China must be laughing — Zionism-sponsoring US spectacularly co-genocides Palestinians — and then builds an 'aid' propaganda ocean pier — that washes away in mild waves

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30 May 2024



Satanically immoral and an incompetent builder?


The Biden administration has an exquisite talent for making the United States look horrendously evil and laughably incompetent at the same time.


For instance, from the AP — regarding the United States' propganda attempt to persuade the world that it is not actively aiding Israel in genociding Palestinians:



A string of security, logistical and weather problems has battered the plan to deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid to Gaza through a U.S. military-built pier.


Broken apart by strong winds and heavy seas just over a week after it became operational, the project faces criticism that it hasn’t lived up to its initial billing or its $320 million price tag.


U.S. officials say, however, that the steel causeway connected to the beach in Gaza and the floating pier are being repaired and reassembled at a port in southern Israel, then will be reinstalled and working again next week.


While early Pentagon estimates suggested the pier could deliver up to 150 truckloads of aid a day when in full operation, that has yet to happen. Bad weather has hampered progress getting aid into Gaza from the pier, while the Israeli offensive in the southern city of Rafah has made it difficult, if not impossible at times, to get aid into the region by land routes.


© 2024 Lolita C. Baldor, The US-built pier in Gaza broke apart. Here’s how we got here and what might be next, AP (30 May 2024)



Is this the same US military that is going to squash Russia, China and Iran — all at the same time?



The moral? — Get a grip


In addition to acting in serially Satanic fashion, for instance by:



proxying 600,000 Ukrainian troops to death for no strategically valid reason




collaborating with Zionist Israel's attempt to exterminate Palestinians . . .



. . . US neocons are so mentally and emotionally incompetent, that they cannot pull their heads out of their own morally revolting asses.


If much of the human world is destroyed by the nuclear war — that these viciously evil clowns continue to provoke on a daily basis — we will have been done in by the most atrocious specimens of demonic humanity ever to walk the Earth.