Did a partially castrated American hegemon stumble into view?  — if so, Russia and Iran held the scalpels

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15 April 2024



Two media-repressed news events demonstrate that . . .


. . . the American hegemon has lost its grip.



First event


At the United Nations —while addressing the Ukraine War — which (keep in mind) the US, NATO and the European Union provoked as a matter of idiotic policy — Russia' UN ambassador, Vasily Nebenzya, observed that:



Soon enough, the only topic for any international meetings on Ukraine will be the unconditional surrender of the Kiev regime.


My advice is that everyone should prepare for this in advance.


© 2024 Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Statement by Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia at UNSC briefing on Ukraine, russiaun.ru (11 April 2024)



The United States' self-initiated proxy war against Russia has blown up in America's flaccid face.



Second event


Iran retaliated against military targets inside Israel for Israel's murderous attack on an Iranian consulate in Syria.


This direct targeting thus sending a message — regarding Iran's military capacity and its accountability-holding intent — to Israel's warmongers. As well as to their bribed American puppets:



After days of warnings, Iran launched 170 bomb-carrying drones, more than 30 cruise missiles and more than 120 ballistic missiles toward Israel, according to an Israeli count.


Despite Israel and the U.S. describing 99% of those projectiles being shot down, Iran has called the attack a success.


© 2024 Jon Gambrell, Analysis: Iran upends decades of shadow warfare in direct attack on Israel as tensions mount at home, AP (15 April 2024)



It seems unlikely that Israel shot 99 percent of the incoming devices down. Israel's government is well-known for its inability to tell the truth about anything.


However, even if the Israeli intercept claim is in the ballpark, the obvious strategic point to Iran's attack is that it no longer cares about Israeli or American counterattacks.


Iran's decision to retaliate in unmistakable fashion against Israel is exactly like slapping an aggressive lout upside his head and asking him — "Do you really want to go there?"


I suspect that Iran's wake-up-fool message will demonstrate some traction in the United States.


Recall that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently advised Ukraine to stop attacking Russian oil refineries:



U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned that recent Ukrainian attacks targeting Russian oil refineries could have a "knock-on effect" on the global energy market, Bloomberg reported on April 9.


"Ukraine is better served in going after tactical and operational targets that can directly influence the current fight," Austin said during the Senate Armed Services committee meeting.


© 2024 Kateryna Hodunova, Austin: Ukraine's attacks on Russian oil could threaten global energy market, The Kyiv Independent (10 April 2024)



Obviously, the Biden administration does not want energy prices to escalate. Certainly not before Biden's coming (November 2024) election test.


Austin's warning is relevant to the Iran situation because Iran could massively disrupt the global oil supply by blocking the Strait of Hormuz.


Recall that for America's neocon leadership, greed and avarice are the totality of life's meaning.



The moral? — US hegemon exhibited signs of weakened grip


To what degree, is a pertinent question.


On the power-retaining side, the Financial Times is reportedly of the opinion that the US, using Oman as an intermediary, crafted the Iranian plan and told Israel that it should not retaliate afterward.


If true, that would be an American diplomatic achievement of historical merit:



On the one hand, allowing Iran to save international face.


And on the other, preventing Israel from keeping the vicious cycle that Israel started (with its Iranian consulate obliteration) going.



On the power-weakening side, I tend to doubt the Financial Times' alleged spin. That so, simply because effective US diplomacy (during the Biden presidency) has been non-existent.


Indeed, the people supposedly doing American diplomacy have been so visibly repulsive, that the majority of our planet's affected inhabitants hate them. It is challenging to construct workable diplomatic interventions, when no one trusts you.


Weakness or not, if the Northern Hemisphere does go up in nuclear fire, the Southern Hemisphere will know who the dumbass devils (who started all this) were.


That might generate a temporary survival positive for humanity's future.