Just after remembering D-Day — the United States contradictorily lifted its ban on sending weapons to Ukraine's Nazi-inspired Azov Battalion

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11 June 2024



Just after remembering the anti-Nazi sacrifices of D-Day . . .


. . . the United States reversed that massive endeavor's arguably moral merit:



The U.S. has lifted a ban on providing American weapons and training to a controversial Ukrainian military unit that was key to the defense of the major port city of Mariupol, the State Department said on Tuesday.


The Azov Brigade is among Ukraine’s most effective and popular fighting units — but has been dogged by its origins as a volunteer battalion that drew fighters from far-right circles and criticism for some of its tactics. The U.S. had banned the regiment from using American weapons, citing the neo-Nazi ideology of some of its founders.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow took an “extremely negative” view of Washington’s decision. He described Azov as an “ultranationalist armed formation” and accused U.S. authorities of being “ready to flirt with neo-Nazis.”


© AP, US lifts ban on sending weapons to a controversial Ukrainian military unit, apnews.com (11 June 2024)



Notice how the full AP article pretends not to know for sure . . .


. . . that the Azov guys are Nazis. Despite the fact that photographs, videos, interviews, atrocities and numerous civilian reports that have well-demonstrated the Azov Battalion's Nazi foundation.


Journalist Patrick Lancaster — initially embedded with the Donetsk People's Republic militia and much later with Russian military groups — did a persuasive interview job of documenting some of the Azov group's atrocities in eastern Ukraine.


Most of these sources are now suppressed in the Western press.


Nazi symbology and Ukraine's odious Stepan Bandera philosophy are points of pride with the group.


The Azov group fights well. Just like the SS and Wehrmacht did. Which is why the US has been arming the Azov unit, probably for at least since the 2014 Maidan Coup that we instigated.


All told — especially with this most recent announcement about financing and arming purportedly miraculously reformed Nazis — demonstrating that moral rectitude and holiness do not have to count themselves among Demonic America's list of skills.


The Great American Plutocracy lies about anything and everything, all the time.



The moral? — Like genocidal Israel, the US has become a Nazi-resurrecting nation


Proving that no victory over evil lasts even two generations. Particularly so, when the victors eagerly slurp up the immoral essence of what they have just beaten.


In truth, US Elites' only modern purpose is profiting from war and instigated chaos all over the world.


America's leader parasites care not a whit which side they take, so as to fulfill their Satanically inspired money-for-blood mentality.


Insightful on the societal implications of  how this American militarist pattern works, is Erik Edstrom's book about the Afghanistan War — Un-American: A Soldier's Reckoning of Our Longest War (Bloomsbury Publishing, May 2020).