Accurate portrait of the United States — its Senate votes in favor of continuing the Palestinian genocide without constraint — and the Biden Murder Gang calls anti-genocide Yemenis, terrorists

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18 January 2024



Can we have our Satan-approved 'Big Boy Beelzebub Badge' now?


From the Intercept:



On Tuesday [16 January 2024], the Senate voted down a resolution that would have set the stage for Congress to place conditions on U.S. military aid to Israel — quashing what has so far been the most serious effort on Capitol Hill to hold the U.S. ally to account for its brutal assault on Gaza.


Introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in December, the resolution would have required the State Department to submit a report to Congress about allegations of Israel committing human rights violations, and whether and how the U.S. played a role and responded to such acts.


If the bill had passed and the State Department failed to submit the report within 30 days, U.S. aid to Israel would have been frozen.


If the State Department had submitted a report to Congress, however, U.S. aid to Israel could have come to a vote, giving Congress the option to condition, restrict, or terminate security assistance to Israel (or to do nothing at all). Such votes would have required only a simple majority for passage.


When it came to a vote Tuesday evening, the Senate voted 72-11 to table the resolution, effectively killing it.


© 2024 Prem Thakker, Senate kills measure to scrutinize Israeli human rights record as condition for aid, The Intercept (16 January 2024)



That's America's blood and flesh-gobbling — pretend-democracy — in action.



Not to be outdone . . .


. . . the next day (17 January 2024) — the American Executive Branch asserted that the Houthis — who are trying to interdict sea-borne trade to Zionist Israel's eager genocide-doers — are terrorists:



The Department of State today is announcing the designation of Ansarallah, commonly referred to as the Houthis, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist group, effective 30 days from today.


Since November, the Houthis have launched unprecedented attacks against international maritime vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, as well as military forces positioned in the area to defend the safety and security of commercial shipping.


These attacks against international shipping have endangered mariners, disrupted the free flow of commerce, and interfered with navigational rights and freedoms.  This designation seeks to promote accountability for the group’s terrorist activities.


© U.S. Department of State, Terrorist Designation of the Houthis — Press Statement, Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State, (17 January 2024)



We the People are thus informed that:



Genocide and genociders are good




those who try to stop both are bad.



That's quite a mind-wrench.


Typical of the neocon-controlled Empire of Murder and Lies.



The moral? — The United States becomes more contemptible, every day


Having voluntarily impregnated itself with Satan's evil, Neocon America has burned itself into toast.


There will be no soft-power recovery from this. The world has seen who its slaughter-happy devils really are.


As Gonzalo Lira said — before the United States murdered him via Nazi Ukraine's hands:



The more you understand, the less you forgive.