Russia left Zelensky alive — because he is such a good reminder of the United States' Ukro-Nazi turd soup

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17 May 2024



Why is this Nazi-spirited clown still alive?


Volodymyr Zelensky, who is cut from the same cloth as the entirety of the American Neocon Klan, keeps parading himself around as a global beacon of murderously corrupt self-entitlement.


One wonders why the Russians didn't 'off' the vilely odious twit, months ago.



The answer is that


The Russian Federation recognizes Zelensky as a brilliant symbol of the Fascist West's corruption.


Russian leadership finds Zelensky's grandly stupid, grasping utterances useful in everyday reminding the world of the West's moral decay.



An illustrating vignette


From Dave DeCamp at AntiWar:



Zelensky is blaming Russia's success on weapons shortages, while Ukrainian soldiers have said there weren't proper fortifications.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv oblast on Thursday and blamed the Russian offensive in the region on “the world” for not sending enough weapons.


When asked if what’s happening in Kharkiv is America’s fault, Zelensky replied, “It’s the world’s fault. They gave the opportunity for Putin to occupy. But now the world can help.”


Zelensky claimed if he just had two more US-made Patriot air defense systems, Ukrainian forces would be able to hold the region.


Ukrainian soldiers have said there were no proper fortifications despite intelligence that showed Russia was amassing troops on the border of Kharkiv.


Martina Boguslavets, a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist, wrote in Ukrainska Pravda that much of the money that was meant to be spent on building fortifications in Kharkiv was likely stolen through shell companies.


© 2024 Dave DeCamp, Zelensky Blames ‘the World’ for Russia’s Kharkiv Offensive, AntiWar (16 May 2024)



Notice that


Zelensky and his Nazi Ukraine Looting Gang are keeping the war going — so as to directly profit themselves by siphoning off large gobs of the West's incoming (billions, billions and billions) slaughter dollars.


And the United States is keeping the conflict, which it instigated, going — so as to get No Brains Biden reelected in November 2024. And thereby, keep America's — war everywhere, war all the time — Military Industrial Complex money train tootling happily along.


The two motives, and the Satanically soulless reasoning underlying both, are essentially identical.



The moral? — Zelensky is still alive because . . .


. . . Russia wants the rest of the world to see the morally revolting US Establishment in characteristic action. Indicted by our own behavior through the actions of our piano playing Zelensky penis puppet.


It really does not get more abysmally self-revealing than this.


This evil-revealing display is now further augmented by the United States' enthusiastic (money and arms) full support of Zionist Israel's genocidally intended elimination of Gaza's Palestinians.


In consequence of US neocons' actions, roughly eighty percent of the planet's human population is actively backing away from The Great Satan.


Russia's point — made.