Secretary of State Blinken tacitly promises us World War 3 — on Ukraine's Nazi-embracing behalf

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08 April 2024



Red line communication does not work . . .


. . . when the West is not listening.


Despite having made it clear to the rational global South and East that Ukraine cannot join NATO, Russia's (arguably lackadaisically cautious) approach to smacking Ukraine's Nazi-led horde has not yet persuaded the psychosis-addicted United States.


Indeed, our morosely dyspeptic-looking US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, just told reporters in Brussels that:



Ukraine will become a member of NATO.


Our purpose at the [NATO] summit is to help build a bridge to that membership and to create a clear pathway for Ukraine moving forward.


 © 2024 New York Post, Blinken declares Ukraine will join NATO, YouTube (04 April 2024)



Seems intentionally provocative to me


Blinken, you will recall, is (by title) supposed to be a diplomat, rather than an axe-murdering hatchet man.


Obviously, he and the United States missed that how-to-behave memo, somewhere in Historical Semantics' time log.


As a result, American leadership remains true to its historically warmongering nature. As well as addicted to the non-stop lies that go with it.



Of this mess


Paul Craig Roberts reasonably opined that:



I have warned consistently without effect . . . that Putin’s unrealism about the conflict, like his previous unrealism about the Minsk Agreement and his unrealism about the overthrow of the Ukrainian government in the so-called Maidan Revolution, is a direct path to World War III.


The minute Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, Putin will find himself at war with NATO.


Russia has only a short time to knock out Ukraine, destroy the government, occupy the country and build a wall around it.


Putin’s lack of response to mounting provocations has convinced Washington that Putin’s warnings are meaningless.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Putin’s Road to Armageddon, (05 April 2024)



That said, I find it difficult to blame Putin for the West's literal insanity. When did it become a foreign leader's job to endure the risks of nuclear annihilation so as to combat the American War Psychosis?



More broadly viewed, is this . . .


Brandon Smith wrote that:



[M]uch like WWI, the situation is being escalated by the political elites despite the fact that the general public in the west is increasingly opposed to participating in the conflict. The globalists want to send us to war whether we like it or not.


Every decision they have made so far makes peaceful resolution impossible.


It’s important to understand that every crisis created by globalists is meant to destroy the freedom minded. The true target is not Russia or Iran; they are peripheral.


These events are designed to create an environment conducive to tyranny, they act as cover for engineered economic collapse, and they act as cover for the REAL war against those people that still defend liberty.


© 2024 Brandon Smith, World War III Is Now Inevitable – Here’s Why It Can’t Be Avoided, (05 April 2024)



The tyranny motive (which Smith refers to) is designed to further advance Rich Elites' ability to pillage the planet's resources, as well as to empty ordinary people's pockets.



The moral? — Is World War 3 now inevitable?


Likely more so, than not.


Western populations' belligerent (ignorance-based) support for their warmongering neocon leaders makes such a suicidal outcome likely.


Note that an actually survival-oriented national population would, in contrast, take responsibility for what is done in its name. And — when dumb things are done — toss the neocon-neoliberal dumbasses who do them, out of power.


Unfortunately, we in the West have grown too soft — and therefore too cognitively distant from likely-to-occur 'street' consequences — to make these calculations accurately.


Mentally, we are incapable of putting ourselves in attacked populations' shoes and, subsequently, correctly predicting what might happen, as a result of our leaders' insane provocations.


If Explosive Doom occurs, Western populations' aggressively belligerent complacence will have invited nuclear weapons' terminating ways.