Russia's Maria Zakharova dismissed America's representative village idiot — Karine Jean-Pierre — with a simple observation about reality

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01 May 2024



Is it mentally challenging being a clueless American?


Of the United States' absurdly contradictory stance, regarding the US-not-recognized International Criminal Court — Russia's spokesperson for its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova — observed that:



White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the ICC investigation into Israeli actions in Gaza, as well as the issuance of arrest warrants for Israeli high-ranking officials in connection with this, “exceeds the jurisdiction of the court.”


"Let me remind you that literally two years ago the United States, along with this entire NATO brood, gave a standing ovation when the ICC, which we did not recognize. .. issued arrest warrants for the Russian leadership...


"These are no longer double standards, these are 3D double standards,” Zakharova noted.


© 2024 Radio Sputnik, "That's a brilliant phrase." Zakharova responded to Jean-Pierre's words about the ICC, (01 May 2024) (Google translation)



The moral? — America's neocon leadership never seem to run out of ways . . .


. . . to make itself look viciously ridiculous and satanically immoral, at the same time.


The rest of the world notices.