Senator Ted Cruz thinks Americans are so evil — that they would not oppose Israel's genocide in Gaza, unless prompted by foreign money

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18 May 2024



The devils who rule us?


Here is the perpetually loathsome US Senator Ted Cruz shooting off his mouth in typifying fashion:



We’ve got money coming from communist China, behind these protests, behind these anti-American anti-Israel protests.


We’ve got money coming from organizations that have close ties to designated terrorist organizations.


And so, whether it is Hamas and Hezbollah pushing this, whether it is affiliated allies of theirs pushing this, whether it is Iran pushing this, or whether it’s Communist China pushing this, the FBI ought to be all over it.


© 2024 Ryan Morgan, Sen. Cruz Calls for DOJ, FBI to Investigate Whether Foreign Adversaries Are Behind Gaza War Protests in US, NTD (16 May 2024)



So, you see — two birds with one stone


Purportedly evil China is (allegedly) prompting genocide-loving Americans to mend their ways and (instead) protest the Israel-US mass-murder program in Gaza.


Therefore, it is necessary for Neocon America to start a war with horrible China and continue happily on with our Zionism-inspired extermination of Palestinians.



In sum


Implicitly according to Senator Cruz and Neocon America, a genociding Zionist Nazi is a good Nazi.


In exactly the same way that an anti-Russian Ukro-Nazi is a great Nazi.


When it comes to loving the Nazi-fascist mentality, we are, at least, consistent.



The moral — For American leadership, the United States' Satanic work is never done


Be proud?