You are not seeing what you are seeing — said SecDef Lloyd Austin — of Israel's slaughtering carnage in Gaza

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10 April 2024



One would have thought that . . .


. . .  promoting (ridiculously labeled) 'black' people into positions of American power might have brought a more inclusive view of international humanity with it.


But sadly, no:



Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Tuesday rebuffed arguments that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, saying he’s seen no evidence to suggest it.


“We don’t have any evidence of genocide being [committed]” by Israel in Gaza, Austin told the Senate Armed Services Committee during a budget hearing, where his testimony was interrupted several times by protesters.


“We are doing everything we can to encourage the Israelis to open more land routes [for aid] and to separate the Palestinian people from Hamas,” Austin added.


“Failure to do so will create more terrorists.”


© 2024  Connor O'Brien and Joe Gould, US has seen no evidence that Israel has committed genocide, Austin says, Politico (09 April 2024)



Thus, according Raytheon's guy . . .


. . . Lloyd Austin:



Israel's overt statements that it wants to kill babies, women and children — and starve the whole Palestinian population to death— are not signs of genocidal intent.


Similarly, video evidence of Israel's intentional blasting and bulleting of hospitals and medical clinics, as well as everyone inside them, is not evidence of anything morally suspect.


Indeed, tens of thousands of slaughtered civilians is not a sign of anything ethically amiss.



SecDef Austin's proposed solution is equally revealing


Austin wants to separate Palestinians from Hamas.


Since Hamas is immovably embedded in tunnels beneath Gaza, separating the Palestinian population from Hamas would require moving Palestinians to other nations' lands.


Such a forced displacement is simply another way achieving genocide's eliminating result.



The moral? — American leadership consistently represents unalloyed Evil


We the People are, arguably, responsible for having unleashed these Neocon Vermin's horror upon our fellow humans.


Expecting mercy, rather than an eliminatory smiting — after serially promoting such Satanic American behavior — is self-entitled and naive.