Act of God washes United States' humanitarian pretense away — at the Gaza pier

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26 May 2024



The Great Satan unmasked, again?


From AntiWar:



Four vessels, part of the US-built pier stretching from Gaza thousands of feet into the Mediterranean Sea, have broken off and washed ashore.


In early March, Joe Biden used his platform at the State of the Union to order the military to create a sea route to bring aid to the starving Palestinians.


Nearly three months later, the pier has faced a series of cost overruns, injuries, and other setbacks.


The Pentagon claims no US soldiers will enter Gaza to recover the pieces of the pier, and the Israeli military is helping to recover the four vessels.


Since Biden announced the pier, whose cost has doubled, has resulted in three US soldiers being injured and very little aid entering Gaza.


© 2024 Kyle Anzalone, US Vessels Supporting Gaza Pier Wash Ashore, AntiWar (25 May 2024)



Of this . . .


Al Jazeera dryly noted that:



The pier has been criticised as a complicated and costly alternative that tries to deflect attention from demanding a much simpler solution – for Israel to fully open all land crossings to Gaza and to secure aid trucks going in.


© 2024 Al Jazeera and News Agencies, Vessels supporting US-built Gaza aid pier wash away in heavy seas, Al Jazeera (25 May 2024)



Or even more simply


The US could stop its arms and financial support of genociding Israel. No pier required.


Imagine that. Just a phone call.


Instead, we get this grandly imposed — typically expensive and laughably ineffective — American pier charade.



The moral? — Notice that . . .


. . . it is the genocidally inclined Israeli Defense Forces that are putting the pier back together.


You can imagine how effective at delivering life-saving aid that is ultimately going to be.


We can conclude that US leadership is only interested in generating deadly chaos, and lying coverups, wherever it goes.