Purported loon who turned good —and the one who did not — Mike Whitney contrasted Marjorie Taylor Greene with Donald Trump

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22 April 2024



Mike Whitney contrasted two people . . .


. . . Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and former president Donald Trump.


Both with regard to the House of Representative's passage of a Ukraine and Israel money give-away in its equivalent of a Happy Slaughter Bill (my words).



First, as foundation to Whitney's contrast — the House bill


Here, as summarized by The Guardian — with my italic emphasis added:



The $95bn in total funding includes roughly $61bn for Ukraine (with much of the funding going towards replenishing American munitions);


$26bn for Israel;


$8bn for US allies in the Indo-Pacific region, including Taiwan;




$9bn in humanitarian assistance for civilians in war zones, such as Haiti, Sudan and Gaza, though the package also includes a ban on direct US funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (Unrwa), an agency providing key assistance to Gaza, until March 2025.


In the Ukraine bill, of the $60.7bn, a total of about $23bn would be used by the US to replenish its military stockpiles, opening the door to future US military transfers to Ukraine.


Another $14bn would go to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, in which the Pentagon buys advanced new weapon systems for the Ukrainian military directly from US defense contractors.


There is also more than $11bn to fund current US military operations in the region, enhancing the capabilities of the Ukrainian military and fostering intelligence collaboration between Kyiv and Washington,


and about $8bn in non-military assistance, such as helping Ukraine’s government continue basic operations, including the payment of salaries and pensions.


© 2024 Robert Tait, Joan E Greve and Chris Michael, US House approves $61bn in military aid for Ukraine after months of stalling, The Guardian (20 April 2024)



Notice that the House is actually calling on . . .


. . .US-proxied, neo-Nazi Ukraine to slaughter itself on the United States' idiotically warmongering  behalf.


The House is (further) directly funding and arming Zionist Israel's quasi-genocide of Palestinians.


While, at the same time, prohibiting aid to United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees.


None of those constitute items that any morally sensible human being would think are justified. By any stretch of We the People's purposes.



With regard to this bill — Trump


Of the man of undisciplined mind and inept staff selection, Mike Whitney wrote that:



The man who is most responsible for the $95 billion giveaway to Ukraine and Israel, is the same guy who pretends to oppose America’s “wasteful” foreign wars. Donald Trump.


It was Trump who consulted with Speaker Mike Johnson about the contents of the Ukraine aid package, just as it was Trump who concocted the idea of issuing loans instead of dispersing the standard welfare handout. It was also Trump who said:


“I stand with the Speaker, (Mike Johnson)” after which he added that Johnson is doing “a very good job.”


A “good job”??


So, secretly collaborating with the Democrat leadership to push through a bill that “reauthorizes FISA to spy on the American people without a warrant, (bans Tik Tok) fully funds Joe Biden’s DOJ that has indicted President Trump 91 times, and giving Biden’s political gestapo a brand new FBI building bigger than the Pentagon,” while not providing a dime to protect the southern border from the swarms of people entering the country illegally, is doing a “good job”?


Trump obviously knows that his return to the White House will require significant compromise with the national security hawks and Zionists who run the government.


So, we shouldn’t be too surprised that he’s trying to curry favor with them now.


But for the people who thought Trump was a straightshooter; this has got to be a real eye-opener.


They thought he could be trusted, but now it’s obvious that he’s just another Beltway phony trying to ingratiate himself with the Washington power-elite in order to shoehorn his sorry a** back into the Oval Office.


© 2024 Mike Whitney, Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel, Unz Review (21 April 2024)



Trump is, sadly, a shyster-loser by the Founders' historically pertinent standard.



In arguable contrast — Marjorie Taylor Greene


Surprisingly, given how she started out some years ago, Whitney raises Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as a woman of genuine principle.


Below is Greene (in excerpts) protesting the House's passage of the above-mentioned Happy Slaughter Bill:



The United States taxpayer has already sent $113 billion to Ukraine, and much of that money is unaccounted for. This is an example of a sick business model the US government wants to continue…..


The Congress votes for money for foreign wars that the American people do not support…..


The American people do not support a business model based on blood and murder and war in foreign countries while the government does nothing to secure our border.


The American people are over $34 trillion in debt and the debt is rising by $40 billion every night while we all sleep. But nothing is done to secure our border or reduce our debt.


Inflation continues to rise every day and Americans can hardly afford to pay their grocery bills, they can hardly afford to put gas in their cars, and they can hardly afford the rent.


And if this body was what it pretends to be, every single one of us would be demanding peace in Ukraine; peace for these people, so that no more of them have to die. But you never hear anybody demanding peace. No, no, no.


Peace is the last thing Washington wants because it doesn’t fit the business model.


We should have a business model that builds-up our American companies and American jobs to serve American interests, and our military and our government should care about protecting the national security of the United States of America and the Americans who pay their hard-earned tax dollars to fund all this.


America last. America last.


That’s all this is. America last, every single day.


© 2024 Mike Whitney, Trump Sold-Out His Base to Shovel $95 Billion to Ukraine and Israel, Unz Review (21 April 2024)



Trump could have said something honorably and courageously similar


Yet, the Orange Pretender did not.


Thus falling into the same basket as every other American — US-destroying — neocon.



The moral? — Corporatist vultures continue to feast on We the People's carcass


Is it not time to put some effective vulture-bashers into high office?