)


American hallucinations battle on — we'll celebrate with a "yuge" parade (07 February 2018)


Douglas MacArthur's 1952 and 1957 comments about American warmongering — accurate and intentionally ignored (06 February 2018)


Rampant capitalism in the American Age — a piquant note from the 2018 Super Bowl (05 February 2018)


The US does not have a clue — what a vital national interest is — an illustrating quote from our Secretary of Homeland Security (02 February 2018)


In Trumpian times — Beelzebub's Avaricious Donkey Butts (meaning Democrats) — scuttle like mewling cockroaches (01 February 2018)


A cynic's laugh — a handful of quotes collected by Milicent Cranor (29 January 2018)


We Americans are going to 'stupid' ourselves out of existence — 54 percent of Democrats now think that George W. Bush was a good president (25 January 2018)


Andrew Malcolm's perfectly worded contempt for Congress and press (23 January 2018)


55 percent of American voters — reportedly support shutting government down — so as to increase U.S. military spending (22 January 2018)


Sera SiO3 Test — aquarium water silicates test kit — an "ergonomics" review (21 January 2018)


With approximately 40 percent voter support — the 'problem' is not President Trump — it's the United States (19 January 2018)


On MLK Jr Day 2018 — an observation about "the arc of the moral universe" (15 January 2018)


The great "shithole" lamentation — liberals avoiding work (13 January 2018)


Planning to survive climate warming 'doom' — is probably more effective than trying to persuade people to (large scale) decarbonize (11 January 2018)


President Trump's whiny critics underestimate his successes — so, who's the dumb one — Trump or each of them? (10 January 2018)


Cliven Bundy walks — while Feds lick self-inflicted legal wounds (09 January 2018)


Thomas J. Brennan and Finbarr O'Reilly, Shooting Ghosts (2017) — a review (08 January 2018)


Fluval GravelVac 11081 aquarium substrate cleaner — and Python small Pro-Clean with optional "Squeeze" bulb — a review (04 January 2018)


Physicist Michio Kaku — erroneously equated Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to proof that free will ("in some sense") exists (02 January 2018)




Cardinals in brush — a parable? (31 December 2017)



Irvin Yalom, Becoming Myself: A Psychiatrist's Memoir (2017) — a short review (28 December 2017)



AI developer Jürgen Schmidhuber — exemplifies why Elon Musk is worried about artificial intelligence's too-random development (21 December 2017)


Our schoolboy-earnest national security advisor — H. R. McMaster's — lack of proportionate strategic sense (20 December 2017)


Another go-round of falsely based confidence for Democrats? —Senator-elect Jones' squeak-by win in Alabama (18 December 2017)


US policy institutionalizes rank stupidity — the Trump Administration's attack on — the Centers for Disease Control's ability to communicate science (16 December 2017)


The escalated American Brainwashing Program begins — courtesy of corporate lackeys at the FCC (15 December 2017)


HM TDS-3 — handheld "total dissolved solids" aquarium meter — thermometer function review (14 December 2017)


Gwen Stefani's questionable "Christmas" Special — a micro review (13 December 2017)


An amusing bit of political manipulation — by former President Obama — as interpreted by former CIA officer, John Kiriakou (12 December 2017)


Daniel Larison described the monkeys in the American wheelhouse (11 December 2017)


Conyers, Franken, Moore and Trump (07 December 2017)


The betta fish conspiracy — if we cannot laugh at ourselves, who are we going to giggle at? (05 December 2017)


Senate's "cain't-read-cain't-think" tax bill — that don't matter none, do it? (03 December 2017)


Is hypocrisy Western civilization's most distinguishing characteristic? — war criminal Slobodan Praljak departs with defiant dignity (30 November 2017)


General Nicholson's optimistic speech — about Afghanistan — Haven't we heard this thoroughly disproven nonsense before? (29 November 2017)


Nitwit jailers at Guantánamo Bay? — now art is evil (28 November 2017)


Is American leadership brain dead— or is it something else? (27 November 2017)


The FCC's attack on net neutrality — "Agitating Ajit" romps with Goebbels (24 November 2017)


Molesting kids is okay, if you belong to the Party of the Anti-Christ (20 November 2017)


Zombie McCarthyism is trashing American values (16 November 2017)


The U.S. House of Representatives — concealed its cowardice (regarding stopping American war crimes in Yemen) — underneath a layer of sanctimonious hypocrisy (15 November 2017)


Common sense eludes the United States' Transportation Security Administration (TSA) (13 November 2017)


Christoph Scheuermann's Der Spiegel review of President Trump's first year in office — is the most astutely concise that I've read (10 November 2017)


"This isn't a guns situation" — said President Trump — even though unremitting massacres of the American kind do not happen anywhere else (06 November 2017)


President Trump shot off his mouth about the Bergdahl desertion sentence — again blatantly subverting his own chain of command (05 November 2017)


Stupidity (apparently) is a virtue in the United States (03 November 2017)


Scuttling the chance to stop — the US contribution to strategically purposeless war in Yemen (02 November 2017)


Germany integrates outdoor activity into its lifestyle more than the United States does — walking paths go everywhere (01 November 2017)


What do you do with an American public — that does not care about its perpetually senseless wars?(27 October 2017)


Censorship for your own good — Twitter versus RT and Sputnik (26 October 2017)


The United States Military Academy's moral and strategic cluelessness — was aptly illustrated with its recent Thayer Award — made to former President George W. Bush (25 October 2017)


A contrast in effectiveness — Xi Jinping's China versus Trump's United States (24 October 2017)


Regarding the Trump Administration's shortcomings — what high ground do former Presidents Bush II and Obama have to speak from? (23 October 2017)


Can sheep ever become more than just fodder for wolves? — and not tangentially, U.S. Special Forces in Niger (19 October 2017)


Do you know anyone (at all) — who would better off just pretending to be mute? — Well, consider the American president (18 October 2017)


How did President Trump make it off childhood's playground — without someone stomping the bully blowhard out of him? (17 October 2017)


Stephan Ricther's German perspective — regarding American societal dysfunction — is it overblown?(15 October 2017)


A viciously tiny mind? — President Trump's ego-driven assault on ObamaCare (13 October 2017)


Paul Street's succinct summary of Barack Obama — delivered in his well-grounded review of David Garrow's biography of the former president (12 October 2017)


Does genius President Trump have a learning disability? (11 October 2017)


Mathematician Cathy O'Neil's humanely skeptical mind — is worth reading (10 October 2017)


"Antibiotic apocalypse" — of course — but who cares, when there's money to be made ignoring it?(09 October 2017)


GrumpyWithoutCoffee said — "Moronism . . . is one of the central pillars of the GOP and of conservative identity" — Is that fair? (06 October 2017)


Abby Zimet's profanely pointed response to the Las Vegas slaughter — and Eric Benét's companion lance into our white-favoring eye (05 October 2017)


Are the Second Amendment's piles of corpses — the necessary price of Liberty? (04 October 2017)


Michael Che's gratifying response to President Trump's Puerto Rico bigotry — and —what's wrong with Secretary of State Tillerson? (03 October 2017)


President Trump's genius — for modeling the Ugly American — deserves respect of some kind (02 October 2017)


Paul Craig Roberts' insightful point — about reflexively anti-Kapernick Americans — and the potential beginnings of World War III (29 September 2017)


Senator Lindsey Graham admits — that his passion for the Graham-Cassidy health-murder bill was based on ignorance — and now he laughs about it — WTF? (28 September 2017)


H. L. Mencken's early 20th century observation about radical patriotism — rebuts President Trump's bigoted posturing (27 September 2017)


Thule ProRide 591 (and presumably 598) — car top bicycle carriers — a brief review and caveat (26 September 2017)


U.S. Senators eagerly evade — the Constitution's assignment of Congressional war-making responsibility (25 September 2017)


Hoist V5 vertical home gym — solo assembly tips — a 'how to' review — intended for PCSing military members (23 September 2017)


Both American political parties are enemies of ordinary people — but Republicans win the Plutocrats' Prize for robbing the nation's soul — consider the Graham-Cassidy health care bill (21 September 2017)


A majority of Americans reportedly favor war with North Korea (if we don't get our way) — a combat where somebody else dies, of course (20 September 2017)


In memoriam — Ryan Shefferly (10 September 2017)


Activist Paul Street is not impressed with the American public's apathy (08 September 2017)


Home Depot Husky steel garage shelving unit — 77 in (wide) x 78 in (high) x 24 in (deep) — a review (07 September 2017)


Bye to my "like a kid again" bike (06 September 2017)


Gear Up OakRak — model 20095— floor to ceiling bicycle storage rack — a review (05 September 2017)


White House chief of staff — former general John Kelly reportedly did not like President Trump's treatment of him — did he think he was special? (02 September 2017)


Is Matt Taibbi's perspective on the Lamestream insightful? (31 August 2017)


Floods — subsidizing Government's "no rules" fools — as well as the people who buy their votes (29 August 2017)


Blaine Harden, The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot (2015) — a book review (27 August 2017)


Why do something about problems that will eventually kill us — when it is more fun making cutting judgments about other people? (25 August 2017)


Two lines summarizing American foreign policy — an Afghani speaks (23 August 2017)


Arnold Schwarzenegger on hate — drubbing the last few American presidents with an example of how to lead (22 August 2017)


Is Jeffrey St. Clair right — when he writes that President Trump is "middlebrow" America's mirror?(21 August 2017)


Killing voter fraud with banana republicans (19 August 2017)


I recommend two short essays — about entrenched US racism (17 August 2017)


The star-spangled monkey house — where toxicity is considered sweet (15 August 2017)


Can American democracy be saved? — Andrew Bacevich suspects so — but I doubt it (11 August 2017)


Blabbermouths in charge — bellicose President Trump and North Korea (10 Aug 2017)


The problem with American generals — captured by Lucian Truscott (03 August 2017)


Jim Hightower's "end user license agreement" example — supports Chris Hedges' "Dance of Death" analysis (02 August 2017)


In today's culture — insightful perspective sounds lunatic — a sample from Chris Hedges (31 July 2017)


In the conflict between narcissists — does it matter who wins? (29 July 2017)


Congress wants to felonize free speech — that is directed against Israel's oppressive treatment of Palestinians (28 July 2017)


With regard to military transgender policy — the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff essentially told the President that — our military colossus does not turn on Anyone's whimsically delivered dime (27 July 2017)


Speaking of idiotic military writing — consider the Army War College's strategic risk report: At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World (26 July 2017)


The fun that our President provides us — a "not serious" nation amused (22 July 2017)


The cancer battle metaphor — symbolizes American culture's basic denial (21 July 2017)


The "Gateway to the Air Force" — doesn't seem like much of one (20 July 2017)


San Antonio house hunting — planet Earth, what's that? (19 July 2017)


Con man America — Neal Gabler's view has bite (14 July 2017)


Too high modern American pickup truck beds — and the statement that makes about silly fashions(09 July 2017)


Good manners hide all sorts of evils — Margaret Kimberley's comparative assessment of the Trump presidency (06 July 2017)


German windows and shutters are better than most American designs (05 July 2017)


Good weather made for an inspiring overflight view of southern tip Greenland (04 July 2017)


Straggling buyers crept back, long after the "thrift" sale was over — another ramification of Clutter Rat Disease (04 July 2017)


President Trump's de facto "kill Muslims" policy? (03 July 2017)


Clutter rats and their stuff — when dying comes (02 July 2017)


Unfriendly unhelpfulness at the American border — is this policy? (01 July 2017)


Seeing the forest — run amuck American Special Operations deployments (26 June 2017)


Vlad's bitch — if Russian meddling in the United States' 2016 election were so important, why haven't our intelligence and law enforcement investigations wrapped up their investigations by now?(25 June 2017)


The Democratic Party's losing Jon Ossoff effort — in Georgia's 6th US House District election — highlights the Party's missing common sense (22 June 2017)


Liberal illogic? — Mother Jones attacked Energy Secretary Rick Perry in a discombobulated way — with silly opponents like these, Trumpists have nothing to worry about (21 June 2017)


One reflection of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the American presidency – is delegation of the Commander in Chief's most basic responsibility (20 June 2017)


Don’t count on it – lost in Frankfurt (19 June 2017)


Lack of realistic honesty in American leadership — the unfortunately representative James Mattis(14 June 2017)


Cultural standards and Whiny-Boy Comey (13 June 2017)


Qatar — Russia calls for peace and dialog — while the US arguably herds everyone toward more war(12 June 2017)


The Spy Clan has taken over — James Comey slimed Attorney General Sessions — without providing any proof (09 June 21)


Splattered coffee and an Apple Magic Keyboard — a low percentage "how to fix" (08 June 2017)


The United States' chosen role — seems to be to unsettle the world — the Qatar example — a provocative observation (06 June 2017)


Rescued books and disseminated ideas —  a serendipitous illustration of the value of sorting real and metaphorical trash — Jose Alberto Guttierrez, Antonio Gramsci and Chris Hedges (05 June 2017)


The ridiculous uproar over comedian Kathy Griffin's beheaded Trump shenanigan — and the equally idiotic tumult over President Trump's "covfefe" error (03 June 2017)


The American Secretary of Homeland Security — defined treason by way of inapplicable example — demonstrating (again) how autocratically inclined American leadership is (02 June 2017)


Irrelevant Hillary Clinton is still in the news — demonstrating the Lamestream's domineering uselessness — AKA the Goebbels framework

(01 June 2017)


Birkenau's hidden parable (31 May 2017)


Mad Dog Mattis' representative line of American Macho — may explain why the US has not strategically won a major war during his lifetime (30 May 2017)


Gargantuan US-Saudi arms agreement — symbolizes American values (26 May 2017)


Trump's proposed pillaging budget perfectly describes him (25 May 2017)


John Brennan casually smeared the Trump Administration— without providing any evidence — yet no eyebrows were raised at his arguably dishonorable grandstanding (24 May 2017)


Phonak Audéo B versus Starkey Muse — CROS type hearing aids for single-sided deafness — a review (13 May 2017)


US lapdogs — Sweden embarrassed itself with 7 years of made-up Julian Assange accusations — while the United Kingdom kept compliant goosestep (22 May 2017)


Deutsche Telekom Speedport W 724v ("typ" A) — wireless telephone and Internet router — a review (21 May 2017)


Andrew Bacevich's 24 questions — expose U.S. strategy hallucinations (19 May 2017)


Coleman QuickPump 120v versus Embark 120v — air mattress inflating pumps — a review (18 May 2017)


Deep State agent — Jim Clapper — called the Trump kettle black (17 May 2016)


The latest Lamestream-Deep State stupidities — attack the inferred Trump-Comey conversation recordings (13 May 2017)


Trump fires Comey and suddenly becomes the Stalin-Devil — does that make sense? (12 May 2017)


Did former FBI Director Comey's ego — play Russian roulette too long? — a fractured metaphor (10 May 2017)


Clever Sally Yates toileted Senator "Turdish Ted" Cruz (09 May 2017)


Is Chris Hedges right? — Do "societies that kill their cultures kill themselves"? (08 May 2017)


Proto-totalitarian FBI Director James Comey is at it again — for our own good, of course (07 May 2017)


Peter Van Buren, Hooper's War: A Novel of WWII Japan (Luminis Books, 2017) — a book review (04 May 2017)


If it's a secret, it can't hurt you — (until it does) — US government's underhandedness regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline (03 May 2017)


Chris Hedges essay about the American Nero — and Noam Chomsky's comment about the Republican Party — are they accurate? (01 May 2017)


The United Nations chose Saudi Arabia to advance women's rights — even Cynical Me is left groping for words (26 April 2017)


In an Amazonian (online) book world — the merit of thoughtfully negative book reviews (25 April 2017)


Andrew Napolitano just published — a powerfully accurate libertarian indictment of the United States' failed democracy — but is his implied cure workable? (22 April 2017)


CIA Director Pompeo takes on the whistleblowing Swede — while Georgia illegally tries to keep people from voting — and Papa Bear O'Reilly wanders off $25 million richer after reportedly harassing women for years — Ain't America grand? (21 April 2017)


"Mother of all bombs" drops in Afghanistan — purpose-defeating American disproportion on display again (18 April 2017)


Logic and Professor Theodore Postol appear to have demonstrated that — the Trump Administration probably lied — about who carried out the alleged Syrian gas attack (17 April 2017)


Russian Minister Lavrov's explanation — for why the United States has doomed itself (14 April 2017)


The Military Industrial Complex — bends American presidents to its will — President Trump's easy conversion to policy opposites (13 April 2017)


Did Secretary Mattis fall from grace on the Syrian question? (12 April 2017)


Creating circumstances for another world war? (11 April 2017)


You think Putin is bad? — President Trump's arguably righteous, but illegal Syrian missile strike (10 April 2017)


Cowboy up and lob a few missiles? (07 April 2017)


America's war-pounding chest thumpers — too cowardly to serve in the nonsensical wars they start(06 April 2017)


A geezer's smile — hardtailing down a steepish hill in Germany (05 April 2017)


The United States' lunacy display — Comey, Gazprom and Putin's Trump puppet (04 April 2017)


Military thoughtlessness in 4-star charge? (31 March 2017)


Getting rid of photo equipment clutter (29 March 2017)


Self-immolation — American style (27 March 2017)


Did Evil Turtle Man fall victim to visual propaganda? (07 March 2017)


President Trump's sometimes silly unpredictability may make him tedious (06 March 2017)


America's mantra — let's get worked up about pretend stuff — and ignore the things that really could bring us down (05 March 2017)


What a joke — former President Obama will receive the Kennedy Library's Profile in Courage award(03 March 2017)


Does sheer stupidity's carelessness get you down? — Searching for Marcus Aurelius in a world of fools (02 March 2017)


When propaganda bites our butts — President Trump's sometimes too big lies (01 March 2017)


America's Brown Shirts are loose now — "What religion are you?" (28 February 2017)


Economist Richard Wolff's short video description — of the most fundamental difference between Capitalism and Socialism — is worth looking at — even for those who think themselves economically knowledgeable (23 February 2017)


Professor Michael Glennon and I — have concluded that — American democracy is just about dead(21 February 2017)


The Deep State took Mike Flynn down — how can that be a good thing? (19 February 2017)


The Soviet tsar and Crazy Man Flynn — an exercise in manufactured delusion (16 February 2017)


Imbecile America? — consider the Oroville Dam situation — and what led up to it (14 February 2017)


Hysterical climate headlines — like the one below — do greenhouse gas reduction efforts no good(13 February 2017)


The American "Rabble" wavers regarding democracy (12 February 2017)


Is it possible to commit treason against Liberty — by lying all the time? (10 February 2017)


The contemptible spectacle presented by the U.S. Senate — it BS censured Elizabeth Warren (09 February 2017)


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Gerbing 7 volt battery-operated — back wrap and kidney warming belt — a review — aimed at mountain bikers with cool season and winter lumbar spine problems (03 February 2017)


Serial killing children — is this the American Way now? (01 February 2017)


After setting the Middle East afire — the United States now bans its refugees — How's that for courageous Americanism? (28 January 2017)


Discrediting American democracy — even in the rare instances when it works — President Trump took unwarranted credit for dumping the TPP (27 January 2017)


President Trump's self-defeating voter fraud delusion — "I really won 'cause them-all cheated" (25 January 2017)


President Trump's widely attacked moral flaws — are not the main problem (23 January 2017)


Such a casual disregard for Fourth Amendment privacy — Attorney General Lynch spreads the NSA's spy data far and wide (20 January 2017)


Has the United States' 2-party political structure — institutionalized exploitation and national insanity? (19 January 2017)


Honoring Martin Luther King Jr effectively — requires acting on a paragraph from Chris Hedges (18 January 2017)


The belligerent nutcases and rank amateurs at the American helm — evidently want to start a 2-front nuclear war (16 January 2017)


A pertinent quotation from philosopher David Hume — translated: we arguably choose to wallow in sewer-like times (13 January 2017)


Glenn Greenwald "streams" a little seriousness — into the Golden Showers Affair (12 January 2017)


American politics — herds of brainlessly stampeding beasts (11 January 2017)


Peter van Buren summarized — the American Deep State's attack on President-elect Trump (10 January 2017)


When you think about it — isn't strange that a US president is not vetted for the job? (09 January 2017)


The DNI Russia hacking report — is a symbolic manifestation — of the Obama Administration's frequently incompetent uselessness (07 January 2017)


Group thinking our mindless way to yet another war — this time with Russia (06 January 2017)


Senator Mitch McConnell conveniently nuances his obstructionism (05 January 2017)


A tweet from Da Boss — and ethics-flouting House Republicans "cockroach" for cover (04 January 2017)


On just the second day of 2017 — House Republicans enthusiastically shouted their affection for moral baseness (03 January 2017)





Masterfully done times two— Tsar Putin (31 December 2016)


Power and ego warp judgment — President Obama's belated temper tantrums with Israel and Russia (29 December 2016)


A heating pad may help noticeably — with pain management due to rib cage fractures, related cartilage damage and minor muscle tears — but be careful (22 December 2016)


The Obama Administration dithers again — while China rubs our nose in impotence (21 December 2016)


Lucky to ride away — a thought on mountain biking among the elderly — and on the concept of "against medical advice" (20 December 2016)


China seized an American water drone — an arguable act of war — and the American Mainstream kept yapping about relatively trivial Russian antics (19 December 2016)


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A fake American embassy in Ghana survived 9 years despite ubiquitous U.S. snooping (06 November 2016)


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Endurance and fragmented shards — old friends (16 November 2016)


One good thing — President Obama gave up on lame-ducking the Trans Pacific Partnership (14 November 2016)


Christopher Achen and Larry Bartels, Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government (2016) — a mini book review (09 November 2016)


Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone (2006) — a micro book review (03 November 2016)


The farce that the United States had become — Hillary, Comey and the Trumpster fire (01 November 2016)


A typically American foreign policy non sequitur in Afghanistan (26 October 2016)


Rosa Brooks, How Everything became War and the Military became Everything: Tales from the Pentagon (2016) — a book review (25 October 2016)


The World Medical Association — just installed an allegedly egregiously corrupt president — business as usual, we can infer (21 October 2016)


Nikolai Obryn'Ba, Red Partisan: The Memoir of a Soviet Resistance Fighter on the Eastern Front (2007) — a book review (19 October 2016)


US blew up Yemeni radar for no reason, it seems — with not a peep from the American public or its lame-brained media (18 October 2016)


Farm antibiotics — if we leave it to corporations and government bureaucracies — we'll all become bacteria bait (17 October 2016)


Republican Party paradox — Mike Pence has become the sort of smooth political liar — that Trump supporters say they despise (14 October 2016)


Eric Schlosser, Command and Control (2013) —  perhaps best seen as an aid to thinking about leadership — a mini book review (13 October 2016)


Liars as far as the eye can see? — the view from Realists' Corner (12 October 2016)


American fingerprints on Saudi war crimes (11 October 2016)


John Marciano, The American War in Vietnam: Crime or Commemoration? (2016) — a book review (08 October 2016)


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Nut house conspiracy theories — Professor Hamid Dabashi makes an observation — about the 2016 United States election (26 September 2016)


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America's elites strike with their tsunami-like stupidity again — consider the new SAT's discriminatory flavor

(23 September 2016)


A doubtfully intact American chain of command — Secretary of State John Kerry trying to pick up the pieces at the United Nations (22 September 2016)


The Washington Post substitutes government propagandizing for journalism (20 September 2016)


U.S. mistakenly attacked Syrian troops — right after coming to a cease fire agreement — a comment regarding America's mixed messages (19 September 2016)


Flat versus clipless pedals — an older mountain biker's experience — Chromag Scarab flat pedals — a short review (17 September 2016)


There is no inalienable right to destroy society for profit — a comment regarding corporate tax evasion (15 September 2016)


A deal for increasing American arms aid to Israel —and other lessons in short-sighted hypocrisy (14 September 2016)


United States is careless — in tracking deaths due to bacterial antibiotic resistance — a Reuters investigative report (13 September 2016)


We humans are good at missing the point — for example, CIA Director John Brennan and NFL Countdown's Trent Dilfer (12 September 2016)


Resilient people generally do not dwell on past trauma — a reflection on our reflexive commemorations of 9/11 (11 September 2016)


Five Ten Freerider — flat pedal all mountain bike shoe — a short review(09 Sept 2016)


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Two recommended essays — focus on America's celebration of our inability to think (03 September 2016)


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Colin Kaepernick made a good point about racial oppression — predictably, unthinking people piled onto him (30 August 2016)


Circumstances have a way of demonstrating moral absurdity (29 August 2016)


Deity Topsoil mountain bike handlebar — a mini review (26 August 2016)


The way it always goes — Aaron Gordon's thoughtful comment about the Rio Olympics (23 August 2016)


Huff, puff — and invent more things to be afraid of — Eli Stokols (for example) gasped — "What if Trump won't accept defeat?" (22 August 2016)


Dazed Syrian boy — and the American war machine (20 August 2016)

Logitech wireless mouse M305 — M310 and M705 — a mini review for left handed people (18 August 2016)


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Regarding the Establishment's hysterical handling of Donald Trump — a comment about Democracy's workability limits (10 August 2016)


Does sacrifice in pursuit of strategic stupidity make sense? — Regarding Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention(02 August 2016)


Implications for the American Fourth Amendment — a terrorist under French house arrest — murdered Father Jacques Hamel at mass in Normandy, France (27 July 2016)


Yesterday, Bernie Sanders coddled “crooked” Hillary Clinton — and Oligarchy goose stepped on (26 July 2016)


How to replace the front side marker bulb — in a 2010 Subaru Outback(22 July 2016)


MacDaddy Mac Backup Guru — bootable cloning software for Apple Mac computers — a review (20 July 2016)


Passings orient us (18 July 2016)


Henry Marsh, Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery(2014) — a book review (15 July 2016)


US arms dealing and economy — rely on American conflict escalation(14 July 2016)


The All Lives Matter movement — and other murderous stupidities from the White Establishment — Jonathan Bachman’s Reuters photograph sums the American condition (11 July 2016)


Regarding FBI Director Comey’s assessment of — Hillary Clinton’s email carelessness (07 July 2016)


Propagandized drone strike data — President Obama’s Drone Murder Waltz (06 July 2016)


Das Keyboard Model S Professional — for Apple Mac computers — a review (02 July 2016)


Unintended dark humor — 31 scientific associations sent a letter to Congress — about climate change (01 July 2016)



Amazon apparently games its affiliated bookseller ratings — this conceals unhappy transactions after refunds have been made (30 June 2016)


Pampered elitists miss the point of Trump and Brexit (29 June 2016)


Noam Chomsky, Who Rules the World? (2016) — a book review (27 June 2016)


Topaz Labs Impression 2 — software that creates painting effects from photographs — a review (24 June 2016)


US Supreme Court’s reasoning in Utah v Strieff is bone headed — goodbye much of the Fourth Amendment’s (already marginal) protection against police harassment (23 June 2016)


How to raise mountain bike handlebar height — for spine and back problems — an after neurosurgery report (21 June 2016)


Given the Orlando and San Bernardino terror attacks — ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou thinks that the FBI is incompetent — Is he right? (15 June 2016)


Interfering with the electoral process — does not seem to bother the folks at AP (09 June 2016)


Adobe Dreamweaver has virtues — better control for beginners than WordPress offers is one (07 June 2016)


A small MIT study tentatively destroys the idea — that leaders are transformationally important to employees (04 June 2016)


John C. McManus, September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far (2012) — a book review (01 June 2016)


Memorial Day illusions (31 May 2016)

Two cultures coping with a third (23 May 2016)


With tech, if something can go wrong (20 May 2016)


Is Command-Inspired Ground Confusion a War Crime? — The Kunduz MSF Hospital Bombing (10 May 2016)

Regarding Elitist Columnist Charles Lane’s Smug Criticism — of Allegedly Nihilistic Donald Trump Voters (06 May 2016)

How It Should Be when It Comes to Honor — Army Captain Nathan Michael Smith — Sued the Obama Administration over its Arguably Unauthorized War against ISIS (05 May 2016)

Jeff Schmidt, Disciplined Minds: A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System that Shapes Their Lives (2000) — a Book Review (03 May 2016)

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts — Thinks President Obama’s Plan to Close Guantanamo Is Wrong Headed — so He Has Been Blocking Approval for the New Secretary of the Army — Demonstrating (again) that Kansas Is Where Stupidity apparently Breeds (29 April 2016)

The Republican Party Is a Dantean Piece of Work (28 April 2016)

B-52s Bombing Iraq — Just for Old Times' Sake (27 April 2016)


Harriet Tubman’s 20 Dollar Bill — and Pat Buchanan’s Silly Opposition to It — Sometimes It Helps to Remember What Incorrigibly Nasty People Some of Our Predecessors Were (25 April 2016)

Pew’s Projection of the Comparative Growth of World Religions — and My Comment about Probably Even More Culturally Isolated Scientific Thinking (22 April 2016)

An Example of How Anti-Democratic Voting Rules Arguably Squash Political Change — and Our Republic’s Founders Might Have Wished It so (20 April 2016)

Jack Cheevers, Act of War: Lyndon Johnson, North Korea, and the Capture of the Spy Ship Pueblo (2013) — a Book Review (19 April 2016)

Arthur Swinson, Four Samurai: A Quartet of Japanese Army Commanders in the Second World War (1968) — a Short Book Review(17 April 2016)

Malik Jalal Wrote about the Drones Trying to Kill Him — His Words Should Awaken our Shame (14 April 2016)

Mild Irritation with Trump Disasterists (13 April 2016)

Administrative Military Wisdom — from a 1930s Anti-Nazi German General (12 April 2016)

Daniel Larson’s Paragraphs about President Obama’s Libyan Intervention — Expose the Obama Doctrine’s Purpose-Lacking Immorality (11 April 2016)

Terror-Supporting Saudi Arabia — Is Using American Bombs and Military Coordination — to Kill Children in Yemen (08 April 2016)

Wendell Potter and Nick Penniman, Nation on the Take: How Big Money Corrupts our Democracy and What We Can Do about It (2016) — a Book Review (04 April 2016)

Leave It to American Government to Make Absurdity Sound Reasonable — CIA-Backed Militia are Fighting Pentagon-Backed Militia in Syria — We Taxpayers Are Paying for It (02 April 2016)

Is Dark Humor Wrapped in a Dark Source Worth Listening to? — Convicted Fraudster Conrad Black’s Brilliant Four Sentence Summary of the United States’ Fall from Respectability (01 April 2016)

Thomas Frank, Listen, Liberal: or What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? — a Book Review (31 March 2016)

A Meta-Analysis of Non-Metastasized Prostate Cancer Studies — Appears to Indicate that Higher Dose Radiation Therapy Does Not Improve Survival — and a Comment about Arguably Lazy Medical Establishment Thinking (29 March 2016)

Is it always Ethically Unjustified to Target Civilians? — Regarding Self-Serving Propaganda (28 March 2016)

Why is Black America Supporting “Enemy of the People” Hillary Clinton? — Glen Ford’s Irritated Comment Seems Accurate (25 March 2016)

You Don’t always Need a Strategy — but Sometimes You Do — President Obama’s Violent Vacuity in the Middle East (23 March 2016)

Herman Bodson and Richard Schmidt (editor), Agent for the Resistance: A Belgian Saboteur in World War II — a Book Review (22 March 2016)

The Plutocratic Elite Pulls Its Levers and Voilà — Probably No More Revolt (21 March 2016)

Garmin Vivofit 2 — a Micro Review — and a Comment about Techno Crap (14 March 2016)

Wounded Warrior Project Executives Were Reportedly Using Money from Donations for Fun — How’s that for our Greed-Based Cultural System at Work? (11 March 2016)

A Book Review and Two Essays Combine — to Make a Point about — the Concealed Rise of American Fascism (09 March 2016)

Nicholas Stargardt, The German War: A Nation under Arms, 1939-1945— a Book Review (07 March 2016)

Many Elitists Are Whining about 2016 Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump — as if They Were Not the Ones whose Conniving Moral Corruption — Elevated Him to Influence (04 March 2016)

Three Online Essays about Donald Trump’s Presidential Candidacy — Provide Insight into the Psychological Workings of Our Dead Democracy(02 March 2016)

The Absurdity of an Auschwitz SS Medic Being Found Unfit for German Trial (29 February 2016)


Typical President Obama — Putting Foxes in Charge of Hen Houses — FDA Commissioner Robert Califf (26 February 2016)

Lying Government versus Apple’s Secretive Tim Cook? (25 February 2016)

Masha Gessen’s Article about the Difficulties of Publishing Children’s Books in Russia — Reminds Us How Valuable Our First and Fourth Amendments Are — and also — How Eager Some of Our Own Citizens and Bureaucrats Are to Intrude on both (18 February 2016)

Michael K. Jones, Stalingrad: How the Red Army Survived the German Onslaught (2007) — a Book Review (17 February 2016)

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC WX220 — Pocket Camera — a Review (16 February 2016)

Transience in All Things — Death of a Vacuum Cleaner (12 February 2016)

Fernande K. Davis, Girl in the Belgian Resistance: A Wakeful Eye in the Underground (2008) — a Book Review (11 February 2016)

Martín Prechtel, The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise (2015) — a Short Book Review (10 February 2016)

Jon Meacham, Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush (2015) — a Mini Book Review (09 February 2016)

Jimmy Kimmel’s Pretend Jesus Skit — Humorously Highlighted Prominent Republicans’ Rejection of Actual Jesus — a Comment on Spiritual Awareness (04 February 2016)

Buying American Government Is so Worthwhile that — Almost One Billion Dollars Were Spent on the 2016 Election in 2015 alone — Well Before anyone even Voted — Major Elements of our Economy Profit in Selling us Out (03 February 2016)

The United States’ Cancerous Brainlessness Is apparently Going to Take a Second Bite out of Libya — Might this become a Religious Parable Down the Road? (29 January 2016)

Switzerland and Denmark Are Stealing War Refugees’ Property — How's that for a Greedy Europe that We Americans Are Saddled with Protecting? (27 January 2016)

Michael Jones, The Retreat: Hitler’s First Defeat (2009) — a Book Review — and My Critique of U.S. Army General Mark A. Milley’s Statement — that the Russian Federation Currently Poses an Existential Threat (25 January 2016)

Lesley Hazleton, After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the Shia-Sunni Split (2009) — a Mini Book Review (23 January 2016)

Sarah Palin’s Labrador-Like Brain — Wags its Way into 2016’s United States Election Carnival (20 January 2016)

The Malarkey Makers — American Politicians’ Warmongering and their Media Propagandists (19 January 2016)

Brandon Friedman, The War I always Wanted: The Illusion of Glory and the Reality of War (2007) — a Book Review (13 January 2016)

Jeff Shaara, A Blaze of Glory: A Novel of the Battle of Shiloh (2012) — a Mini Book Review (12 January 2016)

Diana Johnstone, Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton(2015) — a Book Review (10 January 2016)

Demagoguery Is Characteristic of Human Populations — Islam’s increasingly Violent Split and America’s Representatively Republican Hyper-Brainlessness (06 January 2016)

Helpful Illusion (04 January 2016)