When the obviously looming threat of nuclear war — cannot get the American public's attention — you recognize how unworthy of Darwinian survival we are

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17 June 2024



First — situational perspective


From Paul Craig Roberts:



NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg reports that NATO is in talks about taking nuclear weapons out of storage and making them ready to use.


Poland’s president wants the Russian Federation broken up into smaller independent states.


China is quickly expending its nuclear arsenal.


Russia and Belorussia conduct tactical nuclear exercises.


Clearly the world is on the road to Armageddon.


Putin warns, but the West does not hear and continues with aggressive provocations against Russia and China.


Western leaders have even turned peace advocates into traitors, putting them on lists of “Russian agents/dupes.” Those who warn of the pending catastrophe are pulled off airliners and have their passports confiscated. Writers who oppose the West’s participation in the Ukrainian Conflict get visits from the FBI.


The French Army Chief of Staff says the Ukraine Conflict necessitates controlling public opinion with propaganda and by dictating what information is made available to the public. In other words, to prevent opposition to war people must be kept in the dark.


There is no public discussion of the gathering war despite a US presidential election in four months.


Insouciance characterizes the entirety of the Western world.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, The Ever Widening War, paulcraigroberts.org (17 June 2024)



Second — a Fox News poll proves Roberts' point


Consider the poll's findings:



Down two percent since the same Reagan Institute survey last summer, 57% of Americans said they support sending military aid to Ukraine, compared to 32% who oppose it.


Another 11% indicated they were unsure.


Americans also believe it is in the best interest of the U.S. that Ukraine win its conflict against Russia, with 75% saying it is important Ukraine win compared to 17% who indicated it was unimportant.


A majority of Americans, 56%, said they support sending aid to Israel, compared to 35% who said they oppose the effort.


Another 68% said they support the U.S. sending missile defense systems to Israel to "help it defend against" drone or missile attacks.


Seventy-four percent said they believe Israel’s war with Hamas matters to U.S. security and prosperity, compared to 73% who said the same for Ukraine’s war with Russia.


The survey, which was conducted from May 20 to May 27, sampled 1,257 U.S. adults.


© 2024 Kyle Morris, Americans believe US should focus more on domestic issues, but support leadership on world stage: poll, Fox News (16 June 2024)



In other words


The US public supports the Nazis, who run Ukraine.


Whom — by the way — our Central Intelligence Agency and State Department essentially put into power there (in 2014). That, so as to kill Russians and weaken the Russian Federation to the point that the West's oligarchs could pillage and dismember it.


Americans similarly support Israel's horrific genocide in Palestine. Apparently so, on the basis that German Nazism's concepts of Lebensraum and Holocaust ought to be repurposed, so as to support expansionist, theocratically apartheid Zionism.


This alone should tell us just how stupidly ignorant and unreflective the American public is.


'Insouciant' fits.



The moral? — An easily manipulated  . . .


. . . bone-headed, unempathetic, self-entitled — and often arguably malicious — public like ours probably will not be missed, when the nuclear fire that it repeatedly favors provoking, consumes it.


This is not just a rhetorical statement.


If I were a foreign leader, whose nation is currently under American attack — think Russia and China — I might well think that Americans are unworthy of being saved from the consequences of their own serial nastiness.


Thus, a self-invited extermination. Brought on by our own murderously inclined ignorance and cognitively unreflective unlikeableness.


The whole thing reeks of parable fodder.