John Kirby — spewing the United States' hypocrisy-formed fecal drool

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07 January 2023



Gargantuan tide of American hypocrisy


Hypocrisy, lies and the neocon United States go together.


Below is a fully representative example of this painful combination. It emits from the US Navy's retired rear admiral, John Kirby.


Who now speaks for the American Deep State. Being Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the White House.


Here is what he said recently — in extracted form:



Over the course of five days around the New Year’s holiday, Russia launched repeated waves of aerial attacks against Ukraine.


These massive bombardments used drones and missiles to strike cities and civilian infrastructure all across the country. Strikes reportedly hit a maternity hospital, a shopping mall, residential areas — killing dozens of innocent people and injuring hundreds more.


As Russia continues to launch these brutal attacks, the United States has new information to share about the support that Russia is receiving from third countries.


Due in part to our sanctions and export controls, Russia has become increasingly isolated on the world stage and they’ve been forced to look to likeminded states for military equipment.


As we’ve been warning publicly, one of those states is North Korea.


Our information indicates that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recently provided Russia with ballistic missile launchers and several [dozen] ballistic missiles.


On the 30th of December 2023, Russian forces launched at least one of these North Korean ballistic missiles into Ukraine.


And on January 2nd, Russia launched multiple North Korean ballistic missiles into Ukraine, including as part of its overnight aerial attack.


[W]e anticipate that Russia will use additional North Korean missiles to target Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and to kill innocent Ukrainian civilians.


We’ve also said publicly that Russia is seeking to acquire close-range ballistic missiles from Iran.


First, Russia’s procurement of ballistic missiles from the DPRK directly violates multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions.


Second, we will impose additional sanctions against those working to facilitate arms transfers between Russia and the DPRK and between Russia and Iran.


Third, we will continue to release information to the public and expose these arms deals, as we are doing today, because we will not allow countries to aid Russia’s war machine in secret.


The most effective response to Russia’s horrific violence against the Ukrainian people is to continue to provide Ukraine with vital air defense capabilities and other types of military equipment.


To do that, we need Congress to approve our supplemental funding request for Ukraine without delay.


So, it’s critical that Congress meets this moment and responds by providing Ukraine with what they need to defend themselves. The time for Congress to act is now.


© 2023 The White House, Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby, January 4, 2024, (04 January 2024)



Kirby went on to dodge press questions . . .


. . . regarding how the United States knows that North Korea is sending missiles to Russia.


And similarly, he evaded providing details, as to why we suspect that Iran might also send arms.



According to Kirby — Russia is very-very bad


The Federation, we Americans are to believe, goes out its way to slaughter Ukrainian civilians.


That's an interesting reversal of obvious fact.


Russia having been, very visibly, trying to avoid causing civilian casualties for the nearly two-year duration of the Ukraine conflict.


Indeed, Russia's citizen-protecting caution is part of the reason that the Federation's military progress has been so territorially slow.


Notice that virtually every purported atrocity — during the Ukraine War — has eventually been demonstrated to have been perpetrated by the Nazi-controlled Ukrainian side of the conflict.


Nazis, whom the United States itself put into power, during the 2014 Ukraine Maidan coup. Which Victoria Nuland and the American intelligence establishment plotted and assisted in implementing.


In truth, the Ukraine War is a bloody combat that United States and NATO deliberately provoked, as a matter of international policy.


Neocon America hoped that its proxy-others-to-death plan would weaken Russia. The planned 'happy' outcome being intended to allow US corporatists to dismember and loot the resource-rich Russian Federation.


As a result of this deviously cowardly American policy, Ukraine has lost at least 500,000 of its troops.


That total comprises roughly a generation of young men. Men whom the demonically led United States intentionally formed into the Nazi-shaped harm directed against Russia.


In spite of all these geopolitically verifiable facts, implies Kirby, shame on Russia for fighting back.



I am surprised . . .


. . . given John Kirby's stream of History-distorting untruths, that the former admiral did not try to start a movement for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the US Deep State.


It could sit on the shelf with along our warmongering King of Hypocrites, Barrack Obama's.



Another nasty distortion is . . .


. . . Kirby's refusal to note that the West has been fueling the Ukrainian side with virtually its entire arsenal of conventional weapons and military advice.


In essence, the US has started an essentially hot war with the Russian Federation. We're now planning to steal billions of dollars of its assets, as well.



So, tell me


How is North Korea's purported assistance of Russia's missile effort magically much worse than our own — orders of magnitude — more massive assistance to the Ukrainian butchery?


Evidently, the presumably esteemed John Kirby lacks:



regard for military facts,


such as


who did what to whom and when,


as well as




in assessing those facts' meaning.



This why I categorize Kirby as an embarrassment . . .


. . . to truth, humanity and the US Navy.


Demonstrating again, that only the very worst of Americans make it to the top of our military and government ranks.



What Kirby did not say


Don't overlook Kirby's handy super-demon concealment of truth streak.


Zionist Israel is currently conducting a literal genocide and removal in Gaza. With the United States' directly delivered assistance.


We Americans are providing the weapons and cash necessary to effectuate the Gaza-located slaughter and removal of Palestinians.


No mention of that, huh, John?


Better to project the immorality of what we are doing — in both Ukraine and Gaza — onto the Russians, North Koreans and Iranians.


Kirby and the United States are not 'man' enough to admit to our colonizing blood and lucre lust.


History's Spanish conquistadors and Vikings would hold our sorry crew of yellow-bellied parasitic worms in absolute contempt.



So again


How — in any reasonable light — do North Korea and Iran become the Bad Guys, when both are very clearly not contributing to a foreign genocide on anyone's part?



The moral? — When the Neocon United States is speaking . . .


. . . it is lying, murdering and stealing. Usually all three, at the same time.


The non-colonized world sees this reprehensible combination of society-destroying behaviors.


As a result, the only nations being isolated — due to their own actions and statements — are the United States, Israel and their stooge euro-vassals.


Metaphorically speaking, the United States' is digging its own soft power grave.


Sadly, with regard to this rapid waning of American influence worldwide, we are too shit-brained dumb to recognize it.


This is why We the People would do well to find some self-protecting brain and backbone. And then, sweep America's neocon demons out of power.


Might there be such a thing as a morally beneficial mass erasement of devils' influences?