Whinily narcissistic Israel — wants to internationally sanction Iran's missile program — so as to make it easier for Zionists to exterminate all things Muslim

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16 April 2024



The latest from death-spewing Israel


Having initiated an extended quasi-genocide of Palestinians.


And after obliterating an Iranian consulate in Syria and killing important people inside it.


Israel is now whining about Iran's subsequent, carefully murder-avoiding, drones and missiles retaliation:



Israel called Tuesday for new sanctions against Iran as part of the response to the Iranian military and some of its allies launching an unprecedented aerial attack on the Jewish state.


Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on social media that he reached out to more than 30 nations to push for sanctions against Iran’s missile program and for declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization.


The United States is one of several countries that have already designated the IRGC as a terror group. Since October, the U.S. has imposed several rounds of sanctions targeting the Iranian ballistic missile program as U.N. sanctions expired.


Israel also appears bent on exacting a measure of revenge militarily, despite pleas by world leaders for a de-escalation of the situation.


Israeli military officials said Monday that Tehran must pay a price for Saturday’s barrage of some 350 missiles and drones, many launched from Iranian soil.


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Israel summarized


Zionist Israel has become the most horrific bundle of self-entitled, superiority-claiming, mass murdering, Nazi-emulating moral cowards on the planet.


Figurative New Zion is an unrecognizable perversion of (even loosely defined) Jewish culture.



The moral? — If ever a population of . . .


. . . parasitically inclined religious psychotics deserved to vaporize itself — under self-provoked nuclear attack — it is slaughter-instigating, thieving Israel.


Given the Middle East's demographics, History will eventually vomit this cancerous excrescence up to wither under Yahweh's cleansing sun.


And the United States — warmongering, Israel-bribed lapdog that it is — is likely to similarly parch under History's survival-oriented scrutiny.


Both nations having become Elites-controlled, virulent cancers of the human soul.


Insanity does not come in more blatantly avoidable national forms.


Functioning moral brain has abandoned the West.