White House weasel John Kirby — is emblematic of neocons' Satanic practices

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05 March 2024



We can always depend on . . .


. . . White House spokesman John Kirby to demonstrate what Sly Evil looks like.



Regarding Germany's revealed plot . . .


. . . to missile Russian Federation territory:





Our next question will go to JJ with Bloomberg.




On the apparent intelligence leak from Germany that Russia is shopping around, kind of claiming that there’s direct Western involvement in the war in Ukraine, do you think that Berlin needs to do more to clarify that situation?


And is there any reason to think that wiretaps are ongoing?


Any evidence that they might be wiretapping other NATO members?




On Berlin, I think the Germans have already talked to this.  They’re investigating how that audio got leaked.  I think I’d refer you to the German officials on that.


And I won’t speak to the content that was leaked into the public domain.  That just plays right into the Russian hands.


I’ll just tell you that this is a bald attempt and a transparent attempt by the Russians to try to sow discord and to try to sow division and try to make it look like the West isn’t unified and, hell, that even the German government is not unified on what they’re doing.


And we’re just not going to — we’re not going to just bow down to that bald attempt.  We’re not going to accept the premise of it.  That’s what the Russians want.


We’re all working together to try to support Ukraine.  And the Germans have been right there in it, absolutely.


Every nation has to decide for itself what it’s going to do.  And the Germans have stepped up; they’ve stepped up in meaningful ways.  And we look forward to continuing to work with Chancellor Scholz and his government as they continue to find ways to support Ukraine and as we, here at home, do everything we can to try to get that supplemental funding passed so we can continue to support Ukraine.


You asked if there is evidence that they’re wiretapping others in the Alliance or in Europe.  I wouldn’t have the answer to that for you.  I can just tell you that we are certainly not unmindful of Russian efforts to conduct these kinds of activities.


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So, you see


The real issue (according to Kirby) is that Russia is spying on the NATO operations and trying to sow dissent and division.


And the false issue — he insists — regards the content of the military leak from Germany. Which reveals that US vassal Deutschland is actively plotting to start World War 3 by missile-blasting a Russian bridge.


Kirby's juxtaposition of these obviously reversed survival priorities represents the unimpressive extent of his ability to harness his alleged brainpower and (overtly non-existent) integrity.



The moral? — American neocons, we can conclude, want nuclear war


It would be, according to their lust for total destruction, good for the economy.


Or something like that.


Rationality and decency are not neocon traits.


Figurative Satan's crew, they are.