Lunatic Germany is apparently aching to have Russia chew its Nazi loving self to pieces — again

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02 March 2024



You would think these German fools would learn


Evidently not:



In a huge development and absolute smoking gun revelation, the government of Germany has confirmed the authenticity of a leaked audio recording file published by Russia's state-backed RT.


The leak was first published by RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan, who described that she received it from Russian security officials.


It first appeared under the headline "Alleged audio of German officers discussing Crimean Bridge attack leaked" - as it featured top ranking Germany military officials in a private discussion of "a potential German operation to bomb the Crimean Bridge in Russia," as it was initially described by RT.


Russian media is now openly admitting that the call was in fact intercepted by Russia.


Moscow is now saying this shows "direct" German involvement in the war.


[I]n an unexpected development the highest levels of the German government have now confirmed that the audio is indeed real and Berlin launched an investigation into the "serious" breach of secured communications.


Germany's military has also confirmed the leaked recording, but officials have avoided weighing in the actual content of what was said pending an internal investigation . . . .


Importantly, it seems none other than Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz – the commander of the national air force, is among the four voices heard in the audio among top generals within the Bundeswehr, Germany’s armed forces.


Germans have “once again turned into our archenemies,” said former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.


“Just take a look at how thoroughly and in what detail the Krauts are discussing long-range missile strikes on Russia’s territory, and are picking out targets and the most workable ways to harm our Motherland and our people.”


He ended his post with the WWII-era slogan, “Death to the Fascists!”


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"Death to fascists" — indeed


This is the same Germany that has been arming and funding Nazi Ukraine.


And the same one that has been volubly approving Zionist Israel's resurrection of the Nazi spirit via its mini-emulation of the Holocaust. As now enacted against Palestinians.



The only even more reprehensible leadership on the planet belongs to the United States


Guilty of prompting both Germany-originated crimes. As well as of installing Ukraine's Nazi regime in 2014.


And thereafter motivating the slaughter of 14,000 Russian heritage Ukrainian folk in the Donbas. Accompanied by encroaching NATO armaments, hostile biolabs, and CIA bases right up to the Russia border.


That USA.


The one that has become a sparkling oasis for spawning murderous chaos-creators and interventions all over the world.



The moral? — The West is vigorously inviting an ass-kicking of nuclear proportion


This elimination of US influence and Nazi-emulators to begin, just after America's endless supply of cowardly neocons lose the conventional war that they have been so eager to start with Russia, China, Iran — and whatever other flavor of the belligerent moment arises.


The only nation ever to have used atomic bombs will be at it again.


Nice obituary, that one.