Oh my word, Simplicius, you did good — the rotting United States vignetted in just a few telling words

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15 January 2024



Painfully laughable — regarding the tottering US Empire


Here, from Simplicius the Thinker — my explanatory additions in bracketed italics:



The world can see the US terror regime has no clothes.


It looks increasingly weak, particularly given the announcement that Raytheon Lloyd helmed the [anti-Houthi] strikes [in Yemen] from—I kid you not—his hospital bed.


Yes, he pulled the trigger on a laptop while soiling his bedpan.


A decrepit regime led by a senile president and debilitated secretary of state, launching illegal massacres from their nursing homes and hospital beds against the poorest nation on earth—virtually on the same day as their own bloc ally faced genocide and crimes against humanity charges at The Hague.


You can’t make this up: the optics have never been worse for the Empire of Lies.


That’s not to mention the fact that US apparently took losses and is now trying to cover them up after Ansar Allah forces claimed to have downed a US plane as well as hit a ship.


© 2024 Simplicius the Thinker, US Launches Strikes on Yemen, and Other Updates, simplicius76.substack.fom (12 January 2024)



The moral? — Houthis fending off the Empire of Death and Lies


1776-1789 minded American patriots should be heartened.


Just maybe, we will get our nation back from the Murdering Neocon Thieves, who stole it.


That remotely possible recovery of original — foreign entanglements-avoiding and American liberty — purpose, arriving thanks to similarly minded independence-seekers across the far seas.


Who would have thought that a band of toughly courageous Islamic people would save our pampered, effete and interminably malign — supposedly Christian — civilization from itself?



Ansar Allah.


Supporters of God.



Ironies overwhelm.