For brain relief, flee the "booboisie" — a prescription

© 2020 Peter Free


23 November 2020



A definition . . .


. . . necessary for understanding my title today:



booboisie (adj., n.) ("büb-"wä-'zE) is a blend of boob and bourgeoisie coined by the late great critic, writer, and radical thinker, H.L. Mencken (1880-1956).


In the plural, Mencken used booboisie to describe the ignorant members of "Main Street America." The singular is also booboisie, which Mencken used to describe “a professional man who conforms unthinkingly to prevailing middle-class standards.”


“No one in this world, so far as I know ... has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of booboisie.”


© 2007 true dough, booboisie, Urban Dictionary (22 January 2007)



Stupidity kills?


Over a long enough term, probably.


Certainly, in massively widespread amounts, it is enervating enough for us to contemplate exchanging our Homo sapiens (var americanus) cards for something mentally and emotionally more attractive.



Take the United States' — fully representative — present day times


We just concluded a presidential election between:



two mentally doddering old men


both corrupt out the wazoo


both unembarrassed liars


and both


essentially promising more of the same —


in the absence of noticeably having supported any substantive political platforms of their own.



Consider here also, that our gloriously failed nation . . .


. . . (for a duration long preceding the 2016 arrival of Doddering Fool 1) — managed to open itself to a deadly pandemic by thoroughly making itself completely unprepared for it or its biowarfare equivalent.


Then, our national institutions — including the largely controlling Deep State — aggravated this waste of trillions of dollars in national defense spending by enthusiastically permitting Fool 1 to do nothing substantial to ameliorate the subsequent SARS-CoV-2 assault.


Which, by the way, we may have been (at least partially) responsible for having created in the first place.



During this melee — of wildly displayed national incompetence — entered Doddering Fool 2


He wins the 2020 election and immediately sets about signaling a coming Administration filled with people, who are exactly identical in political attitudes to those that happily paved the way for the previous, rebelliously inclined election of Fool 1 in 2016.


And — Fool 2's tentatively selected 2021 Administration almost certainly signals a grand American return to its favorite penchant for murdering people abroad for just for grins and lucre.



And now, Fool 1 . . .


. . . (narcissistically wounded by being rejected in 2020) is polluting America's judicial system with wildly concocted claims of a stolen election.


The specific essence of this rather obvious fable — given the necessarily massive scale necessary to pull it off — being that:



Fool 2 somehow cobbled together a win


(comprised of millions of votes)


among scattered swing-state jurisdictions


which somehow


all managed to create Fool 2 votes




completely ignore Fool 1 votes


on some kind of coordinated basis




administratively distinct jurisdictions


in states that


were and continue to be


already predominantly of Fool 1's political persuasion.



Seems unlikely, "don't" it?



And the American public . . .


. . . for its characteristically ignorant and/or unintelligent part — is screaming vociferously in favor of one or the other of these two — morally, politically and mentally reprehensible, overtly malign and graft-prone — representatives of the Corrupt Establishment.



It is all enough to make even the Dachshund-sensible among us . . .


. . . puke into our dog-chow bowls.



The Skull-Dead Show must go on, I guess


Entertainment, we can infer from recent US history, is everything.


I occasionally shudder to think what saner societies think about "Ahmuhrikan" greatness.



The moral? — Let us continue to happily sail our frail selves into Reality's iceberg


I am sure that amid this tomfoolery's prevailing spirit, the Marine Corps Band will serenade us — as our heads slide below cold, undrinkable waves.



Closing note — a prescription for personal sanity's return


I often take in too much of current events to cope with.


At those times, I retreat into printed science, medicine and law. Where Rationality still, for the most part, is expected to govern.