Is US suffering from mass psychoses? — seems so

© 2021 Peter Free


21 November 2021



Let's glimpse at two related American phenomena


First is the widespread certainty (among swaths of folks) that 'Dementia' Joe Biden stole the 2020 election from Toddling Donny.


Second is the Democratic Party belief that Kyle Rittenhouse was a murdering white supremacist, who went to Kenosha (Wisconsin) to shoot 'black protesters' last year.



Regarding 'stop the steal'


According to two opinion polls — both reported by the Daily Mail:



Fifty-one percent of 339 white women without degrees polled said the election was stolen, compared with 29 percent of 207 degree-holding white women


Of 1,473 respondents to the Economist poll, 5 percent of Democrats, 39 percent of Independents and 77 percent of Republicans thought Biden stole the election


Eighteen percent of white women without college degrees said that Trump was 'likely' to be reinstated before the end of 2021


© 2021 Christina Coulter, Most white women without college degrees think Biden stole 2020 election - and 18 percent say Trump will 'likely' be reinstated - in new poll, Daily Mail (20 November 2021)



And of Rittenhouse


A simple overview of the post-verdict media traffic — conducted by anyone with access to Internet or TV — indicates that so-called 'liberal' media cannot believe that no crime was committed.


On this subject, rather than assembling my own review of the allegedly 'leftist' media's ridiculous Rittenhouse as the Equivalent of White Satan statements — let us refer to four reasonably accurate overviews of that tide of accusatory nonsense.


Four of the more concise are listed below.


Naturally (given America's current political climate), all the four appear in 'conservative' media. Which, for once, seem to be clinging to provable facts:



Andrea Widburg, A brief summary of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, from riots to the courthouse, American Thinker (20 November 2021)


Clarice Feldman, Heroes and Zeros: The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict, American Thinker (21 November 2021)


Viva Frei, Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal Reveals the Rampant Media Lies, YouTube (20 November 2021)


Fox News, Tucker: This drives Democrats insane about Rittenhouse verdict, YouTube (19 November 2021)



You can evaluate the accuracy (or not) of the above assessments by referring yourselves to:



(a) comprehensive video evidence — immediately and easily available just after the homicides — see, for instance, YouTube



(b) witness statements taken directly from pertinent Rittenhouse trial testimony




(c) Wisconsin law — which (surprise, surprise) actually showed up in Judge Bruce Schroeder's courtroom.



In short, the Alleged Left's hostile perception of Rittenhouse, and his actions, is a bullshit fantasy — that consistently and blatantly disregards both facts and law.



Add the above-listed Right and Left-spawned falsities together . . .


. . . and two tentative cultural conclusions emerge:



Facts, and looking for facts, do not matter at all to the apparently overwhelming majority of Americans.


And even if facts did matter to us, virtually no one wants to apply the process of Rational Reasoning to them.



What is the result?


Competing mass psychoses.



The moral? — We are, I hypothesize, doomed by our aggressive insanities


We have become a population that is so inept above the neck, that there is no hope for survival over the long term. We have enthusiastically removed sapiens out of Homo.


What we are left with is a Loser Mush of erectile brainlessness.


What is notably curious, is that the nation's propagandizing Elites have taken the lead in manufacturing this fall from national respect-worthy-ness.


Ask yourselves, why they would do this.