NATO head Jens Stoltenberg promised that Ukraine will join NATO — and implicitly — that an overt World War 3 will begin

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27 February 2024



Cowardly, vassalized European boneheads


NATO's Jens Stoltenberg is spouting off again.


Here in excerpts:



Today, we mark two years since Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine. Starting the biggest war in Europe since World War Two.


President Putin started this war because he wanted to close NATO’s door, and deny Ukraine the right to choose its own path.


But he has achieved the exact opposite: Ukraine is now closer to NATO than ever before.


We will open a new Joint Analysis, Training and Education Centre in Poland together.


And we are deepening our political ties through the NATO-Ukraine Council, where we consult and make decisions together.


Ukraine will join NATO.


It is not a question of if, but of when.


© 2024 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO Secretary General's statement on the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, (24 February 2024)



Notice that this dumbass US-puppet explicitly confessed to the West's active involvement in attacking Russia.



Consider the downstream effects . . .


. . . of Neocon NATO's uninterrupted bellicosity.


Stoltenberg's nitwitted statement will merely motivate Russia to obliterate the constantly encroaching West, if necessary. The Russian Federation has the nuclear weapons and delivery systems to do that.


Thus, one wonders whether the Collective West has a death wish.


Metaphorically speaking, comprising the last nihilistic gasp from a repulsive bundle of decomposing zombie-like Satanists.



The moral? — The West's Neocons want war every day, forever


It's in their DNA.


Which is why an intelligent world culture would get rid of them.


As simple matters of Humanity's survival and moral decency.