Zionist puppet — Stephen Soukup — wails about allegedly rising antisemitism

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19 March 2024



Zionist propaganda — a rich load of whiny drivel


Yahweh — we are told by decades of Zionist propaganda — should forbid that Israel be righteously caught in international revulsion of its own genocidal making in Gaza.



Recently thus . . .


Stephen Soukup obediently (if incoherently) ran to the Zionism's typical bulwarks.


Meaning, making the false claim that it is Jewish people, not Zionist murderers and land thieves, who are currently being reviled by rational people around the world.


Below are extracts of Soukup's (evidence-lacking) wailing:



Perhaps most telling among the signs of [international] disarray is the unnerving rise of antisemitism in the United States, Europe, and throughout the world.


Antisemitism, in general, has been intensifying, slowly but surely, over the last decade or so.


Over the last few months, however, it has emerged fully into the open, undaunted and unembarrassed.


What was once considered shameful and disconcerting is now warmly welcomed as a “rational” response to American foreign policy, Israeli war practices, “colonialism,” and “white privilege.”


Hatred of and anger toward Jews is not the same as other forms of bigotry.


In many ways, the history of Western anti-Jewish hatred mirrors the history of Western political chaos and collapse.


Or, to put it another way, historically, Jews are not only the perennial scapegoats during periods of social upheaval and displacement, but resurgent anti-Semitism serves as the proverbial canary in the coal mine for the rise of revolutionary movements.


History has shown that extremism can be short-circuited and radical ideologies undone.


The first step in doing so, however, must be to bring an end to the rationalization of the persecution of the world’s Jews.


The second step is to end the persecution itself.


Antisemitism is ugly and shameful, and it must be treated as such. For their sake and ours.


© 2024 Stephen Soukup, Anti-Semitism as the Harbinger of Global Chaos, American Greatness (16 March 2024)



"Hatred of and anger toward Jews . . .


. . .is not the same as other forms of bigotry," Soukup says.


On the basis of that rationally absurd postulate — Soukup calls us to see that being a bigot against Jewish people is worse — and much more indicative of the horrors of international unrest — than being a hater of American blacks, Native Americans, Chinese, Italians, an occasional Irish person, Hindus, crippled people, the mentally handicapped — and whomever else we can somehow categorize enough to target.


In that moronic slip of his, we view the self-entitled Zionist Persona in its supreme glory:



We're better than everybody else.


Yahweh says so.


So, step aside, while we grab your land and kill y'all in the process.



Additionally, in reading Soukup's whole article, we can safely conclude that he tries to tie anti-Semitism to the forces that create human unrest.


As if, in some magical Newtonian — or even Einsteinian sense — the flows and energies of the Universe pay more attention to Jewish Folk, than to any other variety of human being.



"Perennial scapegoats"


Zionists intentionally misuse memories of the horror of the Holocaust, overtly or not, to justify their quasi-genocide of Palestinians.



In truth . . .


. . . the genocidal impulse has been reincarnated in the Holocaust's Israeli descendants.


One need only read or listen to Israel's leaders and public clamoring for the killing of Palestinian women and babies. Holocaust-like evil has resurfaced.


Most of this 'kill the babies' talk is suppressed by the Western media. However, former British diplomat Alastair Crooke addresses its theocratic basis at 28:42 minutes into the below-cited video clip:



Judge Napolitno — Judging Freedom, Alastair Crooke: The Resistance to Israel is Ready, YouTube (18 March 2024) (at 28:42 minutes)



Determined Google searches turn up a few other tidbits that have made into the Western press. See, for example:



Khalid Amayreh, Kill Enemy Children: Jewish Edict, Middle East Monitor (28 February 2014)


Palestine Chronicle Staff, ‘Not Every Soul Shall Live’ – Jewish Rabbi Encourages Killing of Palestinian Children, Women, Palestine Chronicle (09 March 2024)



One need only observe the Israeli military's mass targeting of obvious innocents to recognize that the above allegations are true. In Israel, the metaphorical death demon has been unleashed. As a matter of national policy.


Polls demonstrate that most of the Israeli public approves of the deadly removal of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank.



The moral? — Reviling Zionists is not only legally just, but morally necessary


This revulsion has nothing to do with Jewishness. Other than to the degree to which Jewishness itself somehow proves itself to be responsible for Zionism's Slaughter Trait.


That seems to me, to be an evidentiarily impossible case to make. Just as it is with any other large group of people.


Nevertheless, the longer that moral idiots (like Soukup) keep their evidence-lacking, intentionally blind nonsense up — and the less that non-Zionist Jewish people object to it — the more likely it is that the rest of the global population will eventually come to equate Jewishness with Zionists' quasi-genocidal killing.


How such an outcome would benefit anyone, beats me.