Eleven genocide-approving Western nations — suspended funding the United Nations Relief and Works Agency

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29 January 2024



Why join the Devil — when we can be the Devil?


From Time — listing 10 genocidally inclined Western nations:



So far, 10 countries have suspended further donations to UNRWA over Israel’s allegations that the workers were complicit in the attack that saw 1,139 were killed and 240 taken as hostages.


Among these nations are, the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, Finland, Italy, and the Netherlands.


© 2024 Armani Syed, UNRWA Funding Cut Is ‘Collective Punishment’, Time (29 January 2024)



Amnesty International added an 11th nation to Time's 10


However, in closing, Amnesty gave us hope that not all of the West is populated with Holocaust emulators:



The UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, France and Finland joined the US, Australia and Canada in pausing funding to the aid agency.


Together, they provided more than half of UNRWA’s budget in 2022.


The decision follows allegations that 12 UNRWA staff were involved in the 7 October attacks in Israel carried out by Hamas.


UNRWA immediately dismissed nine employees over the allegations and has launched an investigation.


At a time when Israel, the occupying power, continues to flagrantly violate its obligations vis-à-vis Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, UNRWA has long served as a sole lifeline, offering indispensable humanitarian aid, education and shelter.


The agency also provides desperately needed aid for millions of other Palestinian refugees living in neighbouring Arab countries.


[Humanely not joining the Holocaust emulators were:]


Norway, Spain, Ireland and Belgium are among states that have announced they will not suspend funding, recognizing the vital role that UNRWA continues to play in the distribution of humanitarian aid to those in desperate need.


© 2024 Amnesty International, Israel/OPT: States must reverse cruel decision to withdraw UNRWA funding, amnesty.org (29 January 2024)



Convenient, no?


Immediately after the International Court of Justice told Israel to prevent genocidal treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, the West concocted the above defunding ploy.


Apparently, we in the West just got'ta make sure all those Palestinian folk die.



Of this obscene level of depravity . . .


Arnaud Bertrand posted the following on X:



Whatever your position is, just take a moment to reflect on just how dark this is.


Just hours after the ICJ [International Court of Justice] concluded that Israel was plausibly committing genocide and ordered it to dramatically step up humanitarian efforts, 7 Western countries sanctioned... not Israel but the Palestinians and the UN (!!!).


They cut funding for UNRWA, which is THE UN agency tasked with humanitarian assistance to Palestinians (and therefore their main lifeline).


Even if you were the world's worst cynic, you'd still have a hard time expecting such sheer level of cruelty and depravation.


This is absolutely unfathomable.


They did so with the cheapest possible excuse, effectively using Israel's narrative that "UNWRA is Hamas" and allegations by Israel that some UNWRA staff were involved in the 7th Oct attack but[:]


1) Israel has been making these accusations for months


(so the timing of cutting funding right after the ICJ ruling is obviously not a coincidence)




2) UNWRA has announced it's terminated the contracts of the staff members accused (12 people out of its 30,000 strong workforce) and launched an investigation, so it obviously doesn't condone this.


Even if the allegations were to be proven correct, how can an organization of 30,000 staff be held collectively accountable for the individual actions of 0.04% of its workforce?


Especially in the current context when its work is a life or death matter for millions of people.


To add to the cynicism here, UNWRA staff are actually a major victim of the war with at least 152 UNRWA staffers killed by Israel in Gaza to date.


In a normal world, it is Israel that should be punished for killing so many members of a humanitarian organization.


But nope, it's the humanitarian organization that's getting punished, alongside with the very vulnerable population it's committed to helping.



The moral? — Satan breathes happy . . .


. . . in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland and Japan.


What a collection of neocon-birthed, Schutzstaffel(SS)-minded parasites.


Decent souls recoil.


Thank God for Norway, Ireland, Belgium and Spain.