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Propaganda puppet Reuters — apparently made up its own COVID omicron data — alleging "concerns" about surging COVID hospitalizations among US children (31 December 2021)

COVID brainwashing — turns our ability to think into mush — Government's overreaction to omicron (29 December 2021)

NIH director Francis Collins' (finally released) October 2020 email — about instituting COVID-related mind control — indicatively received almost no coverage in the US press (26 December 2021)

Should we smile in self-recognition, or frown in rejection? — Australian Caitlin Johnstone's pre-Christmas description of the United States (24 December 2021)

When you have not thought it out — as American leadership never does — should you really be provoking more wars? (23 December 2021)

Dementia Joe Biden is going full COVID hysteria — while South Africa says omicron variant is milder than earlier forms (22 December 2021)

Sad propaganda — based on the passing of a Texas man — who reportedly died from COVID omicron (21 December 2021)

Did CDC director Rochelle Walensky lie again? — while her incompetent agency separately proved that it cannot even count (20 December 2021)

Nukes are more deserving of financial support than American families — the wondrous logic of the US Congress — a body mostly comprised of Fat Cat parasites (20 December 2021)

Dismember the dissidents — imply three retired US generals (19 December 2021)

Governments' COVID overreactions — are again escalating into society-destroying levels of aggressive stupidity (18 December 2021)

Exactly how major wars begin — NATO secretary general Stoltenberg continues to shoot off his mouth (17 December 2021)

For males 12 to 40 — myocarditis risk from 2nd dose Moderna vaccine — is greater than myocarditis risk posed by SARS-CoV-2 (16 December 2021)

Let's implement 'gender advisers' to lead US troops — Admiral Christopher Grady's agreeable statement to the Senate (15 December 2021)

USA's chicken-hawk coop is riled up — after drinking its own Kool-Aid — regarding 'those evil Chinese' (14 December 2021)

We are living in a place thematically like communist China and the old Soviet Union (13 December 2021)

Freeing Julian Assange is about maintaining Liberty — and opposing the American Secrecy State — that imprisons or kills those who expose its crimes (11 December 2021)

Israel health official about forevermore COVID-19 vaccine boosters — glorious Big Pharma profits to come! (10 December 2021)

Humor of recklessly pointing a gun at one's own skull — and pulling its trigger — the House of Representatives passed the $778 billion National Defense Authorization Act (09 December 2021)

Civilizational self-destruction, it's in the wind — Notre-Dame's interior, reportedly, is being re-designed to please non-Christians (08 December 2021)

COVID-19 era is — a contagious mass psychosis (07 December 2021)

United States to ban American government officials — from attending Beijing's Winter Olympics — "Take that, Mr. Panda!" (06 December 2021)

COVID Maoism takes another step — US House passed a bill that — creates a central system to track our immunization records (03 December 2021)

Surprisingly high number of COVID vaccine adverse reaction reports — as compared to decades' worth of other vaccines — hmmm (02 December 2021)

Big Pharma's coming opportunity — mandated vaccinations for specific COVID variants — distributed by region (30 November 2021)

More government silliness — COVID travel bans — on a virus that has already spread from the banned place (29 November 2021)

Money-grubbing hystericalists are at it again — 'Mega-mutated' Botswana SARS-CoV-2 variant is 'gonna' get us all (27 November 2021)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — are an embarrassment to the United States — example follows (24 November 2021)

Daily Beast shouts that — "Seven from Anti-Vax Doctors’ COVID Conference Fall Sick within Days" — and then essentially indicates that six are fine — and one might (or might not) be surviving (23 November 2021)

Beto O'Rourke as an example of Democratic Party cluelessness in Texas (22 November 2021)

Is US suffering from mass psychoses? — seems so (21 November 2021)

Racial bias is overcome, we are told — by advancing non-pale people into positions of power — where they quickly demonstrate that they are just as viciously stupid as 'white' men (20 November 2021)

Senator Bernie Sanders said the obvious about American spending insanity (19 November 2021)

Retired admiral James Stavridis, regarding Ethiopia — fully representative of the never-learn, never-think dopes — who head the American military (18 November 2021)

Former Air Force officer William Astore — stuck an insightful shiv — into our blood-suckingly bloated military, yesterday (17 November 2021)

Big Pharma-Big Tech COVID conspiracy is real? — Peter Doshi, BMJ editor — censored by the anti-thinking pissants at YouTube (16 November 2021)

Lying murdering war criminal sleaze — at the top of US military command? (16 November 2021)

Media are always escalating something silly — into allegedly being important — can you feel your nose hook, yet? (15 November 2021)

Fifth Circuit's reaffirmed stay — against Biden Administration's COVID vaccine mandate — tears Democrats a new elimination orifice (13 November 2021)

Matthew Walther's proposed new holiday — "Festival of Incompetence" — such a tasty sourness (11 November 2021)

Questionable COVID vaccines — and lousy mandates policies — do not bother government's Fear Goons (10 November 2021)

Presidential approval ratings — let's draw some conclusions about Homo sapiens (09 November 2021)

More disproven BS from the CDC this week — will these lies never end? (06 November 2021)

Gotta laugh — COVID buried the United States' JFK assassination files — according to Puppet Joe and Gang (05 November 2021)

Pentagon found itself not to blame — for having drone-murdered 10 innocents — including 7 children (05 November 2021)

Lamestream's supposed cosmic meaning of — Virginia's election — of a Republican governor (04 November 2021)

Pew poll — world no longer sees US democracy as a good example (02 November 2021)

CDC study claims that — mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are more than 5 times more protective than natural immunity (30 October 2021)

Is there a COVID vaccine conspiracy? — sure looks like it (29 October 2021)

Islamic State is back in Afghanistan and ready to attack us — says US propaganda machine (27 October 2021)

Et tu, Reuters? — regarding the Capitol Riot (26 October 2021)

Bonehead Joe does it again — let's start a war with China, he implies (23 October 2021)

'Dementia' Joe keeps imbeciling along — pharmaceuticals, sending Nuland to Moscow — and (equally gracelessly) retreating from corporate taxation (22 October 2021)

A badly analyzed and poorly presented epidemiology study asserts that — high COVID vaccination rates are not associated with declines in COVID cases (21 October 2021)

Moral cowardice — a requirement for achieving high-ranking American leadership — the case of Colin Powell (20 October 2021)

Nebraska saves the day — a comment about COVID-19, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, federalism and Truth (19 October 2021)

It is always a temporary glitch, huh? — Sunday Morning's propagandized look at our current supply chain problem (18 October 2021)

Philip Giraldi described a ravenous ghoul — and it's us (15 October 2021)

Robot gun dogs will be coming to your neighborhood soon — yay (14 October 2021)

Duo of autocrats — Biden and Abbott (13 October 2021)

US is so inept — that it cannot even unload cargo ships in a timely way (11 October 2021)

Backwards rewards — Pfizer versus Moderna COVID vaccines (09 October 2021)

Attorney General Merrick Garland has decided that — FBI needs to involve itself with local school board-parent meetings (06 October 2021)

Why is Senator Rand Paul virtually the only person in Congress — stating the obvious about COVID-inspired US tyranny? (04 October 2021)

Obesely out of breath — Uncle 'Plutocratic' Sam wants to — "slow down China's rate of innovation" (03 October 2021)

American sheep march in lockstep — Stacey Rudin's comment about that trait is accurate (02 October 2021)

American 'civilization' — you think it's here to stay? (01 October 2021)

Value Freedom of Speech with passionate determination — a parable about simulating its loss (30 September 2021)

Milley, McKenzie and Austin — blame Biden for the Afghanistan withdrawal screwup — while, at the same time, refusing to tell Senators how this happened (29 September 2021)

US Marine Corps sent their Kabul airport withdrawal critic — Lt Colonel Stuart Scheller — to the brig (28 September 2021)

Sociology professor Lisa Hajjar indicatively missed key legal and societal points — about putting Guantanamo's accused 9/11 perpetrators on trial (27 September 2021)

Snowflake criticism of the Border Patrol — indicates just how divorced from reality these Cancel Culturists are (24 September 2021)

CDC is worthless? — a Johns Hopkins professor of medicine thinks so (23 September 2021)

Rapacious American Plutocracy kills people — as well as scientific endeavor — COVID and ivermectin as examples (22 September 2021)

So let's see — Pfizer's COVID vaccine booster is not proven necessary and safe enough to give to 'regular' people — but it is necessary and safe enough to give to healthy medical workers — and immunocompromised and elderly folks? (18 September 2021)

Viral endemicity appears to be beyond the ability — of Duke University to understand — a US COVID metaphor (16 September 2021)

CDC is playing propaganda games (again) with its COVID data tracker (15 September 2021)

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's callous stupidity (14 September 2021)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's airheaded ridiculousness was on full display at the Met Gala — a metaphor (14 September 2021)

Every time a 'problem' arises — American culture increases Government and Corporate power (13 September 2021)

Drowning in the Great American Propaganda Deluge — some air would be nice (09 September 2021)

Better than our leaders? — consider the death of Russia's Emergency Situations Minister Yevgeny Zinichev (08 September 2021)

Robert M. Smith, Suppressed: Confessions of a Former New York Times Washington Correspondent (2021) — a mini book review (07 September 2021)

In spite of the United States' perennial self-pitying whining — about its alleged victimizations — there are three good reasons to remember 9/11 (06 September 2021)

How did an authoritative gibberer make it to becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs? (05 September 2021)

Hard-hitting questions from Victor Hanson — about the Afghanistan War withdrawal (02 September 2021)

Hours after I wrote about — the seeming randomness of US drone murder — we explosively evaporated Afghani kids (01 September 2021)

National Forests in California have been closed to public use — think about the ironies (31 August 2021)

Proving that no good lesson goes unlearned — Tony Blair, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Haass are still shrill (30 August 2021)

We hear and see only what the American Propaganda Machine wants us to — Kabul airport evacuation (28 August 2021)

No hope for American democracy — more US people think that Iran has nukes than Israel (27 August 2021)

American troops pay with their lives — for Pentagon's botched Afghanistan withdrawal (26 August 2021)

Mandated vaccine passports for vaccines that do not work very well? (26 August 2021)

Watering babies we haven't killed yet — sour truth from Caitlin Johnstone (24 August 2021)

FBI tacitly admits that — there is no evidence supporting Capitol Riot "insurrection" claim (23 August 2021)

COVID lunatics are now killing dogs in New South Wales (Australia) — Americans, guard your liberties (23 August 2021)

Islamic State is — we are told — threatening the US-botched evacuation of Afghanistan (21 August 2021)

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin — said that the US cannot help left-behind Americans get to Kabul airport to escape — how's that for US military competence? (20 August 2021)

California's fire and water situation — a lesson in metaphor (19 August 2021)

Adding to the United States' military incompetency woes — the new Secretary of the Air Force wants to "scare" China (18 August 2021)

Pussy neocons — wailing about President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal (17 August 2021)

Did US Four Stars — plan the incompetence of their Afghanistan withdrawal — to slap President Biden? (17 August 2021)

Lingering fart in the room (Toddling Donny) sounds off again — this time about Afghanistan (16 August 2021)

Respect where it's due — the Taliban — and all those other impoverished people who fought the voracious US Imperium off (16 August 2021)

What and whom our troops died (or were maimed) for in Afghanistan — Thomas Knapp's perspective (15 August 2021)

Clueless, or pretending to be? — American military leadership and Afghanistan (14 August 2021)

Bombing and missiling Afghanistan — the petty cowardice of the American War Machine (13 August 2021)

Reason took the IPCC's "Sixth Assessment Report" to task for exaggeration — gloriously missing the point (11 August 2021)

Johnny Weir's excellent retort — to criticism of his Olympics-celebrating hairstyle and outfit (09 August 2021)

Start a war with China — say Blinken and Admiral 'Nod' (07 August 2021)

Truth can sting, but only if one is paying attention — Maitreya Bhakal, regarding the United States' internationally displayed psychosis (06 August 2021)

President Biden extended the CDC's illegal moratorium on tenant evictions — while tacitly admitting that the order is unconstitutional (05 August 2021)

Getting it to burn, by not letting it burn — why the United States never gets anything meaningful done (04 August 2021)

Glen Ford's passing (04 August 2021)

Killing people is okay, 'sorta' says Biden of Cuomo — but harassing them is not (04 August 2021)

Infectious disease epidemiologist, Michael Osterholm — finally said, in public, what I've been saying since January 2020 — about COVID and masks (02 August 2021)

Do COVID vaccines not reliably prevent COVID infections and transmission? — CDC's July 2021 Massachusetts data (01 August 2021)

Curious reversal of propensities of character — 'liberals' versus 'conservatives' — in COVID times (31 July 2021)

Masks are good and vaccines not so much? — CDC doubles down on its self-contradicting COVID-19 silliness (29 July 2021)

Disregard propaganda — identify the real enemy — serendipitous observations from Chris Hedges and Chris Martenson (27 July 2021)

Mighty Zion's expands its nuclear-equivalent war against Ben & Jerry's ice cream — as its Lapdog USA snuffles along on its leash (26 July 2021)

Infuriating, isn't it? — intentionally fostered COVID ignorance (23 July 2021)

Senator Rand Paul tripped himself up in arguing with Anthony Fauci — a lesson for debaters (21 July 2021)

Idiots with numbers are dangerous — an outstanding COVID example of such (20 July 2021)

Nuclear-armed Israel goes to war with Ben & Jerry's ice cream — how ridiculous is that? (20 July 2021)

Despicable Senator Ted Cruz — justifiably hammered Second Circuit nominee — Myrna Pérez (19 July 2021)

Remdesivir's worthlessness is a representative indictment of American public health (19 July 2021)

COVID "cases" nonsense again (17 July 2021)

It's for your own good — the Biden administration is pressuring Facebook to censor speech (16 July 2021)

What do cats, self-importance and the Supreme Court have in common? (15 July 2021)

Ridiculousness of US propaganda has no limit — today, it's about too much Chinese poop in the South China Sea (14 July 2021)

Sebastian Rushworth MD in Sweden — on kids and COVID vaccines (13 July 2021)

It's all turning to crap — including medicine and public health (10 July 2021)

Is demeaning people a good way to persuade them of something? — Anthony Fauci apparently thinks so (09 July 2021)

FBI hints that possessing a Capitol building Lego set — means that you are a domestic violent extremist (08 July 2021)

Are "We the People" collectively responsible for the United States' misbegotten wars? — retired Army colonel and current historian, Andrew Bacevich, thinks so (07 July 2021)

Vacuum brains versus facts — regarding dependence on fossil fuels (06 July 2021)

A societal prescription from a cynical, Oligarchy-supporting Democrat — and Caitlin Johnstone's fury in view of it (02 July 2021)

Collapse of US judicial system continues — Supreme Court on evictions —5th Circuit on setting people afire (30 June 2021)

General Mark Milley — not stupid — but maybe obsequious and easily led by the nose? (26 June 2021)

Sea Breeze 2021 is just another way of starting a war with Russia (25 June 2021)

Lowlifes running wild — after Snowflake Airheads got a taste of power (21 June 2021)

An abrasively silly United States — has forced China and Russia to link arms (pun) — and now see what's happened (19 June 2021)

Scumbag Zionism at work — one has to wonder why anybody supports these 'guys' (18 June 2021)

America sent its dementia president — to explain the US Imperium's rules — to Vlad the Impaler (16 June 2021)

They're wearing us out? — Lt General David Krumm's observation (15 June 2021)

US propaganda substitutes itself for worthwhile action — as a matter of policy (14 June 2021)

Congressional representative, Ilhan Omar — is in trouble again over tweeting something so obviously true — that no sensible person could dispute it (11 June 2021)

In the United States, emoting dullards run back and forth — for pay (10 June 2021)

America's talent for elevating douchebag generals to power — reveals more than just a problematic military (08 June 2021)

Cognitively turned off — most of us are unaware of the strings that control us (07 June 2021)

Planting seeds for an armed rebellion? — Border Patrol is dumping essentially illegal immigrants into small American towns (05 June 2021)

Iran has two ships heading for somewhere — the world must be ending (04 June 2021)

Metaphor says it all — US uses Chinese made drones to see its way forward (02 June 2021)

How foolish outrage is manufactured — take that regarding Naomi Osaka and Kamala 'Backdoor' Harris (01 June 2021)

Only when Government tells us that 'it' is okay — is it okay — How's that for a free speech and personal action standard? (29 May 2021)

Amazon is buying MGM — antitrust, what's that? (27 May 2021)

Devil makes us do it? — US arms sales and national soul (26 May 2021)

"If I don't steal it, someone else is going to steal it" — Zionist Israel's immoral disgustingness (25 May 2021)

Young dummies will save us? — not likely, suggests an opinion poll (24 May 2021)

UFOs, up — generic pharmaceuticals, down — is this all part of the plutocratic conspiracy? (22 May 2021)

Can you think of a better symbol — of the worthlessness of US leadership — than Senator Tom Cotton? (21 May 2021)

Trouble, eventually, will find us — the more aware we are, the sooner so (20 May 2021)

The Great Satan — wants to sell Israel — $735 million worth of precision-guided armaments (19 May 2021)

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) deals in Orwellian propaganda — not medicine (19 May 2021)

Israel's Lebensraum logic — reincarnated Nazism under another flag (17 May 2021)

History made — Tianwen-1's landing on Mars serves as a warning to US imperialists (15 May 2021)

Prophetic voices — C.J. Hopkins gave Matt Taibbi an overview of how the world is now (14 May 2021)

Marjorie 'Kook' Taylor Greene shouted at Alexandria 'Airhead' Ocasio-Cortez — and that (said Mother Pelosi) amounted to "verbal assault" (14 May 2021)

Like the French — retired US generals and admirals have spoken — should we roll the cannons out? (13 May 2021)

House Republicans proudly flew the flag — of their bottomless lack of worth (12 May 2021)

Absurd America — Republicans inextricably tie themselves to an empty-headed sluggard — and Democrats lick the shoes of a guy whose cognitive ability is strained by just having to read the teleprompter (12 May 2021)

We have Forever Wars about fake national defense — and Real National Security that we do nothing about — for instance, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware hack (11 May 2021)

Last week, the Huffington Post went after (the admittedly awful) Ted Cruz — in an unintentionally self-revealing way (03 May 2021)

Daniel L. Davis, Eleventh Hour in 2020 America: How America's foreign policy got jacked up and how the next Administration can fix it (2020) — a book review (09 May 2021)

A metaphor about US nutsness — welds a satire about Israel — to Peter Santenello's video about incentivized law-breaking at the US-Mexico border (08 May 2021)

China's falling space junk is more dangerous than America's — says the US propaganda machine (07 May 2021)

David Leonhardt's (really-really) obtuse New York Times essay — about Facebook and Trump (06 May 2021)

Andrei Martyanov, Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse (2021) — a book review (06 May 2021)

Helping Saudis kill Yemeni babies — is a "theological" thing — says Professor David DesRoches — adding a delightful twist to the Biden Administration's justification for that butchery (04 May 2021)

Probabilities of Life being a computer-like simulation — who are the idiots here? (03 May 2021)

Laissez faire corporatism executes the wellbeing of everything it touches — two toxicity metaphors (01 May 2021)

Professor Marwan Bishara said — Biden is vague, inconsistent on foreign policy — Dementia Joe immediately proved his point (30 April 2021)

Yes dear, we know that you believe the tooth fairy is real — psychology Professor Merushka Bisetty's inane take — on the Ma'Khia Bryant shooting (29 April 2021)

Blowhard Biden provocatively slapped China again — this is not going to end well (29 April 2021)

US Coast Guard is now in the Black Sea — antagonizing Russians — yay? (28 April 2021)

Reading some publications — is like immersing oneself in pools of distilled stupidity (28 April 2021)

An amusingly accurate description of Senator Joe Manchin — from David Cattanach — and an added observation about appropriate context from David Perez (26 April 2021)

Earth Day Ridiculous as a form of environmental theater — people actually worked at being dumber than . . . (25 April 2021)

Ideological nutsness is gobbling America to death — Rod Dreher responds (24 April 2021)

Cancel culture's attack on the First Amendment is spreading — the firing of Norfolk police lieutenant William Kelly (23 April 2021)

LeBron James shot his ignorant mouth off twice — about Ma'Khia Bryant's death — and so did the Lamestream (22 April 2021)

Having been a cop — I can relate to situations instantly twisted bad — the Chauvin verdict (21 April 2021)

US Strategic Command implicitly noticed that nuclear war is increasingly possible (21 April 2021)

Biden Administration hid the natural causes of — Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick's death — for more than three months (20 April 2021)

Bitten in the 'ass' of his own making — Derek Chauvin trial judge Peter Cahill — versus Representative Maxine Waters (20 April 2021)

Wimpification of America — y'all think this is going to end well? (18 April 2021)

Ukraine's US-supported Ukro-Nazis — are trying to start World War 3 — nukes, they tell us, are the answer (17 April 2021)

Pfizer's CEO happily chortled that — we will likely all become prisoners of annual COVID-19 vaccine boosters — think of the profits! (16 April 2021)

Afghanistan — the US is still lying — the War Machine oozes on (15 April 2021)

Americans finally turned Russia into a self-recognized adversary — can war be far behind? (14 April 2021)

Waco Branch Davidian massacre comes back — in Biden's pick for ATF head (14 April 2021)

Incompetence takes us with it — Fukushima's radioactive water to be dumped into Pacific (13 April 2021)

The American Conservative is reflexively hiding behind 'due process' — in the Daunte Wright 'manslaughter' (13 April 2021)

CNN reports that we should continue the Forever War in Afghanistan on women's behalf (11 April 2021)

A good point from Caitlin Johnstone — geopolitics is (my words) about rampaging ego (09 April 2021)

World authorities are still lying about the probable origin of SARS-CoV-2 (07 April 2021)

Biden's rampaging Adam Henrys — now want to boycott the Winter Olympics in China (06 April 2021)

Hunter Biden — with kids like him, who needs enemies? (04 April 2021)

Major League Baseball — doing its part for the fascist takeover of American political culture (03 April 2021)

After years of blaming Trump for callously locking migrant children up — Biden does equivalently the same — but, this time, it's the smugglers' fault (01 April 2021)

Cancel culture's stupidity — suicides brain function (30 March 2021)

"Maybe I can inspire the person that can" — IED casualty and war photographer, Giles Duley's words (29 March 2021)

Establishment logic — "Biden's plan for reelection freezes Democratic field" (28 March 2021)

Americans' misuse of the words "left" and "leftist" — demonstrates how easily manipulated we are (28 March 2021)

'Conservative' Matt Walsh said — something wisely cautionary about elderly presidents (27 March 2021)

Arrogant posturer Biden prodigiously backhanded China, again (26 March 2021)

Targeting gun manufacturers for America's self-created cultural problems? (25 March 2021)

If lawyer Sidney Powell's silly defense against defamation stands — professional decency is in trouble (24 March 2021)

Are we witnessing historically monumental American insanity? (23 March 2021)

Retired colonel Lawrence Wilkerson's words — about imperialistic plutocracy's price (22 March 2021)

How do empty-skulled dunces — like the NCAA's gender-discriminating March Madness administrative folk — still exist in America? (21 March 2021)

Smack-talking US continues to embarrass itself — now insulting China, in addition to Russia, just two days before (20 March 2021)

Senator Rand Paul landed one on pillaging bureaucrat Anthony Fauci's mask policy chin (19 March 2021)

Joe "Dementia" Biden essentially called Vladimir Putin — "killer" — Are we on a middle school playground? (19 March 2021)

US Intelligence baselessly trots out the usual suspects — for alleged 2020 election interference (19 March 2021)

Lyin' Four Stars undermined the Afghanistan peace deal — societal implications (18 March 2021)

US Pentagon lied (again) about Afghanistan troop numbers — to the then Commander in Chief (17 March 2021)

There's the reasonably sane guy, Vlad the Impaler — and then — there's the hysterical Biden team — and its identity-fractionating Arm of Military Stooges (16 March 2021)

Assailing Russia's Sputnik V vaccine — just another bit of America's avaricious, often murdering nastiness (15 March 2021)

US Army is taking another shot at former General Michael Flynn — years after everyone else found nothing substantial enough to pin on him (14 March 2021)

'I buried the police badge in my backyard' — says Capitol Riot "insurrection" attempter — in revelation of Trump Mob's massive coup plot (13 March 2021)

An artful description of Humanity's plight — from Caitlin Johnstone (12 March 2021)

Israel's culture of arrogance is so stout — that a former IDF troop tried to sue an American Palestinian for defamation — using Israeli law — in a California court (11 March 2021)

Food and Drug Administration — lazy, corrupt and incompetent — ivermectin, with an illustrating aside about fluvoxamine (09 March 2021)

PassMark software — Zoom Search Engine — Mac Version 7.1, build 1016 — "Error: Core engine has terminated (Uncaught signal:6)" — an example of how to fix it (04 March 2021)

The more incompetent the behemoth US security state becomes — the more of it we need — says the US Establishment (03 March 2021)

Accusation is enough — evidence and a sense of History's flow are not necessary — thus 'we' disappear six Dr. Seuss books (02 March 2021)

What should have come up, did not — in 60 Minutes' account of last year's Iranian missile attack on US-occupied Al Asad Airbase (01 March 2021)

General Tod Wolters added to American newspeak — "Everything we do is about generating peace" — right before he started yakking about the implicit necessity of US global domination (28 February 2021)

Blowing people to bits is — "de-escalation" — according to the United States (27 February 2021)

Scumbag Joe attacks Syria — because 'everyone' hates Iran — or something like that (26 February 2021)

China lands one on the braggart's snout — 'winter toilet' Texas becomes the bad example that highlights the PRC's success — ouch (25 February 2021)

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a reasonable dissent — and Democrats and Lamestream fleas jumped all over it — without, apparently, reading it first (24 February 2021)

Rise of the Biden Nazis — speech suppression (23 February 2021)

Isn't this great? — Texas goes down the Winter Toilet — and Texas senator Ted Cruz flees to Mexico to receive a First World experience (22 February 2021)

Skepticism about SARS-CoV-2 variants' effects — Rosemary Frei (21 February 2021)

CDC's tra-la-la initial MMWR report — about COVID-19 vaccine safety (19 February 2021)

Trump versus McConnell — a battle between two nihilistic geniuses — how better to sum the American Experience? (18 February 2021)

Texas snow parable — a mini look at competing ideas of sane governance (17 February 2021)

Anthony Fauci just received the Dan David Prize for "defending science" — how delightfully inappropriate is that? (16 February 2021)

Chris Hedges' observations about Cancel Culture — my Niemöllerian comment (15 February 2021)

Evil TurtleMan had it both ways — regarding Trump Impeachment Two's conviction process (14 February 2021)

Don't ask me to respect US institutions led by gutless CYAers (12 February 2021)

Andrew Bacevich on Reverend King's admonition — about the interplay of racism, materialism and militarism (11 February 2021)

Vitriolically lame-brained? — culturally indicative Internet comments regarding Jeep's 2021 Super Bowl commercial (09 February 2021)

United States' cultural message to the world — flying bombers over the Super Bowl (08 February 2021)

Lunacy in a nutshell — Biden's regime is on a Stalinist roll (06 February 2021)

Genius-souled Caitlin Johnstone — just put a foot up American leadership's hypocritical posterior (05 February 2021)

Obstreperous China and Russia may need to be nuked — implies US Admiral Charles Richard — that happy creature of the American Establishment (04 February 2021)

Trump against McConnell — for the Republican Party's alleged soul? (03 February 2021)

COVID control ignorance — a Capitalist exercise in profits-extraction and public control? (02 February 2021)

If we "denounce" everyone — whom Establishment Mind Control says that we should — we would never get anything done — that ocean is too deep (01 February 2021)

Donald Trump's "impeachment two" legal team quit — due to his incapacity for rational thought (31 January 2021)

Ex-CIA plotter John Brennan — one of Russiagate's lying authors — now implies that swaths of Americans are domestic terrorists (30 January 2021)

Liberate US Government from the American Rabble's interference— sayeth acting Capitol Police Chief Pittman (29 January 2021)

Nourishment for the weak and gullible — Homeland Security's vapid "domestic terror" musings (28 January 2021)

Hail Biden's totalitarian state — National Guard to stay in DC "indefinitely" — for no good reason (27 January 2021)

Let's chat about the value of "good" Government — by examining its opposite in the United States — COVID masks, for example (26 January 2021)

Wannabe King Newsom runs for cover — "Logic and consistency, what are those?" (25 January 2021)

Nice gesture from First Lady Jill Biden — symbolically small stuff matters (23 January 2021)

Lack of smarts of the Trump Cult — with same being true of Biden's herd of neoliberal dopes? (23 January 2021)

If you're not a rich country, we're gonna have to kill you off — Oxford-AstraZeneca gouges South Africa on COVID vaccine price (22 January 2021)

What does one do with flocks of bloodthirsty sheep? — mauled pollster Frank Luntz says that he does not know (22 January 2021)

Toddling Donny left the White House with his dishonorable tail between his legs (21 January 2021)

Trump's political base is the new Al Qaeda? — Stanley McChrystal and the US Establishment's new propaganda (20 January 2021)

Democrats, common sense and the Constitution — Trump's second impeachment conviction fiasco? (19 January 2021)

If China were in charge — slothful America would have built COVID hospitals — and conducted a successful vaccine rollout (17 January 2021)

"Energy bar" to "crowbar" — MoA's catch regarding Lamestream's deluded anti-Trump hatred (16 January 2021)

More Establishment hysteria-fueling — "Capitol rioters included trained ex-military, cops" (15 January 2021)

Neo-Nazi terror looms? — US propaganda machine bleats on (14 January 2021)

Clueless rabble? — Professor Jason Morgan's comment about the American Public and the Capitol riot (13 January 2021)

Epitome of US-sponsored evil — killing Yemeni kids for profit (12 January 2021)

Impeaching Trump at this late date — how is that going to accomplish anything worthwhile? (11 January 2021)

Banning the President from Twitter — should Big Tech really be telling us what to think and say? (10 January 2021)

Contradicting myself — did Trump rioters' Capitol invasion — not come from self-entitled mindset — but instead from democracy-supporting virtue? (09 January 2021)

The American way is self-entitlement? — Win McNamee's photograph sums it, for both Trump and BLM rioters (08 January 2021)

The entertaining Trump Cult carried his banners — as they attacked the Capitol without a plan (07 January 2021)

Joyously sour insights from Thomas Knapp — regarding lousy Government and COVID (06 January 2021)

US is so inhumane — that not even alleged criminals should be sent here? — British Judge Vanessa Baraitser regarding Julian Assange — and a matching sociological comment by William Astore (05 January 2021)

Authorities are blaming COVID's escalation on "new" variants of SARS-CoV-2 — rather than on simple characteristics of exponential growth — why? (04 January 2021)

Let's all be COVID hysterical together — and join figurative lemmings in plunging off cliffs — that we've built with our tiny paws (03 January 2021)

Corporate-owned hospitals fleece American taxpayers again — Army Corps of Engineers California hospitals story (02 January 2021)



It's always China's fault — except when it's Russia's, Iran's, North Korea's, Venezuela's . . .  (31 December 2020)

Propagandized "new strains" of SARS-CoV-2 — no wonder that people stopped paying attention (30 December 2020)

Glimpses of sour viciousness — the United States in action — December 2020 (29 December 2020)

Grandstanding Trump caves — but only after damage is certain — how typical (28 December 2020)

On Christmas Eve — the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals subtly jabbed — our cowardly US Supreme Court (26 December 2020)

Christmas Eve's abbreviated look at how the United States really works (24 December 2020)

A Chris Hedges video worth watching — for those whose minds are still free (23 December 2020)

Ridiculous Brexit process — bad leaders pay no price (22 December 2020)

American Government is not happy, if we are not afraid — in our Grand Land of Impoverished Dreams (21 December 2020)

"Sensitive US military equipment given to local forces goes unaccounted for in Afghanistan" — who could have seen that coming? (19 December 2020)

St. Louis Circuit Attorney (prosecutor) Kim Gardner landed on her face — as I suspected she might — after she charged the gun-brandishing McCloskeys on political grounds (18 December 2020)

COVID-19 vaccines — a knowledgeably reassuring take — from MedCram and the La Jolla Institute for Immunology's Professor Shane Crotty (17 December 2020)

Secretary of Defense nominee — General (retired) Lloyd Austin — is being attacked for "limited experience" (17 December 2020)

Vox — a Democratic Party propaganda organ — look at its code speak (15 December 2020)

Moronic behavior on one side — a corrupt system on the other — where's a "real" American to go? (14 December 2020)

Cowardly US Supreme Court demonstrates again why it should not exist — election 2020 — Texas versus four states (12 December 2020)

COVID vaccines — clever Russians — maybe smart science and higher moral ground (11 December 2020)

Rebutting Beau of the Fifth Column — who said that California sheriffs are overstepping their societal bounds — by refusing to enforce Governor Newsom's stay-at-home order (10 December 2020)

Five prominent sheriffs have become California's lonely voices of COVID reason (09 December 2020)

Diversity in advancing war — is that a "yay"? (08 December 2020)

Think "Chicoms" are bad? — contrast the United States' always war-fomenting leadership (05 December 2020)

CDC's questionable "study" — about locations to catch COVID — is still being peddled by American media and Government — as justification for discriminatory treatments of business and religion (04 December 2020)

Laissez faire capitalism subliminally imprisons how we interpret — COVID's allegedly close-to-full hospital capacity (03 December 2020)

Attorney General Bill Barr — is oozing his way through Plutocracy's revolving door (02 December 2020)

COVID-19 vaccines — a representative example of dangerous ignorance (30 November 2020)

Historically speaking, Government immorality collapses previously capable societies — where is the United States today? (29 November 2020)

Israel, we can deduce, is trying to start another major war in the Middle East — how boomerang Hitlerian is that? (28 November 2020)

Evil Chinese and Russians are trying to get us from space — says Space Force General John Raymond (27 November 2020)

Roger Seheult's outstanding visual analysis — of Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID vaccines (26 November 2020)

CA and NY have the most single day COVID "cases" — what an astonishment — for the brainless (26 November 2020)

COVID Maoist, Andrew Cuomo — probably suicided whatever presidential ambitions he had (25 November 2020)

It's official, Americans are stupider than fecal mass — roughly half want Trump to run again — and God only knows about the rest (24 November 2020)

For brain relief, flee the "booboisie" — a prescription (23 November 2020)

California's Governor Newsom models privilege and governmental corruption — in cartoon-like fashion (22 November 2020)

Global capitalism's representative COVID Maoists — WHO, CDC and Big Pharma — Governors Whitmer and Newsom — with a guest appearance by Doctor Fauci (21 November 2020)

Fun when pot and kettle get into it — Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "psychopathic nut" comment (20 November 2020)

Bloomberg just published Tyler Cowen's US-beats-China opinion piece — an example of flaming puffery (19 November 2020)

Hamilton Nolan's juxtapositional metaphor — perfectly describes the United States (18 November 2020)

Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller's "initial" memo to DoD — is representatively meaningless (16 November 2020)

Uncritical acceptance of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine claims is idiotic — but that's not stopping Big Pharma and its captive Lamestream (13 November 2020)

A perceptive back and forth — between Matt Taibbi and Paul Jay — regarding why US politics are as they are (12 November 2020)

What's the big deal with Trump's refusal to concede the election — is the world going to end? (11 November 2020)

The sky is falling! — "These are dictator moves" (11 November 2020)

We the People — faked out, again (10 November 2020)

US government is silencing media outlets — Lamestream does not object (09 November 2020)

Toddling Donny is going out — in the same abrasive and unaccomplishing way that he came in (07 November 2020)

US Democrats' inability to see themselves — explains their repeated political difficulties (05 November 2020)

Provocatively lying Trump — suicidally foolish Democrats — ain't nothin' gonna change (04 November 2020)

Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL-S gimbal camera stabilizer — standard package — a short review (03 November 2020)

Gerald Posner, Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America (2020) — a short book review (02 November 2020)

Unfettered capitalism's representative sin — mail order frozen cheesecake (31 October 2020)

"The Intercept" spinelessly morphed into yet another Establishment propagandizer — and the (literally) honorable Glenn Greenwald gave it the boot (30 October 2020)

Hubris carried talented Tucker Carlson to Ludicrous Land, last night (29 October 2020)

Giving up on COVID, sneaking in a Constitution-shredder, and zeroing economic relief — the happy state of American Governance (28 October 2020)

Blowhard Senator Chuck Schumer told Republicans that — they may regret their Supreme Court tactics longer than they think (27 October 2020)

Being provocative as a psychic survival tool — that's my excuse (25 October 2020)

Lazy, inept Trump — cannot even get Bill Barr to do the Attorney General's core job (23 October 2020)

Gonna miss President Trump, when he's gone — a genius for memorable phrasing (23 October 2020)

An idiotic definition of COVID "close contact exposure" — bites us in the behind — and we're surprised? (22 October 2020)

DoJ's bogus Purdue Pharma opioid settlement (21 October 2020)

Clapper-Hayden-Brennan's dishonorable Deep State is interfering in 2020 US election again (20 October 2020)

Exercising Cancel Culture's happy fists in San Francisco (19 October 2020)

Pretend COVID infection tracking is selling Stupidity to the public — ask why (18 October 2020)

Social media censorship — time to start chopping Oligarchy's repressing electrons (17 October 2020)

2020 election — Paul Edward's argument against choosing lesser evils (16 October 2020)

Amy Barrett's ignorance regarding the First Amendment — should disqualify her — then there's the Lamestream's ineptitude (15 October 2020)

Jaime O'Neill's observations about Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett — and mine about our Land of Opportunity (14 October 2020)

Ralph Nader may have missed stating the core diagnostic point in his — "Expected Countervailing Forces to Trumpism are Failing" (13 October 2020)

In the developed West, rationality has fled — in favor of an unending stream of assertions about bias (12 October 2020)

Predictably and just pre-election — FBI leadership trotted out another of its Deep State anti-Trump concoctions (09 October 2020)

Mike Pence blathered way past debate time limits — demonstrating a disregard for women, agreements and rules (08 October 2020)

Who's the enemy? — even if we knew, would that help? (07 October 2020)

Imagine yourself as a Secret Service agent — protecting President Trump — a metaphor with legs (05 October 2020)

Pantywaist Democrats — taking down negative ads, so that Trump can recover — isn't that sweet? (03 October 2020)

Stihl MS 250 chainsaw — starting it, after 9 years in storage (02 October 2020)

Alexei Navalny's "poisoning" fable continues — Putin did it, of course (01 October 2020)

Adam Henryism is US — 2020's first presidential debate (30 September 2020)

Metaphorically drown Hypocrisy Central's leadership and be done with it? — regarding Portland, Proud Boys and The Intercept (29 September 2020)

Andy Kroll and Professor Steve Vladeck regarding Trump's indebtedness and national security risk — Democrats should run with that issue (28 September 2020)

Barbara Boland skewered Bob Woodward — the US and Israel demonstrated that they're pariah nations — and then there's Julian Assange (26 September 2020)

Whiny-baby US starts United Nations fight, blames China for COVID — respect plummets (25 September 2020)

Breonna Taylor was justifiably executed just because she was near the shooter? — What kind of a legal and professional standard is that? (24 September 2020)

Our gloriously inept, unethical and public-looting Pentagon — strikes again (23 September 2020)

Did we really need a supercomputer to tell us that — face shields (by themselves) are worthless in stopping COVID aerosols and droplets? (22 September 2020)

Distraction is the means of Corporatism's power-holding — examples (21 September 2020)

Post RBG — Lamestream characteristically trots out (blabbericiously spineless) Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins (20 September 2020)

The tiny handful of people still plugging Anti-Doom's Dike are dying off — Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen, for one (19 September 2020)

Another black eye for Democrats — Nashville's bars and restaurants — and the two-Party shroud (18 September 2020)

COVID is in US schools and colleges — but reportedly few systems are reliably tracking its spread (17 September 2020)

Attorney General Bill Barr — may threaten the Republic more than his boss does (16 September 2020)

"Liberal" columnist Sonali Kolhatkar wrote that — "Many police are barely distinguishable from racist vigilantes" (15 September 2020)

CA, OR, WA governors push climate change — when, instead, they could do something immediate about wildfires (14 September 2020)

Symbolic event so powerful that it entirely sums the United States — Oregon's National Guard helicopters (13 September 2020)

Nothing shows the dictatorial decline of American Freedom better than — the Trump Administration's terrorization of Julian Assange (12 September 2020)

Jon Schwarz essentially (and accurately) said that — politics is about fostering deadly delusions (11 September 2020)

Economists' "super-spreader" study of the Sturgis motorcycle rally — was methodologically unsupported nonsense (10 September 2020)

Jeffrey Goldberg's anti-Trump "losers-suckers" hit piece revived the "swift boating" propaganda technique (09 September 2020)

Age of Impenetrable Self-Involvement — we're having a baby, let's set California on fire (08 September 2020)

Typically American, a $10,984 COVID test — predatory corruption all the way up the chain (07 September 2020)

Oligarchy knows best — Facebook blocks dying man's podcast (06 September 2020)

True or not, The Atlantic's Belleau Wood "suckers-losers" Trump statement — is going to make the President bleed (05 September 2020)

Russia reportedly has developed the world's first COVID vaccine — and the US immediately sanctioned the Russian entity involved (04 September 2020)

American COVID testing debacle continues — Big Pharma plot? — or just governmental stupidity? (03 September 2020)

BLM and Antifa's "death to America" repulsiveness is drowning them both — Democrats maybe also (02 September 2020)

CDC's (26 August 2020) COVID death certificate data — misinterpreted by President Trump and some of the public (01 September 2020)

With Trump — Speaker Nancy Pelosi does her part to aggravate tantrum-like divisiveness (31 August 2020)

Three essays clarify 2020's lesser evil election question — Nicky Reid's hammer versus Noam Chomsky's subtlety — with Peter Van Buren's tie-breaker (29 August 2020)

Losing political strategy — Democrats want to ban assault rifles, high capacity magazines — and tax poor people (30 to 50 percent) for guns and ammunition (28 August 2020)

United States is screaming its COVID incompetence — from the CDC's rot-sagging rooftop (27 August 2020)

Art of making a bad name for oneself — BLM "protesters" burning out innocents (26 August 2020)

Kimberly Gardner's politically motivated charges against the gun-toting McCloskeys — came to prominence at 2020's Republican Convention — Sun Tzu-ish or not? (25 August 2020)

Perplexing times — Trump lies all the time, is sometimes right, but does not follow though — his opponents lie all the time, are usually also wrong, but do follow through — which is worse? (24 August 2020)

Wake up fighting? — Caitlin Johnstone and Didier Raoult on rebelling against foolish consensus (23 August 2020)

Foretaste of US Orwellian future? — Virginia public health chief says that he will require all Virginians to get COVID vaccine, when it becomes available (22 August 2020)

Democrats regularly insist on shooting themselves in both feet — consider their Convention and Platform (21 August 2020)

YouTube's abuse of power — favors the Party Line — and libertarians' inadvertent contribution to that (20 August 2020)

Robert Reich found a point in Kamala Harris's favor — I stand corrected (18 August 2020)

Kamala Harris, token "black" woman — will be boss, when plutocratic "white" Joe Biden's mind slides away — is that a Yay? (17 August 2020)

Is Big Pharma behind CNN's effort to discredit people — who are skeptical of rushed-to-market COVID vaccine safety? (15 August 2020)

Congress — a putrid collaboration of predominantly avaricious and duty-avoiding cowards — Democrats, for instance (14 August 2020)

Post-concussion syndrome — an anecdote about the dangers of TBI heat sensitivity in the elderly (13 August 2020)

Lamestream Axios nitwit — Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian — smeared The Grayzone, without a bit of evidence (12 August 2020)

C J Hopkins' "new normal" mentalities — and vermin Democrats (11 August 2020)

Social Contract theory — rebel, rather than ask permission to operate livelihoods — during the COVID pandemic? (10 August 2020)

Is it Eric "Nazi" Garcetti or just Mayor Garcetti — Los Angeles and COVID (08 August 2020)

Is Jeremy Sherman's "structure by cynicism" (my words) — the American Republic's only hope of repair? (06 August 2020)

Trump's obfuscating Axios interview — demonstrated why he is an effective conman (06 August 2020)

Georgia YMCA camp COVID outbreak — good example of infection scare tactics — without reporting downstream health effects (04 August 2020)

Will we become COVID vaccine lab critters soon? (03 August 2020)

Pants still down and moving slower than handless sloths — failed state Amerika and COVID (02 August 2020)

USA's — "stupidity meets COVID experiment" — is heating up — and we're still not examining its data (01 August 2020)

Trump's delay 2020 election ploy — two perspectives — one correct (31 July 2020)

Chinese seeds — another indicator of hysterical American boneheadedness? (31 July 2020)

Anti-hydroxychloroquine conspiracy? — Trump may be correct (30 July 2020)

Common sense left the United States — witness the Miami Marlins, COVID — and Governor Ron DeSantis (28 July 2020)

US Supreme Court demonstrates again, why it should not exist — Calvary Chapel v Sisolak (26 July 2020)

We're COVID's worst place? — using Business Insider as an example of Establishment mindlessness (25 July 2020)

Sensitive to your identities, while our War Machine kills you — what could be more American? (24 July 2020)

Cancel culture has us renaming birds now — evidently, so that people can feel "safe" (23 July 2020)

Investigating COVID's epidemiology — if useless American governments won't do it — the public will? (22 July 2020)

Will an American backlash erupt soon? (21 July 2020)

Kids do spread COVID — why did it take South Korea to prove this— when they have way fewer cases than we do? (19 July 2020)

Corporatists are joining totalitarian Commies to steal our lives? (18 July 2020)

Foreseeing and preparing for the obvious should be Government's main purpose — in the US, we do the reverse — apparently by reflex (17 July 2020)

Ultimately, it isnt our leaders' fault? — sardonic wisdom from blogger "jtree" (16 July 2020)

Federalism suicides itself — "Il Duce" Trump grabs more power (15 July 2020)

Too few N95 masks — no real research on COVID aerosols — why is American Government fat ass sitting? (14 July 2020)

Confederacy was not treasonous, Larry Johnson? — stupidity's bell peals loud (13 July 2020)

Some jurisdictions have returned to locking down businesses — but with no COVID-spreading evidence to blame them for (13 July 2020)

France — an example of the Plutocratic Establishment's power (12 July 2020)

Prospect of having to "kill the bastards" is becoming more real — Chris Martenson on COVID and oligarchy (11 July 2020)

US can't even get the little stuff right — still too little COVID personal protective gear — and a glaring counter example from history (10 July 2020)

Are Americans a particularly gullible brand of sheep — and can our wooly selves survive? (09 July 2020)

New York Times is hugely lying (again) — even according to its own numbers and COVID context (08 July 2020)

Painting over "Black Lives Matter" on a street surface — that's a hate crime? (08 July 2020)

Tiresome charges of racism — miss the socioeconomic point (06 July 2020)

Is COVID control capitalism's plot to tyrannize — or is it just profit-seeking? (05 July 2020)

The Oligarchy will not let us withdraw from Afghanistan — Deep State's "bounty" story gains traction — in Congress's gibbering monkey house (03 July 2020)

General H. R. McMaster — mindlessly — bleated perpetual war's trumpet in Foreign Affairs (02 July 2020)

Nuclear war — an expedient way to end Serial Russiagate — and the connivers who started it (01 July 2020)

Stinko creeps — at the New York Times and Washington Post — were caught doing their "Rooskies did it" dance again (30 June 2020)

Having your COVID cake — and wanting to eat it, too — Vice President Mike Pence in Texas (29 June 2020)

Same guys who lied about Trump being Putin's puppet — now tell us that Russia pays Taliban to kill US troops (27 June 2020)

End of a poorly managed business entity — Olympus Imagining Division (27 June 2020)

Caitlin Johnstone's essay about the death of US free speech — is right on the (pun) money (26 June 2020)

Meaningless COVID numbers — Ahmaud Arbery and Bubba Wallace — the propagandizing Lamestream (25 June 2020)

US ending federal support for COVID testing sites — and other ridiculousness-demonstrating tidbits (24 June 2020)

COVID's foolishly named "second wave" — if a species is this obtuse, should it be wiped out? (22 June 2020)

In trying to fire Manhattan's court-appointed US attorney (Geoff Berman) — is AG Bill Barr furthering Il Duce Trump's suspected corruption? (20 June 2020)

COVID masks culture war — N95s for the vulnerable — is the longer term view (19 June 2020)

"We lied 'cause y'all be sheeps" — American government's excuse for its early COVID-19 mask untruths (18 June 2020)

Way too many cowards in American policing — compare firemen and unprotected COVID medical personnel (17 June 2020)

Some media would have us believe that George Floyd Era cops — are resigning in large numbers (14 June 2020)

C J Hopkins' brilliant piece — about Global Capitalism's failure to trick Trump — into becoming Hitler — and thereby having an excuse to putsch him (10 June 2020)

Pelosi and Schumer of the Party of Fake Opposition — kneeled for 8:46 minutes, while wearing African Kente cloth — barfing laughter not far behind (10 June 2020)

Trump's capacity for perfectly missing the point — constitutes political genius (09 June 2020)

Fear that President Trump will not leave office, even if defeated in 2020 — has been undone by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — and his probably agreeing 4 star colleagues (08 June 2020)

Attorney General Bill Barr said that — police pepper spray is not a chemical irritant — evidently, just like water boarding is not torture (08 June 2020)

What else — besides Constitutional concern — motivates military leadership's opposition to President Trump's wish to use active duty troops on American soil? (06 June 2020)

Why did the Lamestream bury General Mark Milley's (Constitution-reminding) "Message to the Joint Force"? (05 June 2020)

The Lancet's fraudulent May 2020 hydroxychloroquine COVID study was finally retracted — corruption influences everything the Establishment touches (05 June 2020)

The American fascist state is blooming — undesignated troop-police in DC refused to identify themselves to the public — do Brownshirts come next? (04 June 2020)

Consider the Trump Administration's eagerness to "dominate the [domestic] battlespace" — while holding a Bible aloft (03 June 2020)

Did COVID disappear the way Trump said it would? — you would think so, as Americans riot away social distancing — and mostly nobody mentions SARS-CoV-2 (02 June 2020)

Amid George Floyd protests — Trump White House turned its lights off (01 June 2020)

Lamestream media — what the Supreme Court really said about California's COVID church restrictions (30 May 2020)

Do two inadvertent pandemic experiments — define a form of societal stupidity? (28 May 2020)

Lancet's May 2020 hydroxychloroquine COVID study — is essentially worthless — yet everyone is citing it anyway (27 May 2020)

CDC and some US states demonstrate — poor critical thinking — mixing viral RNA and COVID antibody test results (26 May 2020)

Is Asia picking up the United States' dropped brain torch? (22 May 2020)

Is Trump's frustration with his 'swampish' AG correctly held? (20 May 2020)

Since when are the medications that President Trump takes anyone's business? (19 May 2020)

Identity politics — where fundamentally disintegrating societies go to die? (17 May 2020)

Acting like the commie cartoon — like Fat Cats say Democrats are — is a poor way to 2020 election victory (16 May 2020)

Foolish Sandernistas — wandering aimlessly in a wilderness of their own making (15 May 2020)

Is the United States a failed nation? — COVID in Native American country (13 May 2020)

Obscenely high stock market — massive levels unemployment — Elites stealing our lives (09 May 2020)

Toddling Donny blames China for not stopping COVID-19 — his own (and our) record is worse (08 May 2020)

American COVID-19 — our demonstration of raging brainlessness continues (06 May 2020)

Are Americans living in a South Park cartoon? (05 May 2020)

How come hydroxychloroquine is suddenly — the apparently most dangerous pharmaceutical on the planet? (04 May 2020)

Americans should be up in arms (03 May 2020)

Blame the blameworthy — not just China (01 May 2020)

Together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence define imbecility — are not four years enough? (29 April 2020)

Not looking ahead is an American business and national security principle — COVID-19 (28 April 2020)

If you are American — this Maryland thing should make you raging mad — no matter your political stripe (23 April 2020)

Missouri ridiculously sues China over COVID-19 — crybaby American whining — cowboy up (22 April 2020)

Problem of inaccurate COVID tests — sensitivity, specificity and statistically based proofs (21 April 2020)

Intentionally misleading COVID numbers are enslaving the American public — and Government is not quickly working toward getting more accurate ones (20 April 2020)

Tunisia outperforms the United States in significant respects? — COVID (17 April 2020)

Just for fun, what's worse — a straightforward sellout — or a cowardly and grasping one? (16 April 2020)

Guess who are advising Toddling Donny regarding reopening the US economy? — the more it stays the same (15 April 2020)

COVID bureaucrats are tyrannizing the United States (14 April 2020)

Sanders goes down for second time — again endorses the quasi-criminals who did him in — so much for progressive principle, huh Bernie? (13 April 2020)

Feds are stealing medical supplies from the States — but not a peep from the Lamestream — remembering Thomas Jefferson (10 April 2020)

LA Times reports that the Feds are literally stealing American states' medical supplies (09 April 2020)

Is US intentionally flying blind with respect to COVID-19? (08 April 2020)

Another power-bloated American pipsqueak representatively acts out — "Moon-Butt" Modly's jerkitude (07 April 2020)

Viral RNA and COVID antibody tests are different — and the US lacks enough of both to plan intelligently (06 April 2020)

Propaganda-fueled stupidity dooms us — and China didn't do it (04 April 2020)

No sooner had Danny Sjursen said Army COVID policy was immorally nonsensical — than the Navy proved him right (02 April 2020)

Evil Turtle Man said that impeachment got in the way of a COVID response — think about that (01 April 2020)

How far the fakely mighty United States has fallen — during the COVID pandemic (31 March 2020)

American media are trying to kill 79 year old Dr. Anthony Fauci — by overworking him (30 March 2020)

COVID — half US population is so unobservant — that it thinks Trump is doing a good job (29 March 2020)

Vengeance as political concept — America's plundering Federal Government (27 March 2020)

Thinking like headless chickens regarding COVID-19? (26 March 2020)

COVID-19 mocks affluent West's pretensions about untouchability — fuzzy thinking and moral choices (25 March 2020)

COVID-19 reality exists, even in the United States — yet, watch American plutocrats scramble to suck it dry (23 March 2020)

Tomas Pueyo's "hammer and dance" COVID-19 suppression plan — twists evidence — makes epidemiologically baseless jumps of optimism (22 March 2020)

Pandemic — Governor Andrew Cuomo just set a historic example of plain-spoken, detailed leadership (22 March 2020)

Trump and COVID-19 — where's the big push to manufacture what health care workers need? (21 March 2020)

CDC's misleading COVID-19 numbers — should we join prepper militias? (20 Mar 2020)

China (sure as heck) is kicking our greedy imperialist butts — in the "good will" department (19 March 2020)

Hysterical shut-down reactions to coronavirus will destroy the American economy — consider Utilitarianism instead (17 March 2020)

Coronavirus — political opposites Paul Craig Roberts and Margaret Kimberley have reached similar conclusions — regarding the American system (16 March 2020)

Coronavirus — western democracies showing arrogant ineptness — a spiritual lesson? (15 March 2020)

Democratic Party Establishment is even more nauseating than its Republican twin (13 March 2020)

The European Union — that bastion of self-destructive stupidity — criticized President Trump for trying to protect the US from COVID-19 coronavirus (12 March 2020)

Senator Bernie Sanders — another Democratic Party wimp (11 March 2020)

Cruise ship metaphor — how society sinks to its lowest common denominator (09 March 2020)

Elizabeth Warren just demonstrated — why she is too manipulatively professorial to be a decent president (06 March 2020)

Coronavirus numbers, no one knows much yet — optimism, pessimism both reasonable (05 March 2020)

Increasingly foggy Joe Biden — is likely to become 2020's Democratic presidential candidate — How cruel is that? (04 March 2020)

Spread of coronavirus shows how poorly US government does genuine national security (02 March 2020)

Love a good rant? — here's one from Jaime O'Neill — about COVID-19 (28 February 2020)

These totalitarian-leaning United States — Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning (27 February 2020)

A story about kayaks — and — retailers making American manufacturers' lives miserable (26 February 2020)

Two voracious American stupidities — Donald Trump and the Deep State (25 February 2020)

A tweeted Mike Bloomberg ad was genuinely funny — the difference between "debates" and leadership (24 February 2020)

US State Department and Trump Administration overruled CDC's "no" — regarding importing Diamond Princess COVID-19 patients into the United States (22 February 2020)

Bloomberg is another Trump — but less entertaining — a comment about plutocratic socialism (21 February 2020)

COVID-19 is probably loose for good — better plan to manage it (20 February 2020)

Cruise ships and coronavirus — what did "we" expect to happen? (19 February 2020)

Is coronavirus quarantine in the United States working perfectly? — consider the latest from China (18 February 2020)

American coronavirus policy's ineffectualness — has arguably turned into risk-taking excess (17 January 2020)

With COVID-19 — China is demonstrating its "get things done" advantage over the "West" (16 February 2020)

A comparison aptly highlights American government's BS — terrorism versus coronavirus (15 February 2020)

Is Bill Barr a bad Attorney General — just because the "vast liberal conspiracy" says so? (13 February 2020)

Pete Buttigieg, NBC, NPR — and the Status Quo's penchant for — intentionally mangling language (12 February 2020)

Post-Iowa Democratic establishment favorite — Pete Buttigieg — is good for a sardonic laugh (10 February 2020)

Ineffectual US coronavirus-management plan? (08 February 2020)

The U.S. Democratic Party — and the art of being consistently ineffectual (06 February 2020)

Aging and the questionable art — of not gracefully giving in — Lumbar spines, bad backs, neuromuscular issues — and sea kayaks (05 February 2020)

Living in a fantasy world — a metaphor from Baltimore County (04 February 2020)

Hysterical coronavirus babble — the uselessness of news media (03 February 2020)

Killing people in Afghanistan for profit? — 2019 was an especially good year (30 January 2020)

Is doing the ineffectual better than just being realistic? — the Wuhan coronavirus (28 January 2020)

Law professor Marjorie Cohn wrote that Republicans — have made a mockery of the impeachment process — But isn't nearly everything officially American a mockery? (27 January 2020)

The vacuous — "capitalism is better than corporatism" — distinction (23 January 2020)

Assuming that people care about the Big Picture is misguided — consider Frank Vogl and Stephan Richter's curiously blind perspective regarding American arms dealing (20 January 2020)

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