Look this way and not that, sheep! — says the Biden Gang — regarding Navalny, ignoring Lira, and hyping a mythical Russian space weapon

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17 February 2024



Notice that we are being manipulated


Connect the following news dots.



First dot — be afraid, all the time


The United States has begun a new version of the purported 1950s Missile Gap that never existed.


This time with frenzied preparatory allegations that the Russians are working on a way to knock America's plentiful satellites out of space's inky regions.


This disaster to arrive on the metaphorical wings of miraculous Russian space nukes:



Russia is trying to develop a nuclear space weapon that would destroy satellites by creating a massive energy wave when detonated, potentially crippling a vast swath of the commercial and government satellites that the world below depends on to talk on cell phones, pay bills, and surf the internet, according to three sources familiar with US intelligence about the weapon.


These sources gave CNN a more detailed understanding of what Russia is working on – and the threat it could pose – than the US government has previously disclosed.


Republican Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, set off a frenzy in Washington on Wednesday when he issued a statement saying his panel “had information concerning a serious national security threat.”


By Friday, President Joe Biden had publicly confirmed that Turner was referring to a new Russian nuclear anti-satellite capability — but officials have steadfastly refused to discuss it further, citing the highly classified nature of the intelligence.


The weapon is still under development and is not yet in orbit, Biden administration officials have emphasized publicly.


But if used, officials say, it would cross a dangerous [R]ubicon in the history of nuclear weapons and could cause extreme disruptions to everyday life in ways that are difficult to predict.


© 2024 Katie Bo Lillis, Jim Sciutto, Kristin Fisher and Natasha Bertrand, Exclusive: Russia attempting to develop nuclear space weapon to destroy satellites with massive energy wave, sources familiar with intel say, CNN (16 February 2024)



The message?


Russians are evil.


And the Deep State needs still more of your tax dollars to help our (purportedly underfunded) Trillion-Dollar Military Industrial Complex to crush them.



Second dot — Putin is Satan


To hammer the US-concocted Russian evility problem home, the American Deep State has just released the following nonsense to its propaganda organs:



Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, said early Friday that it’s “crystal clear” Russian President Vladimir Putin killed Alexei Navalny, following reports the opposition leader had died in prison.


“Putin killed Navalny, let’s be crystal clear about that,” he continued.


The Russian Federal Prison Service said earlier Friday that Navalny felt unwell after a walk and lost consciousness. An ambulance arrived at the prison but attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.


He was serving a 19-year sentence on charges of extremism.


“Putin killed Navalny because Navalny was the one opposition leader in Russia that Putin feared the most,” he said.


© 2024 Lauren Irwin, Former ambassador to Russia: ‘Putin killed Navalny, let’s be crystal clear’, The Hill (16 February 2024)



In truth, as Aaron Maté states on the X platform, Navalny had virtually no following in Russia. And Putin, we can reasonably deduce, did not fear him at all.


This is the kind of theatrically false 'fecal fog' that US neocons are notorious for.


In its vapid nature, it exactly parallels neocons' evidence-ignoring claims that Russia is losing the Ukraine War.



You know, the war that the United States initially started in 2014 Ukraine.


Via the CIA's (Victoria Nuland-designed) Ukro-Nazi-empowering Maidan coup.



Further demonstrating American ignorance — as well as its unwillingness to deal with facts — even with those facts might support allegations of Russian regime horribleness — Maté points out that Russia does have two (more politically potent and also imprisoned) anti-Putin advocates:



The Russian gov't meanwhile has just barred anti-war candidate Boris Nadezhdin.


A Russian court has also issued a draconian prison sentence to anti-war sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky.


We don't hear about people like Nadezhdin and Kagarlitsky in the West nearly as much for one reason:


unlike Navalny, they don't collaborate with Western governments.


Navalny worked with NATO intel cutout Bellingcat and went through the "Yale World Fellow" program, a regime change training ground.


For this reason, we also don't hear that Navalny was an unrepentant xenophobe who compared Muslim immigrants to cockroaches and rotten teeth. (https://theguardian.com/world/2023/feb/08/amnesty-international-employee-sacked-alexei-navalny)



Third dot — the Deep State does not care (at all) about We the People


Gonzalo Lira, a US-Chilean citizen, recently died in Ukraine's custody for his journalistic critique of the Nazi-led Zelensky regime.


Not a peep emerged from the US State Department. During either of Lira's two imprisonments and torture(s) there.


In short, the United States is raising a stink over a not-American Russian's death in a Federation prison. But it did not protest an illegally arrested, held and tortured American's death in Nazi-spawning Ukraine.


The towering moral asymmetry of the above comparison is significant.


So much for the societal worth of America's neocons.


Demented, human-gnawing rats could not do a worse job of carrying out provisions of the sensibly articulated Social Contract.



Fourth dot — Julian Assange



While the Biden Gang (and virtually everyone else in the United States) is stirring the anti-Russia hostility pot regarding Navalny's death, everyone is conveniently ignoring the murderous way that the US is (and has been) treating Julian Assange.


Politically imprisoned at American insistence in the United Kingdom for years. And with the sole intent of murdering him for having exposed American war crimes.


Evidently, the accusation of politically motivated execution only applies to the United States' purported adversaries.


Hypocrisy does not come in a louder suit.



The moral? — The American War Machine has only one goal


To profit the corporatists who control it — at Humanity's murdered expense.


We see this Satanic theme being played out, every hour of every day, during US-supplied and supported Israel's quasi-genocide of Palestinians.


Evil does not come in a more obvious and inexcusable package.


Pay attention to how our minds are being manipulated by (metaphorical or not) American Satan's soul-shredding tentacles.