Weeks long bombing — in the absence of declarations of war — is the American way

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01 February 2024



Yay for more war! — says the Biden Gang


From NBC News:



U.S. retaliatory attacks against Iran-backed militants will be a “campaign” that could last “weeks,” officials told NBC News.


The targets are expected to include Iranian targets outside Iran, and the campaign will involve both strikes and cyber operations.


Tehran has warned it would respond decisively to any attack on its territory or interests after President Joe Biden said he had decided how to retaliate for the drone strike on a base in Jordan that killed three American service members.


© 2024 NBC News, Israel-Hamas war: U.S. readies weeks of retaliatory strikes against Iran-linked targets, nbcnews.com (31 January 2024)



I remind readers that


The supposedly 'Iranian-backed' attacks on US troops — who are (in reality) serving as helpless bait to be killed and wounded — are against troops and installations that are either on foreign soil — where they are illegally — or meddling across borders, onto ground where they are trespassing.


In other words, retaliatory American bombing campaigns are almost always against local people, who are trying to defend themselves against Imperial America's exploitation of them.



These are not conflicts in support of genuine . . .


. . . We the People's interests.


They are slaughter-fests in support of America's Fat Cat Corporatists and the US War Machine.


Essentially, we invite lawfully acting foreign insurgents to attack our invading troops — and then use those deaths and woundings as excuses to create a larger — and still illegal — slaughter.



The moral? — Our troops are getting the worst of both worlds


They are being ordered to act as thieves, invaders and occupiers — in places they do not belong.


And then, when lawfully acting locals try to push them out, we use those locals' self-defending attacks as excuses to thrust more of our military brothers and sisters into harm's way — again illegally and on foreign ground.


All of this should appall decent humans.


A massive Nuremberg-style trial of these American war criminals — directed by artificial intelligence, so as to be both thorough and fair — would be blessing to humanity's future.