Houthi 'terrorists' did it — the United States' perennially forked tongue

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18 March 2024



The American Lie Machine


Below is a prominent American, casting our neocon-controlled nation's usual spate of false-flag, blame-assigning lies.


From Goldman Sachs' Top of Mind publication — here in excerpts:



Transit on the seas—the planet’s most important means of trade—has become more fraught amid geopolitical and climate-related disruptions, particularly in the Red Sea.


Allison Nathan:


Your naval career spanned over four decades, culminating in your role as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. How does maritime competition and risk today compare to what you’ve witnessed during your career?


Adm. James Stavridis:


In my career, I’ve never seen a higher level of maritime risk than I do today.


That owes first and foremost to the return of great power competition, which we thought was basically over when the Soviet Union collapsed. But over the last several decades, China has risen and has become a very serious naval power, with the largest navy in the world and more warships than the US.


Russia has also shed new light on its broader intentions in Europe with its invasion of Ukraine, and, for all its challenges, has continued to finance a very powerful navy.


And while the great powers increasingly come into conflict, smaller actors with capable naval assets like Iran and North Korea have also shown aspirations that threaten the West.


The oceans are no doubt one of the main theaters for all this competition.


The wave of terrorism that has persisted since 9/11 also continues to play out on the seas. Houthi terrorists are active in the Gulf of Aden/Red Sea and have attacked dozens of merchant ships.


Unlike the Somali pirates of the past, the Houthis are seagoing warriors with sophisticated weapons systems, sensors, communications, and tactics—not unlike US Navy SEALs. So, this terrorism poses a real threat to maritime security.


On top of all these threats, profit-driven piracy also remains a substantial problem in places like the Gulf of Guinea on the West Coast of Africa.


The convergence of all these threats means that maritime risk is particularly acute today.


© 2024 Allison Nathan, Jenny Grimberg and Ashley Rhodes, Global transit & trade: in rough waters, Goldman Sachs Top of Mind, issue 126 (12 March 2024) (at page 4, "Interview with Admiral James Stavridis")   



In less propagandistic words


China has become a major annoyance because it has competitive moxie. No one in America's oligarchy wants to compete with serious, gifted people.


That China's navy grew to 'the largest navy in the world' evidently had nothing to do with the United States' serially blatant naval provocations in China's immediately adjacent waters. Including a recent and fully intent-representative US Army-posed threat — introduced on the Taiwan-controlled Kinmen Islands group — just 6 miles from the Chinese mainland.


You can imagine what we would do, if China placed troops along our borders with Canada and Mexico.


Russia is labeled an aggressor because it defended itself against NATO encroachment. As well as against the US-instigated, Ukro-Nazi slaughter of Russian heritage people in Ukraine's eastern provinces.


Iran and North Korea have 'aspirations'. Which contextually seems to mean that they are evil, too.


Yemen's Houthis have become 'terrorists' because they decided that Zionist Israel's quasi-genocidal slaughter of Palestinians is morally unacceptable. And unlike everyone else, the Houthis are doing something to counter the butchery. That, by interrupting Israel-related maritime traffic with drones and missiles.


Happily though, we can probably agree with Stavridis that 'profit-driven piracy' is not a good thing. Notice how the former US admiral tossed this tiny bit of accuracy into his purported analysis, so as to lend credibility to his previous distortions of truth.



The moral? — The Great Satan is run by highly paid, forked-tongue demons


Who, like Stavridis, profit from delivering uninterrupted, truth-obliterating propaganda.


Notice that the former military head of NATO went directly from the US Navy to The Carlyle Group.


The Carlyle Group is a multicontinental asset-management complex that predominantly serves the pillage-based interests of the Global Elite.


Our American Warfare State's employment-related revolving doors solidify its plunder-based ethos. From societal top to bottom.


What could be grander?