Puppeted Norwegian yellow belly Stoltenberg — called on Ukraine to provide more corpses for the NATO war machine

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18 April 2024



As belligerently cowardly as his American masters


Below is NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg calling on Ukraine to get serious about (a) fully drowning its country in its own blood and (b) rebuilding Ukraine's economy, so that it can keep its soon to be also-dead new troops properly armed:



Ukraine needs men and material.


NATO Allies can provide material, partly by providing more support, as Allies are now doing, stepping up, as we will discuss today and also at the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting with Zelenskyy tomorrow.


Then of course when it comes to men, that's for Ukraine to provide.


Ukraine has just now adopted a new law expanding their conscription age.


It’s not for me to go into the details, but of course I expect, I am confident that Ukraine will take the necessary decisions to mobilise the necessary number of men and then we should do our part when it comes to material.


And one more thing on material, we are providing support into Ukraine, but as important is to help Ukraine build their own defence industry.


And I welcome that several NATO Allies are now working with the Ukrainians to set up factories for drones, for artillery and repair facilities inside Ukraine to help them also produce more of the weapons they need themselves.


© 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Doorstep statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the meeting of G7 Foreign Ministers in Capri, Italy, nato.int (18 April 2024)





Get serious y'all ungrateful Ukro-Nazies. Mobilize your children, women, lame, feeble and aged.


The West is counting on you to win the war that the United States and NATO started for no good reason — and were absolutely too chickenshit to fight themselves.


And second, for the Deity's sake, get off your unhelpful posteriors and build some armaments factories.


We at NATO have been so patient with y'all's lackadaisical, long-dithering selves.



In truth


Most of Ukraine's fighting age manhood is dead or maimed.


A generation has been wiped out. Proxied for the West's warmongering oligarchs.


Furthermore, Russian air domination now makes building Stoltenberg's mindlessly envisioned Ukrainian arms factories impossible.


Yet still — NATO and the United States want more massively pointless death.



The moral? — Stoltenberg embarrasses himself . . .


. . . and his country of origin, every time he opens his mouth.


The man is a tiny-toothed, US-puppeted, psychotic toy poodle.


A fitting symbol for the West's unending stream of conniving evil.