A sardonically presented video metaphor — demonstrating why humanity is incapable — of slowing its contribution to the Anthropocene's global warming

© 2018 Peter Free


09 August 2018



Y'all know that I like metaphors


The sillier and more representative, the better.


In that respect, I think the following video says everything that we need to know — about humanity's genetically inherited inability to slow our many contributions to the Anthropocene's global warming:



Ostacruiser, Sherp Vs. Mega Trucks Impossible Bounty Hole!!, YouTube (30 July 2018)



The clip is about a vehicular mud hole competition


That's where we try to drive specially constructed trucks across the manmade equivalent of an automobile-eating bog.


Certainly one of humanity's most stirring accomplishments.



With regard to the video's specific symbolism


Notice — at about the 12:25 minute mark — that the only "car" to cross the mud strip successfully is apparently:



the smallest,


perhaps the least resource intensive,


as well as being — politically incorrectly, by USA standards —





Observe also, that almost everyone involved in this wondrous event is:



rich-country white,


frequently overweight




drunk —


as well as being


of my own Happy Clan's distinctively shared redneck intelligence.



That latter trait should not be surprising, given that this oil-fueled, mud-slinging contest took place at "Al Benesocky's Filthy Red Neck Country Club".



The moral? — These bog-bashing vehicles will probably prove even more useful . . .


. . . when the planet's permafrost regions have melted:



Thus releasing the polar regions' previously sequestered methane reserves.


Which will (probably predictably) serve as additionally escalating, Planet Greenhouse warming devices.



So brothers and sisters in spirit, rejoice!


Envision the fun that is still to be had.


Let the Anthropocene roll!