Pepe Escobar eloquently summarized the belligerently whiny — axe-murder-prone — neocon United States

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12 April 2024



How things change


Commenting on the United States' efforts to provoke overt wars with Russia, China and Iran — Pepe Escobar wrote that:



What is clear is that the Russia-China leadership, as well as Iran’s, know full well the dangers roaming the chessboard when the usual suspects [— meaning the United States, European Union and Israel —] seem to go all out gambling everything, even knowing that they are outgunned; outproduced; outnumbered; and outwitted.


It’s a tawdry Greek tragedy remix, alright, yet without the pathos and grandeur of Sophocles, featuring just a bunch of nasty, brutish specimens plunging into their unblinking, self-inflicted doom.


© 2024 Pepe Escobar, Russia and China Sketch the Future as the World Awaits Iran’s Next Move, Unz Review (10 April 2024)



Indeed so.



The moral? — Hostile dim-wittedness is . . .


. . . very probably not an evolutionary positive in nuclear-armed primates.


This statistical likelihood should clue us in to the neocon-led United States' suiciding future.