Law and Police

History is likely to adopt China's take on the United States' Julian Assange plea deal (27 June 2024)



US tortured Australian journalist Julian Assange for 12 years — and then forced him to plead a felony that the Constitution says he could not have committed (26 June 2024)



Fascist America strikes against truth-tellers again? — Scott Ritter seized from boarding aircraft and his US passport removed (04 June 2024)



AP — virulent propaganda organ for the US Deep State — goes after Trump (02 June 2024)



Federal judge says that illegal immigrants have the right to bear arms in the United States (12 April 2024)



United Kingdom's idiotic Julian Assange extradition appeal ruling (27 March 2024)



Killing free speech — and literally also — stealing TikTok from its Chinese owners (15 March 2024)



Mush-headed US perspective — a comment about the supposedly rules-based order (23 February 2024)



New York Judge Engoron chopped Liberty — with his malevolently malicious axe (21 February 2024)



What will the Cabal in the White House do about Constitution-invoking Texas? (28 January 2024)



When even California implies that some people are brainless, anti-Constitutional, left-wing dipshits — they probably are (02 January 2024)



Maine, literally equivalent to a decrepit third world republic itself — has demonstrated how Constitution-defying Americans — can import totalitarian bananas (29 December 2023)



With Colorado's highest court snorting metaphorical anti-Trump hallucinogens — we will find out whether the US Supreme Court— rediscovers its Constitution-protecting gumption (21 December 2023)



US House of Representatives goes braindead totalitarian — anti-Zionism, it says, is antisemitism (06 December 2023)



Conor McGregor is being targeted by the Irish government— for alleged hate speech — that criticized Ireland's woke prime minister's evasion of arguable facts (28 November 2023)



Are Americans unworthy of Liberty? — seems so (08 October 2023)



Those in American power agree that killing off our Anglo-Saxon legal heritage is a great idea — Paul Craig Roberts' timely observations (02 October 2023)



When your ideology is stupid, pretend that it is not — by passing a law — California's electric vehicles (08 September 2023)



Are vicious totalitarian mush-heads trying to eliminate all speech — and all choices — in the West? (04 September 2023)



John Derbyshire made a good point about the United States' loving embrace of killing itself (02 September 2023)



US institutions — pusillanimous and morally self-eliminating, all (28 August 2023)



Protect us — say the Biden administration's malevolent, whiny-boy prosecutors (05 August 2023)



Totalitarian-minded congressional Democrats — are trying to hide Robert F Kennedy Jr's anti-Establishment statements from the world (22 July 2023)



Repulsively spineless Merrick Garland — has transformed the Department of Justice into the US version of a pseudo-Stasi (21 July 2023)



Trump people are upset with the rigged US system — crush them with more of the same — hints the Deep State Establishment (12 June 2023)



E Jean Carrolls successful civil claim against Donald Trump — Viva Frei insightfully speaks (12 May 2023)



Enormity — we will be brainwashed and like it, says the corporatocracy — or else (28 April 2023)



West's ridiculousness reaches a new high — International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin — but not for any of the United States' genuine war criminals (18 March 2023)



San Francisco's police department wants to kill misbehaving city residents with robots (04 December 2022)



Secretary of State Blinken demonstrated his unrelenting moral rottenness — with a single tweet (07 November 2022)



When given dubiously valid inches, should you bite off a an astonishingly invalid mile? — Lindsey Graham and his proposed Federal abortion ban (14 September 2022)



DoJ promises to hold onto verifiable details of its anti-Trump attack — until maximum midterm election damage is done (01 September 2022)



Braindead Biden said that — the Second Amendment will not protect our freedoms — from his F-15s (31 August 2022)



Deep State owns us all — including former President Trump (29 August 2022)



Texas — in typical American Government fashion — is trying to conceal its cowardly response to the Uvalde school kids massacre (02 August 2022)



Army slaps retired Lieutenant General down — for publicly exhibiting a slicing sense of pertinent humor (11 July 2022)



Jayland Walker — Akron's police 'pigdom' — and the Second Amendment (10 July 2022)



Will the future know what Honor was? — the Supreme Court abortion decision leak (03 May 2022)



Disinformation Governance Board is the United States' self-destroying epitaph (02 May 2022)



US and Canadian sheep know that Big Brother loves them (23 February 2022)



Drug test positive Russian skater — Kamila Valieva — gets to keep Olympics competing — on the basis of a foolish Court of Arbitration for Sports decision (14 February 2022)



Anti-American Americans like Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen— just for instance — are everywhere in the US Establishment (09 February 2022)



FBI's assistant director, Counterterrorism Division — Jill Sanborn — refused to answer Senator Cruz's questions — as to whether FBI had incited aspects of January 2021's Capitol Riot (12 January 2022)



Perhaps if we made a Religion of Common Sense — we could dodge US Government's mission to do bad things to us (05 January 2022)



When a nation is led by Nuremberg-worthy slimebags — this is what happens — Guantanamo's new secret 'courtroom' (01 January 2022)



Freeing Julian Assange is about maintaining Liberty — and opposing the American Secrecy State — that imprisons or kills those who expose its crimes (11 December 2021)



Fifth Circuit's reaffirmed stay — against Biden Administration's COVID vaccine mandate — tears Democrats a new elimination orifice (13 November 2021)



Et tu, Reuters? — regarding the Capitol Riot (26 October 2021)



Duo of autocrats — Biden and Abbott (13 October 2021)



Attorney General Merrick Garland has decided that — FBI needs to involve itself with local school board-parent meetings (06 October 2021)



Obesely out of breath — Uncle 'Plutocratic' Sam wants to — "slow down China's rate of innovation" (03 October 2021)



Value Freedom of Speech with passionate determination — a parable about simulating its loss (30 September 2021)



Sociology professor Lisa Hajjar indicatively missed key legal and societal points — about putting Guantanamo's accused 9/11 perpetrators on trial (27 September 2021)



President Biden extended the CDC's illegal moratorium on tenant evictions — while tacitly admitting that the order is unconstitutional (05 August 2021)



Despicable Senator Ted Cruz — justifiably hammered Second Circuit nominee — Myrna Pérez (19 July 2021)



It's for your own good — the Biden administration is pressuring Facebook to censor speech (16 July 2021)



What do cats, self-importance and the Supreme Court have in common? (15 July 2021)



FBI hints that possessing a Capitol building Lego set — means that you are a domestic violent extremist (08 July 2021)



Collapse of US judicial system continues — Supreme Court on evictions —5th Circuit on setting people afire (30 June 2021)



Lowlifes running wild — after Snowflake Airheads got a taste of power (21 June 2021)



Only when Government tells us that 'it' is okay — is it okay — How's that for a free speech and personal action standard? (29 May 2021)



Amazon is buying MGM — antitrust, what's that? (27 May 2021)



David Leonhardt's (really-really) obtuse New York Times essay — about Facebook and Trump (06 May 2021)



Yes dear, we know that you believe the tooth fairy is real — psychology Professor Merushka Bisetty's inane take — on the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting (29 April 2021)



Cancel culture's attack on the First Amendment is spreading — the firing of Norfolk police lieutenant William Kelly (23 April 2021)



LeBron James shot his ignorant mouth off twice — about Ma'Khia Bryant's death — and so did the Lamestream (22 April 2021)



Biden Administration hid the natural causes of — Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick's death — for more than three months (20 April 2021)



Bitten in the 'ass' of his own making — Derek Chauvin trial judge Peter Cahill — versus Representative Maxine Waters (20 April 2021)



Waco Branch Davidian massacre comes back — in Biden's pick for ATF head (14 April 2021)



The American Conservative is reflexively hiding behind 'due process' — in the Daunte Wright 'manslaughter' (13 April 2021)



Targeting gun manufacturers for America's self-created cultural problems? (25 March 2021)



If lawyer Sidney Powell's silly defense against defamation stands — professional decency is in trouble (24 March 2021)



Israel's culture of arrogance is so stout — that a former IDF troop tried to sue an American Palestinian for defamation — using Israeli law — in a California court (11 March 2021)



Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a reasonable dissent — and Democrats and Lamestream fleas jumped all over it — without, apparently, reading it first (24 February 2021)



Banning the President from Twitter — should Big Tech really be telling us what to think and say? (10 January 2021)



US is so inhumane — that not even alleged criminals should be sent here? — British Judge Vanessa Baraitser regarding Julian Assange — and a matching sociological comment by William Astore (05 January 2021)



On Christmas Eve — the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals subtly jabbed — our cowardly US Supreme Court (26 December 2020)



St. Louis Circuit Attorney (prosecutor) Kim Gardner landed on her face — as I suspected she might — after she charged the gun-brandishing McCloskeys on political grounds (18 December 2020)



Cowardly US Supreme Court demonstrates again why it should not exist — election 2020 — Texas versus four states (12 December 2020)



Rebutting Beau of the Fifth Column — who said that California sheriffs are overstepping their societal bounds — by refusing to enforce Governor Newsom's stay-at-home order (10 December 2020)



COVID Maoist, Andrew Cuomo — probably suicided whatever presidential ambitions he had (25 November 2020)



US government is silencing media outlets — Lamestream does not object (09 November 2020)



Blowhard Senator Chuck Schumer told Republicans that — they may regret their Supreme Court tactics longer than they think (27 October 2020)



Social media censorship — time to start chopping Oligarchy's repressing electrons (17 October 2020)



Amy Barrett's ignorance regarding the First Amendment — should disqualify her — then there's the Lamestream's ineptitude (15 October 2020)



Jaime O'Neill's observations about Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett — and mine about our Land of Opportunity (14 October 2020)



Predictably and just pre-election — FBI leadership trotted out another of its Deep State anti-Trump concoctions (09 October 2020)



Breonna Taylor was justifiably executed just because she was near the shooter? — What kind of a legal and professional standard is that? (24 September 2020)



Attorney General Bill Barr — may threaten the Republic more than his boss does (16 September 2020)



Nothing shows the dictatorial decline of American Freedom better than — the Trump Administration's terrorization of Julian Assange (12 September 2020)



Kimberly Gardner's politically motivated charges against the gun-toting McCloskeys — came to prominence at 2020's Republican Convention — Sun Tzu-ish or not? (25 August 2020)



Social Contract theory — rebel, rather than ask permission to operate livelihoods — during the COVID pandemic? (10 August 2020)



Is it Eric "Nazi" Garcetti or just Mayor Garcetti — Los Angeles and COVID (08 August 2020)



Trump's delay 2020 election ploy — two perspectives — one correct (31 July 2020)



US Supreme Court demonstrates again, why it should not exist — Calvary Chapel v Sisolak (26 July 2020)



Painting over "Black Lives Matter" on a street surface — that's a hate crime? (08 July 2020)



In trying to fire Manhattan's court-appointed US attorney (Geoff Berman) — is AG Bill Barr furthering Il Duce Trump's suspected corruption? (20 June 2020)



Way too many cowards in American policing — compare firemen and unprotected COVID medical personnel (17 June 2020)


Some media would have us believe that George Floyd Era cops — are resigning in large numbers (14 June 2020)



Fear that President Trump will not leave office, even if defeated in 2020 — has been undone by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — and his probably agreeing 4 star colleagues (08 June 2020)



Why did the Lamestream bury General Mark Milley's (Constitution-reminding) "Message to the Joint Force"? (05 June 2020)



Lamestream media — what the Supreme Court really said about California's COVID church restrictions (30 May 2020)



Is Trump's frustration with his 'swampish' AG correctly held? (20 May 2020)



Acting like the commie cartoon — like Fat Cats say Democrats are — is a poor way to 2020 election victory (16 May 2020)



Americans should be up in arms (03 May 2020)



If you are American — this Maryland thing should make you raging mad — no matter your political stripe (23 April 2020)



Missouri ridiculously sues China over COVID-19 — crybaby American whining — cowboy up (22 April 2020)



COVID bureaucrats are tyrannizing the United States (14 April 2020)



These totalitarian-leaning United States — Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (27 February 2020)



Is Bill Barr a bad Attorney General — just because the "vast liberal conspiracy" says so? (13 February 2020)



"Felony murder" in international affairs? — if there were such, the US would be guilty of it — in the Iran-initiated Ukraine airline shoot down (11 January 2020)



Virginia's eastern district federal court said that — Feds can steal Edward Snowden's book money (20 December 2019)



The alleged right of "Zionists" — to steal land and suppress Arabs is purportedly so sacred — that the United States is willing to suppress free speech to uphold it (18 December 2019)



Exxon won — an example of stupidly conceived — government-sponsored litigation (12 December 2019)



Sweden conveniently dropped its Julian Assange rape investigation — what a surprise (19 November 2019)



Thomas Knapp's summary of the US Democratic Party's Ukrainegate impeachment process is apt (16 November 2019)



Is Trump surrounded by coup plotters? (15 November 2019)



Amtrak — typical American capitalism? (13 November 2019)



9th Circuit says that stealing — under a search warrant's legal protection — is Constitutional — unless cops were previously told otherwise by appellate courts (21 September 2019)



If you are white and rich, 14 days in jail — (for the bigger crime) — but if you're black and poor, 1825 days — (for the lesser) (14 September 2019)



U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga — doing his best to strengthen our oligarchically totalitarian state (09 August 2019)



Our "conservative" Supreme Court has decided that —protecting constitutional democracy is not its job (28 June 2019)



Christian crosses on public land — happily grandfathering bigotry into the Constitution (20 June 2019)



American Stalinist state jails Chelsea Manning yet again — stealing her assets now, too (17 May 2019)



Former appellate judge Michael McConnell — obliterated Speaker Pelosi's BS about constitutional crisis (15 May 2019)



Secretary of State Pompeo implied that President Trump can do whatever he wants to Venezuela — because Article II says so — and virtually no one said anything in rebuttal (06 March 2019)



Robert Mueller — the "ramrod" conniver — who keeps oozing under the door (02 May 2019)



There are more voices for impeachment now — would the process finally make sense? (29 April 2019)



John Pilger's words would resonate in more decent times — on Assange and fascism (17 April 2019)



The quasi-Stalinist American state takes aim (again) — at Chelsea Manning (11 March 2019)


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