American diplomacy at its most characteristic — just before his scheduled trip to threaten China, Blinken pisses them off

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23 April 2024



Is there a flotilla of rabid American morons in my soup?


Biden's Gang does nothing so well, as turning literally everything that it touches into nihilistic chaos.


For no good reason.


Two serial examples follow.


Both directed at China.



American diplomacy — example 1


From Reuters:



The U.S. is prepared to act against Chinese companies supporting Russia's war in Ukraine, a senior U.S. official told reporters, highlighting it as an issue Secretary of State Antony Blinken will raise on his trip to China next week.


Briefing reporters ahead of Blinken's planned visit to Shanghai and Beijing from April 24-26, the senior State Department official said U.S.-China relations were "in a different place" than a year ago, when ties had sunk to a historic low point after the U.S. downed a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon.


But calmer relations did not mean the U.S. would sacrifice its capacity to strengthen alliances and defend its interests, the official said.


© Simon Lewis and Michael Martina, Blinken to press China over its support for Russian defense base, Reuters (20 April 2024)



In other words


Paraphrasing Secretary of State Blinken:



Chinese people, we're coming over there to threaten you with our fading might.


Specifically, about the war that we started in Ukraine, so as to weaken Russia.


With the Russian domino having been toppled, we can focus on taking y'all Chinese Folk down.





Sure Tony


Everyone looks forward to talking to a pugilistically inclined moron from figuratively next door.


I am sure that China's leadership will be suitably impressed with your pissant-level command presence.


Especially so, in view of Russia's impending real world rupture of NATO's now-fragmented capability.



American diplomacy — example 2


Just to ensure that China is impressed with America's righteous morality — two days later — Secretary Blinken followed up by accusing the Communist Party of mistreating China's Muslims:



"[I]n Xinjiang, the PRC continues to carry out genocide, crimes against humanity, forced labor, and other human rights violations against predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and members of other ethnic and religious minority groups," Blinken said . . . .


© 2024 Simon Lewis, Blinken says genocide in Xinjiang is ongoing in report ahead of China visit, Reuters (22 April 2024)



Notice that


Blinken's Xinjiang allegations fall far short of his own — Zionist-controlled United States' — quasi-genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.


An American-funded and armed genocidal clearing which seems to predominantly focus on killing hordes of women and children.


And on razing an entire Muslim's population's homes into rubble and mass starvation.


Apparently— for the American Establishment — there is nothing like adding the most massive dose of hypocrisy (in History) to the United States' chest-beating, anti-China 'fists of death' message.



The moral? — China will receive Blinken moderately politely


And will file his insults and his gargantuan hypocrisy in China's spine-shaping memory bank.


To be reveled in —in festival fashion — once the United States has predictably suicided itself on its incomprehensible levels of strutting, psychotically displayed — stupidity.