Secretary Blinken tacitly volunteered that the United States started the Ukraine War to pillage and plunder

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30 April 2024



While speaking at the World Economic Forum's arguable den of thieves


US Secretary of State Blinken volunteered that the Ukraine War is a beneficial side effect of America's pillage and plunder ethos:



[T]here are a number of things that are happening that I think are a demonstration that we’re in this for Ukraine to be strong in the long haul and to stand strongly on its own two feet militarily, economically, democratically.


I’ve never seen a better example of burden sharing than in the case of Ukraine, where European partners, Asian partners, others, for as much as we’ve done, have done even more, and that continues.


But even as we’re dealing with the immediate needs of Ukraine, we have now more than 30 countries that have negotiated or will soon complete negotiations on bilateral security agreements with Ukraine that will help it stand up a future force that can deter aggression and defend against aggression into the future.


At the same time, we’re driving private-sector investment into Ukraine.


There are tremendous opportunities despite the difficult circumstances, and we’re seeing tremendous interest in that.


And even the initial success with that, including Ukraine’s success in making sure that the Black Sea is open again to its commerce – it’s actually exporting more through the Black Sea now than it was before February of 2022.  Revenues are going into the state coffers. You can see a future where Ukraine will be strong economically.


© 2024 U.S. Department of State, Secretary Antony J. Blinken at a Conversation with World Economic Forum President Borge Brende, (29 April 2024) (with embedded video)



Presumably, Ukraine will be "strong economically" because it will be owned by the West's warmongering oligarchs.



The moral? — Blinken is a prominent example of American neocons' through-and-through scumbagism


Smarmy Tony.


Soulless coward extraordinaire.


I smiled, when the ordinarily polite Chinese expressed their contempt for Blinken and the Biden administration, during the Secretary's recent visit to China.


On arrival, Blinken was greeted by the director of Shanghai's foreign affairs office, Kong Fuan. As well as by the literal absence of a red carpet.


And later, at the end of his three day visit, Blinken was farewelled by China's director for North American and Oceanian Affairs, Yang Tao. A noticeable stepdown from someone with national authority and prominence.


In diplomatese, all of this roughly translates to being greeted and farewelled by a municipality's sanitation head. Suitably carrying a scoop shovel and a dog-poop bag.


Someone — more astute than those currently running American Government — might wonder why we go out of our way to disintegrate the soft power that it took so many decades to build.