Brain dead United States threatens China for allegedly selling weapons to Russia —while the US simultaneously calls for US missiles to attack the Russian homeland

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31 May 2024



Is American leadership consistently stupid . . .


. . . as well as murderously evil and hypocritically hysterical?


From Reuters:



The United States on Wednesday accused China's leadership of supporting Russia's war in Ukraine and warned that Beijing could face further sanctions in response from the United States and other NATO countries.


Speaking to reporters on a visit to Brussels, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said there was an urgent need for European and NATO countries "to send a collective message of concern to China about its actions, which we view are destabilizing in the heart of Europe."


Last month the U.S. imposed sanctions on 20 companies based in China and Hong Kong, following repeated warnings from Washington about China's support for Russia's military.


© 2024 Reuters, US accuses China's leadership over Ukraine, delivers new sanctions warning, Reuters (29 May 2024)






“The president [Biden] recently directed his team to ensure that Ukraine is able to use U.S. weapons for counter-fire purposes in Kharkiv so Ukraine can hit back at Russian forces hitting them or preparing to hit them,” Politico reported, citing a U.S. official who added that the policy of allowing long-range strikes inside Russia “has not changed.”


© 2024 Reuters, Biden secretly gave Ukraine permission to strike inside Russia with US arms, Politico reports, Reuters (30 May 2024)



In short


The US instigated the ongoing war in Nazi-led Ukraine against Russia. And the United States' continues financing and arming it, while obliterating all efforts at a peaceful solution.


And now, in an apparent fit of World War Three-Itis, we are also overtly advocating Ukrainian attacks on Russian soil via those US-provided (and probably US manned) weapons.


Yet, in spite of all this American warmongering, China — we are told — has no moral right to assist the Russian Federation in defending itself against these NAT0 and United States-originated attacks.



The moral? — Neocon America? — What a country


A veritable Beelzebubian anus.


For all the world to see.