Nancy Pelosi blamed anti-genocide protests on Vladimir Putin — string that logic together

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30 January 2024



Literal insanity in American federal government


From Time:



Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has drawn criticism for suggesting that some pro-Palestinian activism in the U.S. is part of a foreign influence operation.


On Sunday, the Democratic representative from California said she would like the FBI to investigate potential Russian connections and funding behind American calls for an armistice in the Israel-Hamas war.


Pelosi . . . appears to be the first and most senior U.S. official to publicly claim that Russia, which the U.S. intelligence community concluded meddled in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, is actively attempting to splinter the Democratic Party’s base through the American pro-Palestinian movement ahead of the 2024 contest in November.


© 2024 Koh Ewe, Nancy Pelosi Suggests Foreign Influence Behind U.S. Pro-Palestinian Activism: What to Know, Time (30 January 2024)



Consider Pelosi's 'train of crazy'


Vladimir Putin (we can infer) manipulates people, who oppose genocide.


And people, who oppose genocide and quasi-genocide are — evidently just because they do oppose organized slaughter — open to being manipulated by Putin.


Putin (we can further infer) wants to weaken the Pelosi's Democratic Party because he opposes US-approved population-elimination.


Or maybe he just hates freedom, warmongering Adam Henrys, and/or Nancy Pelosi.


In any event — implicitly according to Mother Nan — weakening the neocon-run Democratic Party would be a bad thing for slaughter-instigating America's profits.


So, she suggests, we should sic the FBI on both Putin and those obviously misguided Americans, who so inexplicably quarrel with genocide and near-genocide.



The moral? — 'Whacko Nan' demonstrated again that . . .


The United States is run by dementia-rotted — population-cancelling — psychotics.