Biden Gang — in typifying fashion — presents a laughably unachievable Hezbollah-containment plan

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06 February 2024



Pretending — seems to be the best that the lunatic United States can do


In full support of Zionist Israel's quasi-genocide in Gaza — comes the following American proposal:



U.S. President Joe Biden's Middle East envoy Amos Hochstein outlined the key elements of a political settlement to deescalate tensions between Israel and Hezbollah during his visit to the Jewish state on Sunday.


The plan consists of two phases: In the first, Hezbollah would cease hostilities actions along the border with Israel and will retreat between eight to ten kilometers north from the border.


Israeli residents will return to their homes, and a significant deployment of the Lebanese army and UNIFIL peacekeeping forces will maintain stability in southern Lebanon and along the border.


In the second phase, Israel and Lebanon will begin negotiations to demarcate the land border, including discussions on 13 points on disputes along their shared boundaries.


Simultaneously, the U.S. and the international community will explore offering "economic incentives" to Lebanon.


© 2024 Itamar Eichner and Lior Ben Ari, US presents new blueprint to push Hezbollah away from Israeli border, Ynet News (04 February 2024)



In other words — reality, what's that?


The side that is winning (in the affected geography), Hezbollah, would miraculously agree to retreat from its own lands and let the Zionist slaughterers of Gazans take over.


Then second, the rich West would bribe Lebanon — basically a nation primarily protected by strategically successful Hezbollah fighters — to give up its claimed territory along expansionist Israel's border.



Why would anyone (sane) . . .


. . . agree to this American-sponsored nonsense?


This American plan reminds me of the West's equally ludicrous insistence that a Ukraine War peace deal would involve Russia giving up everything that it gained — after the Nazi-supporting West instigated a completely unnecessary (and massively losing) war there.



The moral? — In an arguably Darwinian world . . .


US neocon leadership is too murderously stupid to survive.