American sheep march in lockstep — Stacey Rudin's comment about that trait is accurate

© 2021 Peter Free


02 October 2021



Theme — humans in large groups are incapable of learning


Even under the equivalent of torture.


That says something uninspiring about both our intelligence and our shared ability to survive the long term.



Let's start with an observation about California . . .


. . . and move from there to a general explanatory comment (about human psychology) that Stacey Rubin made about sheep-like mentalities.





As I watched Governor Newsom easily survive California's proposed recall of him, I recognized what a bunch of self-destructive folk Californians are.


After all, Newsom had locked up virtually the whole state — thoroughly bashing and smashing its small business economy, during the COVID pandemic, in just one thoroughly unresearched step.


Then, that same nauseating Pretty Boy prominently ignored his own masking and social distancing orders in attending an Elite Class dinner party.


Nevertheless, in spite of all this — and with California literally burning down around them — for the second year running (due to years of State and Federal forest mismanagement) — and with voters still having to sit through repetitive hot, dark power outages (due the State's unwillingness to regulate and supervise critical public utilities) — two-thirds of voting Californians adamantly kept the Governor in place.


Apparently, we are all too stupid to learn from extendedly painful experience. Instead, we invite more of the same.


Torture and kill us, please — Mr. Big Guy!



Stacy Rudin has apparently been wondering . . .


. . . about the same society-suiciding phenomenon. She wrote that:



[I]t was very easy to know how to manipulate today’s society into “lockdowns,” masks, “social distancing,” and universal experimental injections for people at statistically zero disease-risk.


The manipulator merely needed to create the impression of a very scary risk, and use virtue-based messaging to convince the fearful, emotional masses that (1) they indeed should be very scared, and (2) an action was available to them to ensure not their own safety, but “the safety of others.”


The manipulators now have an emotionally vulnerable population on the defensive, unwilling to concede — even after unequivocal data on the failure of lockdowns is in — that its actions resulted in untold damages and saved no one.


The cult members will never admit that they were taken in by the classic logical fallacy, post hoc, ergo propter hoc: “because the disease went away, your actions worked.”


These people were duped, on some level they know it, and as a result, they are willing to look the other way when their unvaccinated fellow man is forced to wear a symbol of “the unclean.”


Most people stay “safe” in the crowd, unwilling to stand out, infected by the group mood. Whatever the majority is doing is the most comfortable course of action, and most people default to comfort. They fail to understand the value of discomfort, and of following the few courageous people who are willing to endure that discomfort by standing apart from the crowd.


© 2021 Stacey Rudin, Conformity: The Vice of the Coward, Anti-Empire (01 October 2021)





On the national level, we have an obviously dementia-suffering Puppet President — run by Democratic loyalists scattered throughout the Deep State — at the helm.


And in goose-stepped keeping with that penchant for national self-destruction — even after our perennially incompetent (but thoroughly self-serving) military Four Stars managed to kill 13 our own troops (during the Kabul airport debacle) — as well as 7 children, along with 3 innocent adults (shortly afterward) with a relatively representative American drone strike — nobody is accountable.


No one.


Indeed, the only person who wanted to hold 'The Brass' responsible for their many decades of long extended greedy brainlessness is a Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (Stuart Scheller) — who has an exemplary record of service and leadership — and whom the Authorities (naturally) immediately put in Marine Corps jail.



The moral? — Despite year after year of vicious, murdering and impoverishing nonsense . . .


. . . the American Public, for the most part, goes along with the Predatory Malevolents — Democratic or Republican — who lead us.


Courage is admirably useful in direct proportion to its always prevailing absence.


Sheep. They're what's for dinner.