Neocon-led United States is — suicidally — destroying Europe

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07 June 2024



Neocons — a parade of cancerously self-defeating imbeciles?


Talk about maggots eating one's brain:



The neocon-led United States has been isolating the European Union from its cheap Russian gas supply.


By blowing up Nord Stream and imposing anti-Russia sanctions, for example.


The US has also required that its Euro Vassals expend their military defenses and national treasuries on the United States' idiotically undertaken war against Russia in Ukraine.



Thus, in total, leaving a deindustrialized-demilitarized Europe in its wake.



Now, ask yourself


What is going to happen once Europe is a desiccated carcass — and — the continually warmongering United States is facing the Russia-China-BRICS conglomerate on its own?



The moral? — Not only have these psychotic neocons . . .


. . . forced the most world's powerful manufacturing and civil engineering economy (China) and land military (Russia) to join in self-defense against us — along with most of the Global South.


But we have also seen to it that our natural allies in Europe have been too grossly weakened to help us stem the anti-American tide that US neocons so obliviously created against our own interests.


In short, we are witnessing Western Civilization's suicide, via its characteristically plundering brainlessness.


History does not offer a more concise example of imbecilic nastiness creating its own doom.