Brutal satire — What happens to active-duty US military dead, who were in Ukraine via surreptitious assignment?

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19 February 2024



A secret that is not one?


From RadioSputnik:



Military personnel of NATO countries participate in hostilities on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces under the guise of mercenaries, said Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy . . . .



“NATO military personnel, under the guise of mercenaries, participate in hostilities. They control air defense systems, operational-tactical missiles and multiple launch rocket systems, and are part of assault detachments.


"NATO officers directly prepare military operations of the Ukrainian armed forces,” he said in an interview with the newspaper[,] A red star.


© 2024 RadioSputnik, NATO military controls MLRS and air defense systems in Ukraine, the General Staff said, (19 February 2024)



Probably true . . .


. . . given this US-instigated proxy war's circumstances.


So, let's omit an argument about the Russian source's veracity.


And concentrate, instead, on what happens after one or more of these Western forces are inevitably killed.



How this would go in the United States


What follows is brutal satire.


On-point though it is.



The death letter . . .


. . . runs like this:



To [redacted]:



Your military family member has been killed (or died) in the line of heroic service to the United States.


For reasons of national security, Deep State power, and continuing neocon influence — we are unable to inform you as to where and why.


Furthermore, no body or bodily remains will be provided for cremation, burial or natural decomposition.


Sadly, those no longer exist. Having been blown up by artillery, missiles, rockets, bombs or drones [pick one] in a place far away.


We will, however, provide you with a medal commemorating your loved one's Heroic Service to the Homeland.


Notice the attached ribbons' bright colors. We try to make these things palatable for the grieving.


This respectfully bestowed medal of honorably deceased uniformed service will be suitable for display in a shadow-box of the kind that are so treasured by y'all military types.


Be assured that your loved one was carried from the foreign field(s) by the Angels of God. They are always on our American side.



Did you know that my son died, too — once?


Sometimes, I wish the other one would also.


Though I'm pretty sure that one will not be lofted by angels.



Back on point and administratively speaking, someone from the Pentagon will be in touch to guide your through the military death benefits process.


We are still trying to figure out how the benefits process works, under circumstances in which an effectively active-duty troop was in some geographic place, that he or she was not supposed to be as a matter of American law and/or Constitution.


I assure you that I lie awake every night, contemplating the enormity of the accountability-dodging, mass-murdering power that I wield.


It is, I admit, nice to be Puppet King. I am peripherally sorry that your husband, wife, son, daughter, brother and sister [pick one] was not.


So it sadly goes, under the gilded hand of our Deep State-sustaining empire.


I close with a reminder that God is on our side.


And, presumably, yours too.



Very truly yours,




The moral? — Evil generates camouflaging complexities


The American Deep State bureaucracy exists, exactly so as to generate these accountability-preventing twists.