Germany continues to be led by nitwits — who cannot detect who the real enemy is

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08 June 2024



Pathetic is too kind a word for Deutschland


Consider this high-ranking (and leadership-typifying) German mush-for-brains:



Because of the threat from Russia, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius wants to strengthen the Bundeswehr 's operational readiness .


"We must be ready for war by 2029," said the SPD politician on Wednesday during the government questioning in the Bundestag.


"We must not believe that Putin will stop at the borders of Ukraine if he gets that far," said Pistorius.


Russia is not only a threat to Ukraine, but also to Georgia, Moldova and ultimately to NATO .


"We must provide deterrence to prevent things from getting to the worst."


© 2024 Der Speigel, Pistorius calls for military readiness by 2029, (05 June 2024) (Google translation)



Now consider the realities


First, NATO started the war in Ukraine. Not Russia.


Russia invaded Ukraine in self-defense only after Ukraine's Nazi forces had killed 14,000 Russian heritage citizens (over 8 years) in the Donbas.


Second, Russia's 'special military operation' has progressed at a leisurely pace that continues to this day.


The Federation has not even captured all of essentially Russian-populated territory in Ukraine. The Russian Federation's total progress — after 27 months of war — is only about 20 percent of Ukraine.


This is, definitively, not Soviet Red Army-like determination and commitment to the conquest of a mortal enemy.


Third,  the US-led West — Germany included — continues to provoke Russia at every opportunity. Lately, by attacking Russia's nuclear war early warning system. And also explicitly allowing Western missiles to attack Russian territory.


A reasonable person should be wondering who the Nazi-loving bad guys really are.


Fourth and last, there exists blatantly obvious answer to the Bad Guy question. It was the United States that blew up Germany's cheap Russian gas supply lines.


Germany is, in consequence, in forced deindustrialization. With all the horrific economic consequences that go with that.


Yet, Germans generally — and Pistorius and leadership, specifically — are too cowardly to point fingers at the Fascist American Colossus across the sea.



Russia's your enemy?


Think again, fools.


Russia is your geographically and economically natural ally.



The moral? — Germany is lost


It mindlessly carts its fervently reality-denying yellow belly onto History's rubbish pile.


Crazy nitwits do not a strong, and accurately directed, self-defense make.


The West has been inundated by a suicide-instigating psychosis. The United States included.