US logic is an aggressive imbecile's logic — Iran

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12 April 2024





If I had wanted to live in a nation led by warmongering fools, I would have picked one without nuclear weapons.



America's war-provoking psychosis in action


Israel blew up an Iranian consulate in Syria and killed a bunch of people.


Israel's obvious motive was to prompt Iran to attack Israel. Thereby, luring the United States to assist New Zion's enthusiastic genocide of all things Muslim and Palestinian.


Naturally— given Israel's richly monied, imprisoning leash on American government — the United States' perennially warmongering neocons salivated at the prospect of accepting this morally reversed invitation.


And dutifully, the Deep State's puppet-president — Joe Bidenassured Israel that its Zionists can do no evil. They are 'chosen', after all.


Therefore, America will stand with Imperial Israel to obliterate Iran, as well as whatever fully justified Iranian revenge does get underway.


For good measure, American government also began scaring its own population with the idea that Iran is going to attack someone.


Maybe Israel. Maybe us. Maybe someone else.


Those targets having been chosen — according to our (malevolently lying) leaders — only because Iranians, and Muslims generally, like to start maniacally inclined wars.


'You know, raghead thinking.'


Or some similar — causatively also backwards — typically US neocon nonsense.



The moral? — In short, the United States is a belligerently lunatic nation with nukes


That will eventually prove to have been a bad combination for America's sleep-sheepy population. However, you would not intuit this, reading or watching America's war-corporatist media.


Indeed, the United States makes an educational practice out of dismembering morality and all forms of common sense.


We are, instead, called upon to be:





silent and still




worship missiles and pillars of flame.



The Devil's work is Neocon America's work.