Neocon-destroyed United States — anti-human, anti-Christian — a morass of demon-spawning filth — Gonzalo Lira's murder

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13 January 2024



It was not enough . . .


. . . to proxy 500,000 Ukrainian troops (a generation of men) to death in the United States-provoked proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.


Nor has it been enough to arm and finance Zionist Israel in genociding tens of thousands of Palestinians.



Now . . .


. . . we get news that US citizen — anti-Nazi, anti-neoconGonzalo Lira died in Nazi Ukraine's custody.


Exclusively because the US State Department refused to help him.


A simple phone call would have done it.


No money and arms for y'all, if you don't release our guy.



This is the unalloyed depravity to which the United States has fallen


A neocon-controlled nation of mind-automated, evil-condoning sheep — daily contributing to the world's misery.


Iran's name for us — The Great Satan — expresses fully justified moral revulsion.



The moral? — If you are proud of this US record of interminable slaughter . . .


. . . you deserve to hang from the end of the Constitution's metaphorical rope.


America's foreign entanglement-avoiding Founders would be appalled to see what their societal experiment in activated Liberty has become.


For moral perspective, it is worth contemplating the fact that modernity's American neocons are much worse than Hitler's crew. At least those bygone German guys had notable courage to go with their evil convictions.


In contrast, our parasitic — always remotely acting — American neocons have zero traces of any conceivable human merit.


In short, the neocon-controlled American Deep State has intentionally turned the United States into a demon-spawning 'shithole'.


A nastily run place that has nothing to do with historically 'American' ideals and perspectives.


Cowardly scumbags, all. Worthy only of the guillotine's fondly delivered head and neck parting.


Gonzalo, your brightly intelligent spark — agreeable and not — is missed.


May you fly with mischievous angels.