Western neocons' unrelenting dumbassery — was exquisitely highlighted in an exchange with Russia's Maria Zakharova

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31 March 2024



Do neocons addictively invite the Russian Bear's paw swipe?


From Zlatti71:



Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the German Foreign Minister's statement that Putin "wants to drag NATO into the conflict".


"I would like to ask Baerbock: is she not aware that it was not Russian bases that surrounded NATO countries, but NATO that expanded eastwards along Russia's border?


Buy Annalena a map, a history book and chewing gum so she doesn't talk such nonsense”.





The moral? — The West's neocons are so characteristically dumb that . . .


. . . they do not recognize that they are (daily) being bested by people oodles smarter, and more realistic, than they are.


This would be shamefully embarrassing, if neocons — like Annalena Baerbock and the entirety of the American Establishment — did not have perception-incapable amoeba brains.


One might intuit that 'belligerently stupid' causes the analog of lives-threatening global dysentery.