US foments the war with Iran that it wants — by warning that American troops (illegally) in Iraq and Syria are under threat

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24 January 2024



Biden's Gang is getting the American public ready . . .


. . . for another US war of aggression.


The ploy — this time with Iran as the target — is based on our practice of illegally entering other countries, staying there, and then whining about being attacked by self-defending locals.


Consider Iraq and Syria:



White House officials were cited in a New York Times piece describing that it's "only a matter of time" before American troops are killed in Iraq or Syria as Iran-linked militant groups continue launching rockets and drones on US bases and positions.


The report begins with this: "Another day, another barrage of rockets and another spark that American officials fear could set off a wildfire of violence across the Middle East"—and then transitions to the following astounding and frank admission:


The latest attack on American troops in the region over the weekend resulted in no deaths, but President Biden and his advisers worry that it is only a matter of time.


Whenever a report of a strike arrives at the White House Situation Room, officials wonder whether this will be the one that forces a more decisive retaliation and results in a broader regional war.


The report goes on the suggest that Iran could be hit hard in a direct US response in the scenario of American troops being killed.


This would of course raise the likelihood of broader regional war, and an expanse of US intervention in the Middle East.


"They privately say they may have no choice, however, if American troops are killed."


"That is a red line that has not been crossed, but if the Iranian-backed militias ever have a day of better aim or better luck, it easily could be."


© 2024 Tyler Durden, "Only A Matter of Time" before US Troops Are Killed in Iraq & Syria, Biden Officials Say, ZeroHedge (23 January 2024)



The phrase "Iranian-backed militias" . . .


. . . is supposed to make the pillaging illegalities involved in the United States' illegal imperial schemes in Iraq and Syria appear to be just fine.


We the People are constantly propagandized into thinking that — using American troops as sacrificial bait, so as to begin the US Imperium's wars of pillaging expansion — is an acceptable use of our brothers and sisters in uniform.



The moral? — Complacently ignorant people are easily misled by US brainwashing


Are you a propaganda-enslaved fleece-bearer, who happily supports American aggression — so that our troops can be killed for no reason — other than to enrich the American Military Industrial Complex?


The phrase "Iranian-backed militias" — whether used in reference to Iraq, Syria, or anywhere else — is an indicator that war-fomenting propaganda is being spewed.