Putin's endlessly chatty dithering — just invites the West's madly escalating provocations

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09 June 2024



Politicians, no matter how talented — are the bane of purported civilization


Consider the following example. Politicians pitted against each other with much of humanity's survival haplessly sitting in the balance.





When one is inhabited by a malevolently malignant cancer, it will take someone outside oneself to cut it out.


What follows illustrates this analogy with regard to the Neocon United States' constantly warmongering insistence on killing itself and most everyone else.



With Armageddon now looming . . .


. . . Russia's president Putin, our metaphor's potential geostrategic surgeon, should finally wise up.


In view of the United States' most recent drone and missile provocations — in the Ukraine War, which we Americans started — Putin put on yet another tiresome episode of his chess-playing Dithering Pussy mentality:



“Secondly, if someone deems it possible to supply such weapons to the war zone, to strike our territory… why shouldn’t we supply similar weapons to those regions of the world, where they will be used against sensitive sites of these countries?” the Russian president added.


“We can respond asymmetrically. We will give it a thought.”


“If we see that these countries are being drawn into a war against us, and this is their direct participation in the war against Russia, then we reserve the right to act in a similar way. This is a recipe for very serious problems,” he warned.


© 2024 RT, Putin outlines Russian response to long-range strikes, rt.com (05 June 2024)



Problems with Putin's approach


Asymmetric warfare is called that because it substitutes targets and methods that have nothing to do with the original attack or provocation.


Asymmetric warfare is a weakling, or coward's way of retribution. It is often used to escape moral responsibility for the usually pointless destruction that it causes.


If Russia wants to get the West's insistently laggard attention — in an ethically sound Great Power manner — it needs to directly 'paste' some of the targets that are directly responsible for providing Nazi Ukraine with arms, money and the camouflaged US-NATO troops who are operating the Western weapons provided.


Strikes, for example, in Poland — basically the port of entry for much of the West's Ukraine support — would seize not only self-destructively warmongering Poland's attention, but the United States' as well.


Similarly, 'weakling extraordinaire' Chancellor Scholz's Germany would get a 2024 reality check — if missiles began to rain down on Ukraine-supplying US military bases there. Two nitwitted birds bagged with one stone.


One could easily add the outrageously wars-instigating United Kingdom to this list.


In Russia's shoes, one might add Finland, Sweden — Nordic exemplars of strategic imbecility — as well as dumbass provocateur Netherlands — and maniacally 'Macron' France — just to make the necessary point.


The combined message to Europe and the United States would be:



See what you fools are starting up?


This is going to be painful for y'all.


We are not afraid of your disintegrating, paper tiger NATO alliance.


You are going to stop provoking us.


Or you will die.



The moral? — In existential conflict, fearful dithering invites self-destruction


Common street criminals know this. So do drug cartels and police.


Why are these basic 'street surgery' concepts so difficult for Putin to grasp?


Pussies never win the genuinely important stuff.


And sadly — given the United States and Europe's extreme forms of nihilistic war psychosis — it will be up to Russia and China to excise the West's peculiar disease of mind and soul.


Is there no one out there, who has a lick of common sense and leadership courage?


Send us an Alexander or Genghis Khan.


Georgy Zhukov's ghost would do equally well in deflating the Armageddon-threatening, Neocon Malignancy's nasty-nasty heart.


It is sad that we American patriots must now depend on a foreign nation to set us free from the home-grown psychotics who have wrecked our 1776-1789 Liberty experiment.