Do insouciant human sheep learn only through pain?

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03 June 2024



A probing question


Would the best thing for world peace be the nuclear scarring of the constantly warmongering United States?



Sadly, maybe so


I share Paul Craig Roberts’ astonishment at the mindless passivity the American population manifests in the face of the nuclear warmongering that the Biden administration does every day.


What would it take to turn Americans from the mindlessly belligerent sheep (that most of us are) into peacefully functioning human beings?


Perhaps, if History be a guide, a homeland deluge of the wars that we so constantly provoke in other places.



US mindlessness exemplified


Not a peep from notably anyone influential, regarding the recent United States’ Ukrainian proxy drone attack upon an element of Russia’s nuclear war early warning system.


Of this startling escalation in the Ukraine War — which, remember, the United States started on purpose — Paul Craig Roberts observed that:



The Russian nuclear Early Warning System (EWS) at Amir was damaged by an attack.


The decision to attack the Russian EWS was made in Washington.


The drones were guided to their targets using US aerial and satellite reconnaissance (they have to take multiple evasive actions in the course of their flights to evade Russian radar systems, and this can only be supplied via real-time targeting information provided by the US).


The operators of the drones were likely mercenaries trained in the US or out-of-uniform US troops. Russia knows this and so it considers this a US attack on its nuclear Early Warning System.


The attack was reckless beyond comprehension.


ANY such attacks against the EWS system used to protect Russia from a nuclear attack can justify, under Russian law, a nuclear retaliatory strike.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Watching Washington Foment Nuclear War, (02 June 2024)



Similarly, subsequently


No concern at all from the American public, or its supposed institutions, about the United States’ most recent maniacal act of warmongering — via officially approving US missile attacks into Russian territory.



These combined incidents . . .


. . . are lightyears (in provocation) beyond what once set the standard for pre-Armageddon gravity, the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.



Which brings us back to . . .


. . . Paul Craig Roberts’ perspective:



It is mind-boggling to actually watch Western leaders foment a nuclear war.


There is no opposition from Congress. None from print and TV media. None from European governments except Hungary.


Anyone looking at the situation who thinks more provocations are what is needed is insane.


The problem is that except for Orban and Putin, every Western political leader is committed to war for no justifiable reason.


The situation in Ukraine is escalating to the point of being out of control.


Yet Western mass media ignores these events and the general public remains blissfully unaware that their leaders continue to escalate the war in Ukraine to the point where it can become a nuclear war that will destroy all nations and peoples.


Why does the West seek its own destruction?


What is to be gained?


During the 20th century Cold War [—] in which I was intimately involved both as a trustee of the Committee on the Present Danger and as a member of a secret Presidential Committee with authority to investigate the CIA’s opposition to President Reagan’s effort to end the Cold War and normalize relations with the Soviet Union, [—] I can say with confidence that even hard line anti-communists sought to reduce tensions instead of provoking war.


What I have witnessed in the 21st century is the most egregious cultivation of war by the US government in human history, and no one in the print or TV media tells us the consequences.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Watching Washington Foment Nuclear War, (02 June 2024)



The moral? — For a callous, nationally conceited, easily manipulated . . .


. . . and seemingly comatose people — which includes most of the American public — it will probably take being consumed in nuclear fire to experience aspects of the hellish suffering that we allow our fascist leaders to instigate abroad.


Russians and Russian leadership have been restrained by searing memories of the massive losses that World War 2 brought with it. Americans have never experienced anything remotely similar.


Perhaps quasi-obliteration of the United States — in the nuclear war that we have been so insistently provoking — would teach those of us who do survive — a peace-enhancing lesson that might last a generation or two.


Pain, occasionally, teaches.


Conceit, constant belligerence and unending rapaciousness do not.